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Mythical Pokemon for Sale

Trainers buy Mythical Pokemon for Pokemon Go all the time. It’s not easy to catch ‘em all, especially if some of the Pokemon are only available for a limited amount of time. Mythical Pokemon are exactly just that. These powerful beings are what all players want in Pokemon Go, but not all players are able to have.

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Why All Mythical Pokemon In Pokemon Go Are Loved By Trainers

Pokemon trainers in Pokemon Go have always loved Mythical Pokemon--and it’s not just because of their rarity. Every trainer’s ultimate goal is to complete their Pokedex which is like their portable encyclopedia wherein they have to fill it up to have all of the Pokemon in the world categorized and described with accurate detail. Standard Pokemon are fairly easy to catch since one can get them out in the wild, it’s the rare ones that trainers will have a hard time in getting. Mythical Pokemon don’t exactly roam around the streets or just randomly pop up like standard Pokemon--these creatures are highly elusive and can keep trainers awake until the wee hours of the night just to try and have a chance at encountering them. Due to their scarce availability, Mythical Pokemon has always been the toughest to catch--more so when it comes to completing them in Pokemon Go. While it may look like Mythical Pokemon are simply more frustrating to catch and that there should be no reason to love them at all, it’s the stats and bragging rights that trainers get is that makes them so well-loved. Surprise surprise, Mythical Pokemon are powerful! Much like the Legendaries, they can pack quite a punch during PvP or PvE situations, depending on which Mythical Pokemon a trainer uses.

The Difference Between Legendary and Mythical Pokemon

Many trainers assume that there is no difference between Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, but in actuality, there is. During the 5th Generation of Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon used to be a subset category of Legendary Pokemon by the West. However, Asian countries such as Japan and Korea have a different say on the matter. According to them, the two groups have always been different and don’t belong in the same category. There has been no confirmation with The Pokemon Company yet as to where Mythical Pokemon should belong, resulting in many debates and arguments worldwide about the origins of Mythical Pokemon in general.

In the case of Pokemon Go, the difference between the two Pokemon is that Legendary Pokemon can be caught normally in the mobile game. While the encounter isn’t that high, players can get lucky and have a Legendary Pokemon pop out of the blue on their map. That’s not the case for Mythical Pokemon, though. To be able to catch Pokemon Go Mythical Pokemon, trainers have to participate in certain events that the game puts out now and then. These events are only available for a limited time, and once it’s finished, there’s no telling when the event will come up again--the same goes for the Mythical Pokemon that’s in the event, of course.

A Mythical Pokemon List: What Pokemon Mythical to Get

  1. Mew

    Mew is known to many trainers as the strongest Pokemon in existence. Despite that though, this Pokemon is very playful to humans and Pokemon alike and likes playing pranks on them. This trait can be seen in the past animated series of Pokemon when Mew first encountered Ash, the show’s main protagonist. The only way to obtain Mew is through the Pokemon Go: A Mythical Discovery Special Research event. There are eight quests that trainers must complete in the event and the best part is that they are guaranteed to catch Mew at the end since trainers get to have unlimited Pokeballs for it.

  2. Meltan: Pokemon Go’s First Mythical Pokemon With An Evolution Line

    Meltan is a Mythical Pokemon that was first introduced in the Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! games that were released for the Nintendo Switch. Meltan, according to the official Pokedex, is called a Hex Nut Pokemon. It is unsure as to what region Meltan belongs to, but it is the first Mythical Pokemon in all of Pokemon Go to have an evolution line. Meltan, when fed 400 candies, evolves into Melmetal.

  3. Darkrai: Pokemon Go’s Master League Veterans

    Trainers will often see Darkrai in the Master Leagues, and with good reason. The Dark-type Pokemon’s stats are quite respectable and keep up with the other big boys. Two of its moves, Snarl and Shadow Ball, especially excel in PvP situations. Darkrai originated from the Sinnoh region which is considered to be the 4th generation of Pokemon.

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Based on the total ratings of 13529 orders in the past year


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