Which League Of Legends Champion Should I Play?

With over 150 champions parading the League of Legends universe, choosing the perfect fit for your playstyle can be overwhelming. But worry not, future legend! Dive into this quiz, and let's uncover which champion aligns with your strengths, strategy, and spirit. Whether you’re an aggressive front-liner or a cunning strategist, we've got the perfect LoL champion waiting for you. Ready to discover your in-game alter ego? Let the games begin!
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Unleash Your Inner Champion: Discover Your LoL Destiny! 🌪🗡

In a multiplayer online battle arena games like LoL, team composition is a crucial aspect that can dictate the chances of winning. Often, skilled individuals can be easily overpowered by well-drafted teams. Knowing which champions you should use in League of Legends will help you become a better player and help you figure out a team composition that will better suit you.

League of Legends Lane Roles

Lane Roles are the easiest way to identify champions and determine which role will be comfortable for you. When you queue into a game, players can call which lane they will be filling before locking in their champs to ensure any overlaps. As a League summoner, you should learn which position you would be more comfortable playing with and which you excel at.

There are five roles in League of Legends, each of which has a different gameplay style. Knowing how each works will help summoners understand where they would fit the best. Here are all the laning positions in LoL:

  • Top – This position is one of the three solo lanes in the game and is often considered the lone wolf of the team. For most of the laning phase, top gamers tend to focus on their side and not participate in ganks. Champions in this role are primarily self-sufficient and durable but can still pack a punch.

Most characters that fall into this position are fighters or tanks. In some variations, mages and marksmen are viable options if they have decent sustain or maneuverability. Top Laners can solo hard-carry their team, especially if they snowballed early in the game. Good players in this role know when to engage and disengage and can function alone.

  • Mid – Mid players are often considered a key element in winning a game. Their position allows them to farm gold very quickly while being able to help other teammates. While ganking is not their primary role, being placed in the middle lane provides them easy access to the other two side lanes.

Mid-laners are often mages or assassins. Champions fit for this role can usually carry their team, but they will need the assistance of their allies. A strong mid-laner can exert control over most of the map. Good summoners in this lane have high technical skills, which manifests in how often they land their skillshots.

  • Jungle – Also known as farmers, Junglers are positioned in the jungle area of the team. They are mostly looked upon for securing essential objectives, such as Drakes, Baron Nashors, and Scuttles. Players in this position are mainly called upon to provide to assist their allies. One of the main functions of a Jungler is to disrupt enemy activities and to exert pressure to give sufficient breathing space for their teammates.

Most Junglers use tanks or fighters since they are durable enough to remove damage from neutral and epic monsters. Some of these champions can also hard-carry their team if they quickly gain takedowns from successful ganks or farms. Strong Junglers can be identified by looking at how efficient their farming rotation is, how they secure their objectives, and how often they assist teammates.

  • ADC – Attack Damage Champions or Botlaners are considered the core attackers in the team. They can deal massive damage in a short period due to their fast attack speed and high DPS. Due to their high threat, the enemy team often prioritizes them.

Botlaners are paired up with Supports to ensure they survive the laning phase. Frequently, an ADC that has snowballed or been fed will secure a win for their team. Champions that are fit for this role are mostly ranged characters to ensure that they are far away from the heat of the battle. Great Botlaners are the ones that can farm minions effectively and have excellent kiting skills.

  • Support – Players who choose this role are often saddled with some of the game's most mundane but essential aspects. As referenced by the name of the part, this position's main function is to support the team, mainly the ADC. While most gamers would want to avoid this role because they prefer a more distinctive playstyle, this position has one of the game's most crucial and challenging jobs.

Supports ensure their team has a vision over crucial areas on the map. They are also responsible for keeping their team alive, especially their ADC. If they are not doing that, they are often considered to provide sets wherein their allies can safely engage the enemy. Essentially, a Support does everything it can to ensure that the whole team can perform at its best.

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