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Reasons to be a League of Legends ELO Booster

While the first and foremost reason to be a LOL ELO booster is to earn money, knowing that they help other players out could motivate ELO boosters. This is especially true for players that have finally sought the help of these services because they feel like they’ve been unfairly stuck in a particular tier. While this may seem like low-tier player complaint, some of them are legitimate.

Also, playing League of Legends is definitely fun, especially competitively. Thus, perhaps the best reason to be an ELO booster is to enjoy while earning money.

ELO Boost Jobs - How to Show Competitiveness

While there are hard requirements to be a LoL ELO booster, it helps for ELO Boosters to let their potential customers know their current rank. The higher it is, the likelier they will be able to convince those on the fence on taking their services.

Another thing that helps ELO boosters attract possible customers is their ability to play multiple roles. Preferably, all. Being able to assume any and all roles significantly hastens matchmaking times. It also significantly increases win rates, as ELO boosters that know multiple roles will simply switch to another if and when they cannot win as a particular chosen role. The best way to prove this is to demonstrate one’s ability to choose Fill Role while queueing.

Finally, customers are more convinced of an ELO booster’s ability to bring much victories if they use a meta champion. While there are many of them, some are simply better, or rather, more meta compared to others.

For Top, best choices are tanks such as Dr. Mundo, Sett, and Tahm Kench. There are also more offensive-oriented exceptions such as Wukong and Lillia. On the other hand, in the Jungle, tried-and-tested Master Yi and Warwick continue to be a part of the meta, and so do tougher options such as Rammus, Zac, and Vi. Last but not least, Nocturne is a sure surprise, as being a Jungler that pops later on mid-game is a great pick. Mid has had solid picks such as Lux, Ahri, Yasuo, and Irelia, but also less popular but equally effective ones like Graves and Malzahar. Finally, newcomer Akshan does very well in this position.

Finally, the Bottom-ADR tandem for the bottom. For the former, the meta ones are still Ashe, Vayne, Miss Fortune, and Sivir. Fancier picks for the same role include Jhin and Swain. The latter, on the hand, can either be tanks such as Blitzcrank, Leona, full supports like Sona, Soraka, and Nami, and mages such as Zyra, Zilean, and Xerath.

Setting Prices of ELO Boosting Services

Setting a price for League of Legends ELO Boosting Services is straightforward – the ranking being promised determines how much the service will be. The higher the ELO and ranking, the likelier it is to find a willing client despite the higher price.

Other than ELO and rank, another factor is the length of time the promised ELO and rank will be achieved. The faster it takes, the more will clients accept a higher price.

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