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Global Marketplace for Gaming Products

Who We Are

We are a digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of gaming products. Our website is operated by PlayerAuctions, Inc. Founded in 1999 by gaming enthusiasts, we have grown to become a leading eCommerce platform for trading virtual gaming products.

20 years of experience as gaming and trading enthusiasts helps us empower gamers by making trades both fun and easy. For Buyers, the size of our community translates into low prices, fast delivery, safe transactions, and an enormous selection of products. For Sellers, our marketplace provides immediate access to hundreds of thousands of buyers from around the world.

>2M Registered
>550K Avg. Monthly
>135 Buyer & Seller
>215 Games

What We Do

Our platform provides tools for trading almost any kind of product for hundreds of games

Market Trends

To help you get the best deals, and to provide sellers with information to price their offers competitively, we provide tools for tracking game currency prices over time. Buy low, sell high!

Tools & Stats

Check your player stats and compare them with your friends by using one of our stat checking tools.

Guides, News and Tutorials

Get the latest updates for games and eSports events, or check out our tutorials on quests and trading.

In-Game Currency

The competitive nature of our marketplace keeps prices for game currencies down. This is especially helpful for buyers and re-sellers looking to purchase in bulk at discounted prices.

Items & Skins

Avoid the grind and purchase or sell unique and rare items and skins.

Power Leveling & Boosting Trends

Employ a professional player to help level up your game.

Game Accounts

Don’t have time to level up your account? Buy one from one of our PowerSellers. Ready to move on to a new game? Cash out your account by selling it to another player.

News & Announcements

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