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Experience the grandeur of the epic MMORPG, Lost Ark! Players may choose to experience it to the fullest by purchasing Lost Ark gold from online sellers in reliable marketplaces. Gold is an infallible source of quality of life improvements and having extra gold may help the turn the tide against the demons.

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Trading Information
Lost Ark Gold

About Buying Lost Ark Gold

Lost Ark is an insanely awesome MMORPG that implements a non-targeting combat system with the help of the angles made when your character moves. The game offers a new experience for many MMO fans looking for something refreshing and innovative. Thanks to the gorgeous, massive world filled with tons of continents (complete with a vast ocean to explore), players are already calling it the best MMO that they’ve played to date! To maximize that experience and enjoy the game, some buyers may consider getting Lost Ark gold. One of the benefits of getting Lost Ark gold is that the player won't need to worry about grinding for certain items and weapons to complete quests—they can just enjoy the game’s story to the fullest. Despite being competitors with other MMORPGs (which is a lot), Lost Ark truly paints a different picture positively.

Gold Farming in Lost Ark

Gold farming is known all over the gaming community. It is where players grind for hours to get the amount of gold that they want. Whether it’s for purchasing a shiny new weapon or a few potions, it can definitely tire and drain whoever does it. This is one of the main reasons marketplaces for Lost Ark exist, to help alleviate players from that exhausting grind.

Can Buyers Buy Lost Ark Gold Across the World?

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that the biggest server for Lost Ark is currently exclusive to South Korea only. Outsiders can still play the game, but they’ll have to wait for other servers to start opening up. There are various methods for them to play the game even if it’s in Korean though. For starters, there’s an English patch running around forums that you can use to insert in the game. The translation is pretty basic and quite honestly, not that great, but it gets the job done.

The good news is that Smilegate, the developer of Lost Ark, will be launching the game internationally! This means NA and EU servers will start thriving, and no longer will gamers need to struggle not understanding the game while in the South Korean server/s. That said, it will take time for things and the general economy to even out to make Lost Ark gold buying viable. Besides that, they’ve also added in-game microtransactions to Lost Ark, enabling players to monetize more of the game's tradeables and gold should they plan to be involved in Lost Ark trading.

Have fun in the world of Lost Ark!

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Based on the total ratings of 79 orders in the past year


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About Lost Ark Gold

Lost Ark Gold Guide/Farming/Making 101

Just like in any MMO these days, knowing how to make money or farm currency in Lost Ark is crucial if a player wants to enjoy their time playing the game. There are multiple currencies in the game such as Lost Ark coins, gold, shillings, crystals, peons, and blue crystals, resulting in Lost Ark having an in-depth system that can look intimidating for those who are used to having just one main currency. All of the currencies in Lost Ark can be traded and used for different things, but out of all of them, gold is the one that plays the most important role. Thankfully, there are several activities in the game that players can complete to earn it. However, most of the tasks are time-gated, meaning the quests are only active for a certain amount of time before they’re gone. As a result, players are on a constant wild goose chase when it comes to completing all of the missions that the game has given them before they disappear. Luckily, there are still some stable ways through which players can earn their Lost Ark gold without having to break a sweat.

Collect the Tokens of the Ephonian Union

Players can get gold in exchange for the Tokens of the Ephonian Union that they’ve stocked up by visiting a merchant from any major city. All of the merchants accept Tokens of the Ephonian Union for gold coins, making it easy for folks to simply look for the nearest merchant within their city or location to do the swap. The Tokens of the Ephonian Union can be earned by completing the weekly and daily quests of the Ephonian Confederation. In doing so, players get to receive points. Daily tasks yield 2 points, while weekly tasks give players 12 points. Once they’re able to get 70 points in a week, players can collect all of the Tokens of the Ephonian Union.

Players can also trade their plates and/or ingots through the merchant, to which they’ll receive a fair amount of gold. Should players trade in a light gold plate, they’ll be given 100 gold in exchange. As for a heavy gold plate, the merchant will trade them 1,000 gold for it. Finally, a gold bar can be exchanged for a cool 10,000 gold. As you can see, there are many ways to earn gold in Lost Ark

The Akrasia Express Missions: Perfect for Beginners

The Akrasia Express missions are perfect for players who are still relatively new to the game. These are special tasks that reward starting players valuable resources and, of course, gold. The gold is usually used by gamers to harden their equipment, but since the missions are quite abundant, they can save up the currency for future uses down the line. The only caveat that the Akrasia Express missions have, compared to other gold farming methods in Lost Ark is that it’s only available for beginners. Nonetheless, it’s still a great way to get gold easily, especially for newcomers to the game.

Getting the Most Out of One-Time Deals

Lost Ark has a lot of activities for which players can get gold once per account. A prime example would be when a player raises their reputation with an NPC and gets gold as a reward for their efforts. Since there are a lot of NPCs in the game, players can simply raise their reputation with all of them to earn the currency. Another one-time deal that players can do is to collect the Masterpieces of Painting collection. There are a whole lot more small quests and “odd jobs” that players can undertake to earn gold in Lost Ark, and while they don’t necessarily give a lot of gold, they’re relatively simple and easy to do.

Going to Raids

For those that already have a high level and/or gear rating, then going to raids is arguably the best choice. The Abyss Raids is one of the more popular options in Lost Ark, mainly because players have to battle only one Guardian Argos. So long as a player has a gear rating of 1370 or higher, then they should be able to handle it. By completing the Abyss Raids, they can earn up to 3,300 gold per week.

Another choice would be doing raids on the Lords of Fetrania, provided that they have a gear rating of 1415 or higher. Three bosses are available to choose from, Ku-Satot, Volan, and Belakis. Each of the bosses has several battle phases that players will need to get through if they want to get their reward. The rewards from doing raids on the Lords of Fetrania can be received once a week.

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