What Class Should I Play in WoW?

Whether you're conjuring powerful spells, diving deep into the heart of battle, or weaving shadows unseen, there's a class tailored just for you. Embark on a magical journey, decipher the whispers of the elements, or master the art of stealth. Dive into our quiz, embrace your destiny, and unleash your inner hero! Are you ready to discover your path in the vast world of World of Warcraft? Let's find out!
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Discover Your Destiny in Azeroth! ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฎ

There are 12 classes to choose from when playing World of Warcraft, one of the most critical and time-consuming decisions a player makes. Maybe even ask yourself, โ€œWhat WoW Class Should I Play?โ€ This guide will go over all the different classes available in WoW (World of Warcraft) to help you decide as you open a new account, as there are many ways to play, depending on which one you choose. The suitable class will see you play for a long time and participate in the Battle for Azeroth, or make you leave the game to collect dust and come back every few months before dropping the game entirely.

Class and Specialization

  • Class: When creating a new character, you will first pick a class. As mentioned earlier, there are 12 different classes to choose from, and we will list them all later. Each class has its benefits, abilities, and spells. This article will only give you a brief overview as you will still learn how to master your class by playing the game.

  • Specialization: At level 10, you can choose what kind of specialization. These specializations are specific to your class and add unique abilities that can potentially change your role with the selected class.


  • DPS: There are two meanings to DPS. First is Damage Per Second, which refers to the amount of damage you can inflict on an enemy per second. The other refers to DPS as a role where you are the point person to do as much damage as possible in a short time.

  • Healer: A magic user who uses their skills to focus on healing their allies to prevent them from death or, if able, to resurrect them. The role is trying to keep everyone in a fight.

  • Tank: A protector, a role that is important in absorbing damage so that their allies are protected. They protect DPS and Healers to keep enemies from inflicting damage as they fulfill their roles and attack the enemy head-on.

Healing and Damage Types

  • Single Target: Focusing on one target, either to heal an ally or deal damage to the enemy.

  • AoE: Also known as Area of Effect, this can either heal or damage enemies across multiple targets within a specific range.

  • Cleave: Spell or ability that deals with gradual AoE damage when used multiple times. It can also refer to a spell that damages a specific target and additional damage to surrounding targets.

  • HoT: Heals Over Time, or HoT, refers to how many points your character can heal an ally for a short duration.

  • DoT: Damage Over Time, or DoT, refers to how many points your character can damage an enemy for a short duration.

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