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There’s always something new to expect in World of Warcraft. It may take weeks, months, or even years before Blizzard puts out a new expansion or DLC for their MMORPG, but when they do, it always means having another hundreds or thousands of hours to put into the game. Whether it be new bosses, raids, or dungeons, players are always on this constant loop where they need to upgrade their gear to avoid dying. And how do they get the equipment? By using up their gold, of course! Gold is the lifeline of every World of Warcraft player. One could argue that it’s raw materials or professions, but even so, not everyone is capable of crafting every item or mastering every profession that the game has to offer. This is why there are some folks out there that would rather get World of Warcraft currency the easy way instead, such as going to third-party marketplaces where there are sellers that sell in-game assets. This makes it perfect for the sellers that are exceptional in the game and have mastered the farming methods for getting the currency easily.

General Tips for Farming Gold

When trying to farm gold in World of Warcraft, there are some things that sellers ought to remember when coming up with a gold-farming character.

1. Prioritizing Movement Speed

Compared to the other aspects when building a character in WoW such as attack and defense, movement speed is often overlooked in terms of making a character that is exclusive for gold-farming purposes. In reality, though, this is extremely important, especially when one is diving into the older content. Most of the classes in the game can clear dungeons pretty easily, but by having an extra amount of movement speed, players get to do it way faster, thereby making it more efficient. Plus, they’ll have the extra time to go to more dungeons compared to other players.

2. Profession Matters

Professions have a heavy impact when it comes to how fast or slow a player can farm in World of Warcraft. Luckily, all of the professions have a use case--it just all boils down to what type of profession that players want to get into. For example, for the people that like to use transmogs for farming gold, then they’re better off with the Tailoring or Enchanting profession. But if they want to stick to the basics, then Herbalism, Mining, and/or Skinning are great for farming gold without having to think too much about it. In the end, identify what process you are comfortable with then select a profession that is good with it.

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