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How to Sell a League of Legends Account

Sell a League of Legends account for real money on PlayerAuctions, a reliable platform offering unmatched experiences to gamers since 1999.

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Selling LoL Account on PlayerAuctions

Having a LoL account is like having a moneymaking machine on your PC. Ready to move on to a new game? Don’t have time to keep up with your League of Legends? No problem.

Selling LoL account for real money can help you make the most of the time and energy you had invested in the game.

Wondering which LoL accounts are in demand? Here are the most sought-after LoL accounts:

  • LoL Smurfs

    Sell LoL Smurfs to make some serious money. Most LoL players are always on the lookout for LoL Smurfs, especially the LoL 30 unranked accounts.

  • All Champ Account

    Just like they say, if you’re good at something, never do it for free. Have you been lucky enough to build a LoL Champ account? LoL Champ accounts can help you make big bucks within just minutes.

  • Accounts with Rare Skins

    LoL players enjoy having access to the rarest and unique skins in the game. With a LoL account that has rare skins, like Silver Kayle, Ufo Corki and Young Ryze, can be worth hundreds of dollars.

  • LoL Gold Account

    We saved the best for last. LoL Gold account is the holy grail of LoL players. These accounts are worth thousands of dollars.

  • Teamfight Tactics

    Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battle mode for League of Legends. Released in the latter half of June, it's steadily gaining popularity among LoL fans. It has the same general gameplay, which is 'fight to win and rank up'. How you fight is different, though. You'll collect heroes by buying them from the shop, set up a team, and send the team to fight enemy teams. As you rank up, you'll be able to build bigger teams and fight stronger enemies. There will be some buyers who will be more interested in this, so it's good to rank up here as well.

Want to know where to sell League of Legends account? Searching for the best platform to sell it? Well, you are already on it.

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