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LOL Champions for Sale

The number of champions in LoL is constantly growing. As Riot Games adds in more champions for players to pick and choose from, more and more players are struggling to farm blue essence, resulting in many purchasing the characters from the aftermarket or Riot Points. What’s more, new champions are more expensive than older ones. Some players even try to find a place where they can buy League of Legends champions.

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Best LoL Champions Worth Getting

People often ask what’s the best champion for the meta, and the answer is always relative or related to the patch that League of Legend is sitting at. The only problem is, the meta is always changing. However, some champions are considered to be solid picks, regardless of whatever meta that the game is in.

The best beginner champions LoL are often the ones that are the cheapest out of the bunch. Players can find the likes of Master Yi, Annie, and other champions that range from 450 Blue Essence to 1300 Blue Essence. These cheap but effective champions are always reliable and easy to use for those that are still new to the game. Master Yi, specifically, can potentially be a broken champion in the hands of an expert.

As for the LoL support champions, there’s a wide array to choose from. For players that love to make plays and catch their opponents off guard, then champions such as Thresh or Nautilus are the way to go. There are also support champs that lean more towards initiation such as Leona or Rell, one of the newer champions in the game. Believe it or not, some champions are meant for other positions but can be used for the support role as well. A prime example of this is Sett, a champion that is often seen in the jungle role. Should a player make a tank build for Sett, he’ll be very much viable as a support because of his moves and large health bar.

Some of the best champions that players could find in League of Legends are LoL female champions. Out of the 150 champions (with more to come in the future), only 56 of them are female while the rest are male. The latest addition to the roaster, Gwen, is a fighter-type champion suited for the top lane. There’s also Lilllia, a champion mostly used for the jungle. There’s every female champion available to play for every role, so it’s only a matter of choosing which fits a player’s preference or playstyle the most.

Why Summoners need to Have All Champions in LoL

The list just keeps on getting longer when it comes to the champions in League of Legends. With the boom of competitive e-sports and Riot Games being hands-on with just about everything in this MOBA game, there’s a wide variety of champions that every player can choose from. The problem is, they just keep getting more expensive to buy. Blue Essence is what’s commonly used in the game to purchase champions, but over the past few years since League of Legend’s revamps and huge update that included changes in itemization in the game, the farmable currency is becoming much harder to get.

During the first few seasons of League of Legends, there was no Blue Essence, but instead something similar to it. This currency was easily farmable thanks to players receiving it in every match regardless of whether they win or lose. But now, for Blue Essence, things have shifted and the tables have turned. While players can still receive Blue Essence for free, they’ll no longer receive it after every match. Instead, they’ll have to complete a set of quests (should there be events held) or sacrifice their shards for it. Blue Essence is very much the same as IP for old players, which is the farmable currency back then. Older players who have been active in the game don’t have to worry about this predicament, for the most part. This is because most of the seasoned players already have all of the champions in their account since the humble beginnings of League of Legends. Unfortunately, it’s the newer players who will have to tackle this problem.

At this point, there are only three ways available for players to get champions. One solution is to purchase them with Blue Essence that they’ve accumulated. To get Blue Essence, players will have to complete missions or sacrifice their Champion Shards in exchange for the currency. Another way is to simply purchase the champions with Riot Points, League of Legend’s official premium currency. Be forewarned though, as this method can be expensive should players want to get the newer champions. The last way is to find a seller that’s willing to trade or gift them the champions that they want at a cheaper cost. Besides skins, players can gift champions to one another.

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Based on the total ratings of 9372 orders in the past year


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