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Cheap WoW Battle Pets for Sale

Some gamers who are looking for ways to add some color to their World of Warcraft gameplay decide to buy WoW pets and nurture them. Besides leveling up these critters, they can be used to participate in turn-based battles as players compete to become the best battle pet trainers on their servers!


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Why Players Buy WoW Battle Pets

If there’s anything players need to know about World of Warcraft, it’s that there’s always a lot of things that they can dive straight into. Thanks to multiple expansions and updates that have been released over the years, WoW is been teeming with content. The addition of battle pets is a part of this content. To put it simply, they let users do pet battles. These pet battles are a mini game within World of Warcraft. By participating in turn-based battles, gamers can bump their pets’ level, making them stronger. Other players’ battle pets can be engaged by simply inviting them over for a match. While this won’t raise the level of an actual character, getting into pet battles is a great time-waster that’s easy to get into. Other kinds of wild pets can also be captured in the game. The mechanics of this mini game is often regarded as eerily similar to that of other turn-based games such as Pokémon, which is a good thing seeing as the large success that Game Freak and Nintendo has had over that franchise. Given the popularity of this content, there are also players who even look online for places that they can buy WoW battle pets.

How Many WoW Battle Pets Are There?

The slogan “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” made by Pokémon has been around for years and it can be certainly applied here in World of Warcraft. While the Pokédex is larger by comparison, Blizzard has a healthy number of battle pets that you can catch in the wild. About 1,416 of them, to be exact. Don’t be intimidated by that number, though. You don’t need to spend all your dough just to get all of the pets in World of Warcraft. Some can easily be caught, while others are harder to capture. Whether you want to go all out or just be casual about your pet collection, we have tons of WoW players here at PlayerAuctions that constantly put up their battle pets for sale. If you’re eyeing the best and rarest ones, then it might not be so bad to take a peek at what’s in store. Should you purchase a rare battle pet from us, you can showcase it by having your pet follow you around! The great thing about pets is that they never become obsolete like epic gear or reputation rewards. Gear often becomes outdated in World of Warcraft due to the nature of the game always having new stuff to toy around with. Battle pets, in comparison, are timeless creatures that you can always use to have a bit of fun in Azeroth.

What are the Best Pets in WoW?

Not every pet is easy to get. Some are locked behind paywalls or tedious challenges that you have to go through. There are a bunch of ways to get these best of the best pets, but you’ll have to work hard to obtain them.

Here are some of them:

  1. Anubisath Idolr

    The Anubisath Idol is often among people’s top battle pets, and it’s easy to see why. Inspired by the designs of Anubis, one of the oldest Egyptian gods, this companion can be found in Ahn’Qiraj. Anubisath performs best when against Dragonkin and Beast type pets thanks to abilities like Crush and Demolish. At level 25, this pet can easily assist your other pets in leveling up and obliterate other tamers that stand in your way. The only con there is for the Anubisath Idol is that it’s a slow attacker, allowing the enemy to strike first most of the time. But there’s no need to fret about this pet potentially getting one-shot, as it can learn Deflection and block most of other pets’ abilities.

  2. Minimancer

    Minimancers are often used by players that love to strike first and prolong their battles. This is thanks to the high speed that these pets have compared to others. Although the Minimancer lacks power when stacked up against the others, being able to attack first most of the time is a huge plus since you can potentially do a one-hit K.O. with this pet. By far the best thing about the Minimancer is its passive ability which allows it to revive for one round after it is downed. One round may not mean much in hindsight, but it’s enough to turn the tables if you’re battling against a tough opponent.


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