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Varruth's Guillotine: Warcraft Two Handed Swords for Sale

Two-handed swords are a staple in World of Warcraft, especially among the classes such as the Warrior and the Paladin. With a whole selection available to players including the Ulfius Calming Claymore, two-handed swords have been regarded as one of the strongest weapons in the ever-growing MMORPG thanks to their high damage-dealing capabilities.

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Knowing The Basics of the Two-Handed Sword

Two-handed swords in World of Warcraft are considered to be heavy melee weapons. This is thanks to the longer and broader form factor, resulting in a larger hilt when compared to a one-handed sword. The weapon requires the usage of both the main hand and the off-hand slots. Since two-handed swords usually have one primary edge, players have to rely on the ability to slash an opponent with the blunt yet heavy edge part of the weapon.

Two-handed weapons, in general, have been around World of Warcraft Vanilla for a long time and include a wide variety of weaponry such as maces, staves, axes, and even polearms. However, the swords are arguably the most popular choice, especially for the newcomers that are using a Warrior, Paladin, or Hunter as their main class. Another great thing about two-handed swords is that they can be enhanced through Enchanting. Enchanting means that players will be able to add a passive ability or ailment effect to their weapon. For example, they can Enchant their two-handed sword by using a Sharpening stone which adds an imbue to an Edged weapon, thereby increasing its Weapon Damage and Critical Strike.

Why Two-Handed Swords Are the Perfect Weapon for Warriors

Among the many classes that can wield the two-handed sword, the Warrior by far has the most advantage from choosing the said weapon over the others. For one, Warriors can dual wield two-handed swords, axes, and maces after Patch 3.0.2 came out. In most cases, the off-hand slot would be used together with their main hand slot whenever a character is equipped with a two-handed weapon, but the Warrior gains an edge over the other classes by being exempted from this.

Second, Warriors—Human Warriors, more specifically, can use mace and/or sword specialization skills. This increases one’s weapon skill with the said weapons. For example, if a player uses a Human Warrior character that has sword specialization skills, then they can deal more damage than normal when using sword weapons. This, of course, includes two-handed swords. Human Sword Specialization grants +5 to a player’s 2h Sword skills, which makes for a max skill of a whopping 305.

Finally, Warriors can wield both two-handed swords and axes since they’re virtually identical. The thing is, some classes can only wield one type of two-handed weapon but not the other such as the Warlock. At the very least, the enhancement and damage effects that players will generate when doing battle remain the same.

The Best Two-Handed Swords in WoW Vanilla

It would be impossible to talk about two-handed swords without at least briefly mentioning some of the best that belong to the category. When it comes to the topic of what’s the strongest weapon in World of Warcraft, the debate always includes at least a few two-handed weapons in the process.

  1. Plundered Blade of Northern Kings

    There’s a trifecta that two-handed sword players always keep in mind when trying to select a badass-looking sword: vast, cool-looking, and has glowing capabilities. Needless to say, the Plundered Blade of Northern Kings fits the bill in that regard. While the sword doesn’t particularly have any notable stats or significant power worth talking about, where the Plundered Blade of Northern Kings truly shines is in its beauty.

    The blade was first introduced in the Battle of Azeroth expansion and is typically found inside the treasure caches that players earn by doing Island Expeditions. The blade has a 31% drop chance from Jorundall Salvage, 1.7% in Crestfall Salvage, and a mere 4% in the Rotting Mire Salvage. The giant tuning fork-shaped monstrosity is sure to bring a lot of joy to players that manage to acquire it, thanks to the aesthetics of the two-handed sword matching most transmogs inside the game.

  2. Corrupted Ashbringer

    The Corrupted Ashbringer is a two-handed sword that can only be looted in Naxxramas. Many players have commented on the highly popular weapon, claiming that it was one of the best two-handed swords to get when it first came out. While there are a lot more alternatives these days, the Corrupted Ashbringer is still a solid pick for those looking for a reliable weapon that can take a beating or two without any trouble. Plus, having the Will of the Ashbringer buff is useful too!

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