Which Pokemon Are You?

In a world brimming with diverse creatures, each Pokémon has its own unique charm, skills, and quirks. Ever wondered if you'd be the fiery spirit of Charizard or have the serene grace of Lapras? Perhaps the mischievous twinkle of Pikachu's eyes? Dive into this quiz and embark on a journey to uncover which Pokémon mirrors your soul. Prepare to be surprised, Trainer, and let's discover your Poké-alter ego!
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Find out your inner pokemon.🌍⚡🍃🔥🌊

In the 20+ years that Pokemon has existed, this is an old question fans ask. With 9 generations and 900+ species, you truly are spoiled for choice. However, to ease the burden on quiz makers, they opt to pick a region or a category of Pokemon to categorize people.

In this quiz, instead of learning ‘which Pokemon am I’ or what Pokemon type you are, we’ll focus on finding out which starter you are.

What are Starter Pokemon?

They are the ones you start your journey with and pick out from the professor’s Pokeballs. They are always the same beginning three types: Grass, Fire, and Water. In the games, you can only choose a single one. The others will be closed to you until you can trade.

Depending on your preferences, they can be your friend throughout your journey or a throwaway Pokemon to languish in the void (storage). Alola, Gen 7, specifically USUM, mitigates this with the Poke Pelago, a virtual world in your character’s PC where the Pokemon can still be active even in storage.

Still, they can be your best companion since they’ve been with you from the start. Many players keep them all through their journey up to the league, after which it depends on their preferences. Also, because it’s a permanent choice, it is crucial you like it, something that’s getting less likely in recent generations.

Another reason players don’t like them much anymore is their gradual evolution to a humanoid form. That’s something the most recent generations of Pokemon are starting from Gen 6, Kalos. The most evident version is Galar, where many players ended up benching their starters because of their final evolution designs.

Sure, players can keep them from evolving, but that prevents them from gaining helpful stat boosts and keeps them from learning some attacks. However, some moves they figure out earlier when unevolved. It’s the prerogative of the player.

Starters in this Pokemon Quiz

It covers all starters up to the Paldean ones. That means you can have the result of any starter from Gen 1 to Gen 9. The most popular starters are (in order of release):

  • Bulbasaur

  • Charmander

  • Totodile

  • Treecko

  • Torchic

  • Mudkip

  • Piplup

  • Oshawott

  • Froakie

  • Rowlett

  • Litten

  • Scorbunny

  • Sprigatito

Some starters are popular just by being cute in their base forms, such as the gen 8 and 9 starters. For the latter, their evolved forms haven’t been released yet. The former, when fully developed, is more human-like, which players disliked. Players stored them in the box because they didn’t want them to evolve and stop being cute.

This quiz only concerns the base starters, so there shouldn’t be any uncute results here. Okay, some base starters can be called uncute, which makes that statement inaccurate. You can repeat the quiz to get a different result anyway.

In combat, players prefer the starters that evolve with dual typing, such as Charizard and Greninja. Blaziken was a popular pick, but succeeding generation fire starters got Fire/Fighting typing so often it became commonplace. They don’t want that anymore. Incineroar should’ve been popular with its Fire/Dark typing, but its design kept it from being the best choice.

Have Fun with This What Pokemon Are You Quiz

It’s made for entertainment and is not an actual personality quiz. Don’t take the results too seriously. Like in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, you can reset and change your answers for a different conclusion.

Whatever your preference in using starters is, enjoy answering the quiz and your result!

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