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Galarian Pokemon for Sale

Ever since the introduction of a new region, Pokemon trainers all over the world are trying to gather them all to complete their Galarian Pokedex. This is why so many people buy Galarian Pokemon. Not only are they the hottest new Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but they bring forth the new generation of Pokemon with them.

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Galarian Pokemon

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What Are the New Galarian Pokemon?

Inspired by Britain, Galarian Pokemon were released as part of the eighth generation of Pokemon coming to the franchise. Galarian Pokemon can only be found in its exclusive region, Galar. This new generation of Pokemon first sprouted when Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were announced. As of now, those two games sit as the newest Pokemon games that players can find when it comes to Pokemon. While there were announcements made by The Pokemon Company such as a remake of Pokemon Pearl and Diamond plus the all-new open-world Pokemon game called “Pokemon Legends: Arceus”, those will merely re-introduce the older generation of Pokemon; this especially goes for the remake of Pearl and Diamond, the two Pokemon games that were first released on the Nintendo DS.

How to Get All Galarian Pokemon

Galarian Pokemon are unique in the sense that compared to other standard Pokemon which can be caught and/or seen through normal means such as walking, players have to implement certain methods to their playthrough of Pokemon Go if they want to attempt catching the Pokemon from the Galar region. Trainers can only get Galarian Pokemon through two means: eggs and events. Some Galarian Pokemon can only be gotten through hatching an egg. Keep in mind that what trainers get when it comes to hatching eggs is completely random. Trainers will have to have lady luck on their side if they want to be able to hatch a Galar Pokemon. On the other hand, events are a normal occurrence in Pokemon Go. Trainers can get all kinds of unique Pokemon that are only exclusive to these events; this is the same case for Galarian Pokemon. Certain Galarian Pokemon are often released with in-game events in tow, so trainers will have to keep their eyes peeled for such events since it’s highly likely that these updates/additional events will lead to them getting the Galarian Pokemon that’s been on their radar for quite some time now.

The Similarities Between Pokemon Galarian Forms and Alolan Forms

Galarian Pokemon are very similar to Alolan Pokemon since they both have different forms. These forms alter their look and make them different from the standard Pokemon--both physically and statistically. With these two forms, the types of Pokemon are often swapped. For example, a normal Marowak is a ground-type Pokemon. But if it’s an Alolan Marowak, then it will be a fire and ghost-type Pokemon. The Galarian form sings the same song as the Alolan form where the type of the Pokemon will also be altered. A prime example of a Galarian Pokemon is Farfetch’d. A normal Farfetch’d is normal and flying-type, while a Galarian Farfetch’d is instead a fighting type.

The Best Out of All Galarian Pokemon to Get

Unfortunately, not all of the Galarian Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Go yet, but that doesn’t mean that aren’t a few good ones that are worth getting. Here are some of the best Galarian Pokemon that trainers can look out for:

  1. Pokemon Galarian Ponyta

    A Galarian Ponyta is a psychic-type Pokemon that has their mane and horsetail colored to be light blue and purple compared to the standard version that has theirs in flames. What seemingly looks to be like a very fluffy unicorn, the Galarian Ponyta is loved by all due to its cute aesthetic and its much more formidable evolved form.

  2. Pokemon Galarian Rapidash

    The Galarian Rapidash is the evolved form of the Galarian Ponyta. What has once looked like a stuffed animal has now turned into a majestic horse that could stun just about everyone because of its beauty. The Galarian Rapidash is known to be brave and somewhat prideful and is a fairy and psychic-type Pokemon.

  3. Pokemon Galarian Meowth

    Compared to the standard, run-of-the-mill Meowth, the Galarian Meowth can look outright scary for some because of its looks. Clad in gray and black, the Galarian Meowth is a steel-type Pokemon that also has a meatier health bar. As a result, many trainers like using the Galarian Meowth in raid battles due to its better sustain than other Pokemon.

  4. Pokemon Galarian Weezing

    Weezing is the evolved form of Koffing and has been known to exist since the first generation of Pokemon. In the Galar region, when a Koffing turns to level 35, it will automatically evolve into a Galarian Weezing. The Galarian Weezing a poison and fairy-type Pokemon and wears a built-in tall hat on their heads, making them look like gentlemen which trainers just adore.


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