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How Much is My Pokemon GO Account Worth?

The value of a player’s Pokemon GO account depends on the number of Pokemon, account level, account age, and the number of shiny Pokemon they have on their account. Since its launch, Niantic has been loading tons of content to keep people consistently playing while bringing in timely updates with new features. There are many things to collect – from event-exclusive Pokemon to legendary Pokemon.

Items Also Determine A Pokemon GO Account’s Value

Since Pokemon trainers aim to be the “very best that no one ever was” and to “catch ‘em all,” avid fans of Pokemon GO usually look for accounts with all sorts of stuff in its inventory. It doesn’t have just to be filled with Pokemon – items are another essential part of the game as well. Players can’t evolve their Pokemon using stardust (a power-up currency) and candies. Sometimes, they even need to meet certain conditions, depending on what Pokemon they’re trying to evolve. Then there are incubators that store eggs that’ll hatch after completing a set of requirements. Since trainers only get one permanent incubator and the rest will break after using it a couple of times, it’s convenient to have stocks of the item. That’s because if they want to replenish their incubators, they’ll need PokeCoins, which means doing extra work.

Different Kinds of Pokemon for Every Circumstance

Pokemon GO trainers will participate in many battles and need Pokemon that’ll stand the test of time. A cute Pikachu is great, but compared to having a Mewtwo stacked with max CP (over 4,000), one can’t deny that it’s a much better choice when doing PvP and PvE activities. Mewtwo is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, and with a lower catch rate than most legendaries, players will have to put in some elbow grease to catch the psychic Pokemon.

Then there are tank types that can take a lot of damage, like Blissey. Known as the empress of the second generation, Blissey has the highest base HP (496 HP) in the game, having her soaking up those hits like nobody’s business, even against counterattacks. As such, the Happiness Pokemon is the perfect frontline act that can wear down the opposition and weaken them before trainers unleash the strong, attacking Pokemon in their team.

Finally, there are the more exclusive types of Pokemon trainers can collect, such as event-exclusive and shiny Pokemon. Event Pokemon, also called costumed Pokemon, are made explicitly during festivities with visual attributes closely related to the theme. For the completionists, filling up their Pokedex is a must – the same can be applied to the Event Pokedex. Meanwhile, shinies are rare variants of Pokemon that have a different color than the other Pokemon of their species. Shiny Pokemon aren’t necessarily better since there’s no difference between them and the regular ones aside from their appearance. Still, there’s a novelty for some trainers to own a special “type” of Pokemon that not many others have. As a result, shiny variants of all Pokemon are highly prized.

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