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Trading Information

What is Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov, developed by Battlestate Games, is the newest craze in the survival arena/battle royale genre. As a prisoner on Tarkov, your goal is to escape the battle zone with your wits and limbs intact as you battle it out for survival. Similar to other battle royales, gear can be obtained from pretty much anywhere – in houses, random containers, AI-controlled guards, and other players.

Escape from Tarkov Keys

In Escape from Tarkov, one of the most important types of items you can get is keys. These keys allow you to open certain buildings or containers that contain amazing loot for you to use to kill everything on two legs or even use some of them to escape. However, in every game, there’s only one key for specific places. It becomes a race to find your priority Tarkov key and getting it as early as possible before anyone else can. You can safely store your key for future use in other games, but you need to get it first. We’ve got a nifty guide where you can find all the keys in Escape from Tarkov.

How to Get all EFT Keys?

You pretty much get all the keys you need just by looting Tarkov itself, which mean filling cabinets, jackets, scavs (their backpacks especially) etc. You also might try to wait for some streamer to make a key giveaway, there’s a slight chance you might just win an easy factory, and also remember that all key spawns are RANDOM.

NOTE: If you aren’t familiar with any map mentioned below or descriptions I’ve given, just jump into the offline mode with/without bots, and try memorizing the maps as much as you can, as this is an advantage you have in the early stage of the game. REMEMBER in the offline mode you DO NOT lose any stuff you die with, but also DO NOT gain any experience/stuff from the offline mode raid.

Buying Tarkov Key: Cheaper Than You Thought

The fact remains that, despite knowing where to get the keys, they can still be notoriously difficult to obtain due to requiring lots of preparation, skill, and luck. It’s mostly just luck. You may know where to find the key, but the “how“ of it is the real challenge. Scoping out the land, checking for enemies, and hopefully, finding your Tarkov key in place without it getting looted are just some of the basic things you need to achieve victory. Of course, you do have the option just to skip the hassles of this endeavor and simply buy Tarkov keys outright! However, if you insist on doing it the hard way, below, you’ll find the important places that house these very precious keys.

Escape from Tarkov Factory Key: The Most Important Key

The factory key is a big thing since it's the most crucial key in-game. This key has an impact on whether you survive or die in the game. The name itself gives away its usage you might have thought, and that's true, but not only that!

You should remember that getting this key is essential and you're able to loot it off a dead scav the key has spawned on (inside a backpack most of the time), or by searching filing cabinets and simply scavenging all there is in Tarkov.

What Does the Factory Key Open?

  1. 1. Closed office room on the factory in the main building located in the top floor corridor near stairs.
  2. 2. To escape (and this is the most important thing) from the Factory map.
  3. 3. To avoid the choke point on the Customs map that you can reach in front of the gas station on the right side, right after you pass the little bridge.

There are 3 ways you can escape with the key.

  1. 1. Open the red rusty door located at the forklifts spawn point.
  2. 2. You can also open the rusty red door with bars in the underground corridor located right under the forklift spawn point, you won't miss it if you go downstairs and pay attention to the right side of the corridor right at the beginning when you get off the stairs.
  3. 3. You might also want to escape from the other side of the map. There's this underground spawn close to the bunker where the dead body you might be familiar with its location. From here it’s quite easy to hit the extract point, just enter the underground tunnel entrance near the bunker and go forwards. When you hit the crossroads turn left and then go straight forwards until the end and turn right. Get through the yellowish/beige door and right on the left there’s the rusty red door again. All you have to do now is just open the door and extract safely.

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About Escape From Tarkov Items

Best Keys in Escape from Tarkov

There are a few other major keys in this game that you should be familiar with, or read the ultimate Escape from Tarkov Key guide to learn more.

1) The Marked Key

As I'd personally call it, the key that opens the true gates into hell, and that's because this room offers you a grenade drop, weapon drop, wallet drop and this kind of sweet juice you might want to use later on.

Where's the door?

This key only has one use, because it only opens door room 314 (Marked Room) on the third floor of the three-story dorms on the Customs map.

This key opens the closest dorm; it means that if you reach the top of the map right after you pass through the left side of the bridge, and just keep walking next to the wall, you'll definitely spot the dorm. If you'd choose to enter from the left-sided stairwell reach the 2nd floor and open the door, then you have to get on the 3rd floor through the stairwell located in the mid-part of the building. Now, after you walk up and get there go left and reach the end of the corridor, and the last door on the right side is the Marked key room. You're going to recognize the door easily since the door looks kind of ‘‘satanic.‘‘ There's white signs all over the wall and the door, there's also candles lit, so that's the indicator for you to know you're at the right place.

2) The Machinery Key

This is rather a key for a quest item for one of Prapor's quests you for sure are going to do if you haven't yet. As the key's looks give it away, there's a barely visible logo on it saying, MAN. For those of you that are familiar with this brand, yes, it does open a truck door.

Where's the truck?

We meet on the Customs map once again, because the truck is located there, specifically at the construction site. When you get there, you'll spot it, because it's the only truck there is, and it‘s quite catchy for an eye. Now, the only thing I'd advise you is to be careful, because there might just be a player or a scav, even a ROOF scav waiting for you to pass through or in our case enter the truck. Take things slowly, and be aware of your surroundings, the left door of the truck is the door you're aiming for, and the area is quite vast and open, so you might as well be an easy target.

3) The Checkpoint Key

This one is also a great way to farm grenades/weapons from it spawns, but as always there's one BUT. As much as excited, you might be to farm it. In fact, it's not going to be that easy, because there's scavs all around this place and it's just impossible to get into the building itself without any weapon/gear in your hands and especially on your body.

What Does the Key Open?

The key opens this sniper house you won't miss. It's location is at the end of the road of customs. Basically if you pass the dorms and the choke point as mentioned above (the gas station) in the middle of the map, you continue your route to the 2 breaches so that you could escape. Pay attention to the left side after coming closer next to these breaches when you're next to the wall. Many scavs are walking around. There's the sniper house you won't miss and a car with a jacket inside next to it right behind the sandbags. Also beware, since there can be sniper-house scav spawned on its terrace just waiting there for you. Be sure to check if there's nobody else and continue with opening the sniper house door. There are ammo and grenade boxes for you to loot. Also, there's a gun spawn in the gun holder inside the room.

4) The Cabinet Key

It opens the mobile trialer inside of the bus depot on customs at the crossroads leading either to the dorms, back to the bridge, or forward towards the choke point gas station. There's not many necessary things to loot, just some everyday things, like food, etc., also you rarely might find some 7,62 ammo. I'd rather rate this key to be a bit useless.

5) The (Door) ‘‘Key‘‘ Key

This key might be useful for you just to farm gas analyzers for one of the Therapist's quests. Although there's still a low percentage of spawning it inside, you might want to try out your luck when on the factory map.

What Does the Key Open?

It's able to open the pumping station at the factory. You know the little building right opposite to the breach door spawn with staircase near it. Merely the room next to which almost all the fights with scavs get done.

6) The ZB-014 Key

When passing through the river and aiming for the construction site from the right side, there's this body lying in front of this bush. Since the drops are randomized, it can get found pretty much anywhere as mentioned above.

What Does the Key Open?

You're going to use this key on the woods map. It opens the locked bunker room inside the bunker that's located far right to the Cottage near the extraction zone. This room can be used as an extraction point if needed.

7) The Black Handled Key

a) The black handled key for a gas station – it opens the gas station choke-point door on Customs in the little corridor on the right, there's a safe waiting for you.

b) The black handled key for a cabin – This opens the office trailer on the construction site near the crashed truck on the second level. There's a weapon crate. You also might want to look for this one since it's also a quest location.

8) The Car Key

It opens the trunk of the white car near the dorms. There's a grenade crate inside.

9) The Yotota Key

It opens a pickup truck in lumber yard next to the three huts on the Woods map..

10) The Customs Office Key

It opens the white door located on top of the staircase in the big red storage building on Customs close to all spawns. There's 3 PC's and a safe, also some jackets. It's a great way to farm for example Graphics Cards and other PC components for money, or for quests.

To finish it off, all other keys with numbers on it is meant for the dorms on the Customs map. The numbers of the rooms are written on the wall above/near the door, so finding the right door shouldn't be a difficulty. There also might be some keys that have NO use in the game YET. Since there's a wipe every bigger patch, I don't think that keeping these is necessary, especially if you're a standard edition player.

For standard edition players – it is advised to look primarily for the key holder to store all the keys in your gamma container/inventory. Do not waste precious inventory space with unnecessary keys with numbers on it. There might be some keys with numbers you may need for the quests, but that is optional. Remember there's going to be a wipe, and that the grind of the keys and the quests itself is not worth it if you don't want to do them of course. It's best to enjoy the game at its current state and wait for the future patches to come. REMEMBER that in the future patches a standard edition player will be able to grind up all the stuff that's got a player who had paid for the ultra edition of EFT. In my personal experience, you're not yet able to extend your inventory, etc. through quests, but you'll be able to later on.

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