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Raising Pokemon in Pokemon Go

To get the attention of buyers, sellers must first give buyers a compelling reason on why they should take a look at their listings. In Pokemon Go, the key is to have strong Pokemon. It's fairly easy to catch Pokemon in the mobile game, but leveling them up is another case. To level up a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, one must use Stardust which can be accumulated while simply playing the game. There are also microtransactions where players can purchase Stardust for real money, but it not advisable to do so as it can easily burn a hole in their pocket if they are not careful.

A Worthy Collection

Having max level Pokemon may be great, but having a collection of strong Pokemon is also a huge plus as well. This goes especially for shiny Pokemon which can pretty much sell like hot cakes. This is because shinies are regarded as rare and their discoloration is what makes a shiny Pokemon so special. Legendaries are also great to have in Pokemon Go. Not only are they extremely powerful, but they are not easy to catch as well. Some Legendary Pokemon are only open for players to catch in Pokemon Go at a limited time event, resulting in some of them such as Mew becoming incredibly rare and highly sought after.

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