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Alolan Pokemon for Sale

Hailing from the Alola region, Alolan Pokemon has a somewhat new addition to the many generations of Pokemon that trainers have seen so far. In Pokemon Go, trainers have the opportunity to catch not only just one generation of Pokemon but multiple of them, which is why some trainers like to buy Alolan Pokemon.

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2 Offers found
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Shiny alolan Raichu - for trade
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Why Trainers Want to Buy Alolan Pokemon for Pokemon Go

Alolan Pokemon marked the introduction of having different forms of a single Pokemon. It’s something that trainers haven’t seen before, so when it was first announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon, players were a bit hesitant about it. But thankfully, trainers have warmed up to the idea of having two variants of a single Pokemon and soon found success through the sequel game, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, not all Pokemon have Alolan forms. If that were to happen, the folks over at The Pokemon Company would have to revise all of the Pokemon that were made over the past few years! As a result, the developers have decided that only a handful of Pokemon were to have Alolan forms.

For trainers that might have heard of Galarian Pokemon, this is where it has taken its inspiration! Alolan Pokemon were the first type of Pokemon to ever have an “alternative form” that fully transforms its look as well as its type. The Galar region was showcased just after the success of Alola, so it’s no surprise that The Pokemon Company decided to ride out the success for the next generation of Pokemon. With the way things are going and how receptive the fans are of these forms, trainers may get to see more of these exclusive regional forms in the future.

Since Pokemon Go is a mish-mash of all the different generations of Pokemon that have been released throughout the years, it’s not all that easy to complete its Pokedex. It’s understandable for trainers to have a hard time getting certain Pokemon than others. In the case of Alolan Pokemon, they don’t exactly take up space in the Pokedex in the way that normal Pokemon do. Instead of being a new Pokedex entry, Alolan Pokemon will instead have their own filled within that certain entry. This is similar to how Shiny Pokemon work in the game as well. For example, when a trainer catches an Alolan Rattata, it’ll be in the same entry as a normal Rattata. Trainers can skim the different categories of a Rattata through the Pokedex where they’ll be able to see the Alolan version in action.

What Alolan Pokemon Are Worth Looking Out For?

There’s only a handful of Alolan Pokemon that are worth seeking out in Pokemon Go. In a mobile game such as Pokemon Go, trainers only get to have limited resources unless they opt to purchase some of the items available with real money. Luckily, trainers don’t have to use the same methods that they use to catch Shiny Pokemon for Alolan Pokemon. Here are some Alolan Pokemon that are considered to be the best ones in Pokemon Go:

  1. Alolan Raichu Pokemon Go

    Cuddlier than ever, the Alolan Raichu has a somewhat rounder and cuter appearance compared to its standard version. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, all Pikachu from that game will evolve into an Alolan Raichu with the use of a Thunder Stone since events take place in Alola. In the case of Pokemon Go, trainers don’t have to go through the lengthy process of doing those things. They’ll be able to get an Alolan Raichu right from the get-go through Tier 2, 3, and 4 Raid Battles.

  2. Alolan Exeggutor Pokemon Go

    Fun fact: The Alolan Exeggutor is the first Alolan Pokemon that was introduced in Pokemon Go. Compared to the usual Exeggutor, the Alolan version has a much longer tree trunk that can easily tower over other Pokemon. Like the Alolan Raichu, the Alolan Exeggutor can be found through the Tier 2, 3, and 4 Raid Battles that trainers can freely participate in Pokemon Go. In the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, an Exeggcute will automatically evolve into an Alolan Exeggutor by using the Leaf Stone. In Pokemon Go, this is not possible since there is no Alolan Exeggcute in the mobile game.

  3. Alolan Marowak Pokemon Go

    The Alolan Marowak is by far one of the more famous Alolan Pokemon. This is because in the Pokemon Sun and Moon animated series, one of the characters by the name of Kiawe, has this Pokemon as part of his team. The difference between an Alolan Marowak and a normal one is that the Alolan version is a Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon, whereas a normal Marowak is a Ground-type.

  4. Alolan Nintetales Pokemon Go

    The Alolan Nintetales is somewhat harder to acquire compared to the other Pokemon on this list since it’s only available to get through 7km eggs by using the Gifts feature of Pokemon Go. This means that trainers won’t be able to encounter it in the wild and will instead have to care for and nurture an Alolan Vulpix until it evolves into an Alolan Ninetales.

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