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With the Scorched Plague unleashing a horde of Scorchbeasts upon all remaining survivors of mankind, armors of the toughest kind are must-haves! So be smart and beat the odds! Protect yourself and be the survivor we know you can! Get first dibs on the roughest, toughest Fallout 76 armors available today!


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34 Offers found
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Jack-lantern suit

Jack-lantern suit

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Trading Information

What is Fallout 76 Power Armor?

Simply put, Power Armor is a form of external suit that players don for protection in Fallout 76. Made of six components (helmet, torso, two arms, and two legs), it reduces player damage by 7% and radiation by 15% per piece. All in all, it gives a total of 42% damage protection and 90% radiation protection.

How to Get the Fallout 76 Best Power Armor?

Navigating a post-nuclear wasteland is a dirty business. You’ll need to armor up if you’re to survive and level up. Getting the best power armor available is essential.

Simply follow these quick steps and you’ll be all set:

  1. Register (or simply log in if you already have a PlayerAuctions account)
  2. Check out the offers page to see if any available Power Armor offer strikes your fancy.
  3. Make the payment via your preferred method.
  4. Communicate with the seller via the onsite messenger to work out the trade details.
  5. Once you receive the goods, make the confirmation in our system so we can release the seller’s payment.

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Power Armor Locations

In a game that’s as survival-centric as Fallout 76, it’s all about weathering the onslaught of post-nuclear war threats. And that’s something you can’t do if you’re ill-equipped! So more than just arming up, you’ll also need to armor up ASAP! As knowing where to look can potentially spell the difference between life and death, here are the best-known power armor locations!

  • Point Pleasant (located near a red sofa on a rooftop near the end of a collapsed bridge)
  • Aaronholt Homestead (located in a shed near three silos)
  • Morgantown Trainyard (located in an army train carriage between two warehouses)
  • Arktos Pharma (located right behind a computer terminal in the Arktos Pharma garage)
  • Clarksburg (located in a tall building with a dangling fire escape)
  • Wade Airport (located in the hangar at the northern part of the runway)
  • Black Bear Lodge (located in a barn that has a collapsed tree on it)
  • Poseidon Energy Plant (located inside the biggest building surrounded by army vehicles)

Raiding high-level nuke zones will be a breeze when aptly geared, so make sure to raid these places as soon as you can! These are pretty much the quickest ways to get power armor, so you shouldn’t have trouble gearing up.

Popular Fallout 76 Power Armor Mods

When the going gets tough, you need to get going! Of course it also helps to ratchet up your defenses to boost your survivability. The best way to do that is through Power Armor Mods. Through these modifications, you can improve both the stats and the usage of your existing armors.

These mods can be grouped into the following:

  • Helmet Mods (such as Internal Database Mod, Recon Sensor Mod, and Targeting Hud Mod)
  • Arm Mods (such as Hydraulic Bracers Mod, Rusty Knuckles Mod, Tesla Bracers Mod)
  • Torso Mods (such as Blood Cleanser Mod, Core Assembly Mod, Medic Pump Mod)
  • Leg Mods (such as Explosive Vent Mod, Kinetic Servos Mod, and Calibrated Shocks Mod)

Excavator Power Armor

Properly known as the Ex-17 Excavator suit, this power armor was a collaborative effort by Garahan Mining Co. and West Tek. It was originally intended to protect miners from both rockfall and airborne contaminants.  Player characters need to be at least level 25 to either equip or craft it.

Marine Armor

Highly-advanced, as one would expect from an armor meant to protect marines, the Marine Armor is a rather bulky suit that is essentially a mix of both combat and power armor.

Ranger Armor

The Ranger Armor is a cool-looking riot gear that was donned by the Charleston Police Department. Though it was used before the Great War, it now finds new life as survival gear in the post-nuclear setting.

Ultracite Power Armor

Being one of the more powerful armors available, the Ultracite Power Armor is naturally a highly-coveted piece of gear. Developed by the Brotherhood of Steel, its one weakness is a flawed cooling system that proved to be too troublesome.


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