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How to Get Your Tarkov Items?

When you've taken an offer, follow the instructions on the description. Most of the offers here will ask you to make an offer on the Flea Market for the item you want. Then send the details of the offer to the seller, who will fulfill it. When the trade is completed, items are mailed to you via the merchant Ragman. Talk to him in-game to complete the delivery. Finish up by confirming that you received the items here on the website.

It's safer than meeting up in a less populated map and dropping the money or backpacks. Even when there are fewer players and AI to encounter, the danger of dying is still ever present. With the game's ‘drop the equipment when you die' mechanic, your trade could go to waste. Even more so when you forget to secure the stuff you got.

Take note that you need to be at least at PMC level 5 to make offers on the Flea Market. Offers are taxed, and more will be charged if it is prioritized.

The Most Important Items You'll Need in EFT

The most important items in Escape from Tarkov are money cases, item cases, and keybars/keytools. All are containers that will save space in your inventory. In other words, they enable you to store more. Where they differ is the exact type of items they can hold. A money case can only hold currencies such as Roubles, Dollars, Euros, and physical Bitcoins. An item case can hold weapons, gear, or supplies. Keybars/keytools aptly hold keys, which are arguably the most important items in the game.

Escape from Tarkov Keys

In Escape from Tarkov, one of the most important types of items you can get is keys. These keys allow you to open certain buildings or containers that contain amazing loot for you to use to kill everything on two legs or even use some of them to escape. However, in every game, there’s only one key for specific places. It becomes a race to find your priority Tarkov key and getting it as early as possible before anyone else can. You can safely store your key for future use in other games, but you need to get it first. We’ve got a nifty guide where you can find all the keys in Escape from Tarkov.

Why Buy EFT Items?

Whether you don't know where to find a certain item or you have trouble unlocking it, buying from other players is a far more convenient solution. You don't have to go through too much effort to get it yourself so you get to enjoy your game more. Besides, it gives an opportunity to get something that could take hours upon hours to obtain normally.

Get all you need for survival in Tarkov, right here! PlayerAuctions provides a safe and secure place for player-to-player trading. There's no better way to buy and sell all your game-related needs and goods. Join our ever-growing community now and reap the harvest!


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How will the seller deliver?

Option 1: In-game, Face to Face Delivery

Sellers will select this method of delivery if they intend to meet your character in-game with one of their own characters. Usually a seller will coordinate a time and location in-game to meet your character.


  • Be sure to confirm the time to account for time zone differences
  • Confirm which Shard or Server the delivery is to take place in case your game world has more than one.
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Option 2: In-game Mailbox delivery.

Some sellers will select the option to deliver gold or items directly to an in-game mailbox. This option is less popular for larger Games like WoW, but is still viable amongst other games. This option can be convenient for smaller orders because you do not need to coordinate time of delivery.

Why should I buy on PlayerAuctions?

Low Prices: Prices set by other players or PowerSellers on PlayerAuctions are significantly lower than the high markups you would find on expensive retail sites.

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About Escape From Tarkov Items


Keys are an important part of the Escape from Tarkov experience. Sometimes, quests require them. Other times, they're merely for accessing extraction points and sweet loot. If you're wondering which ones are the best to keep on your keytool, take note!

The keys will be arranged in no particular order. These keys will make your life easier if you keep them in a secure container, so you won't have to keep on looking for new ones.

The Marked Key

Rarity: ****

Worth getting? Yes, even if just for the quest!

The Marked Key opens Room 314 in the dorms of the Customs map. It's the one with the strange and ominous markings around the door. This room was popular because of the high chances of spawning good loot, such as the Keytool, RSASS, As Val, and in some cases, valuables such as bitcoins and the like. However, the spawn rates have since lessened and it's the good stuff aren't spawning as much. You can take the risk if you're nearby, but it's not really worth it to visit more than once.

Find the key in certain jackets as well as scav drops. One such jacket can be found in Room 118 and Room 104 in the same dorm in Customs. Both rooms are locked and need their own keys, though. Keep it when you get it since you're going to need it in a quest, specifically one from Peacekeeper.

The Portable Cabin Key of Customs Factory Zone

Rarity: *****

Worth getting? Yes!

It's the key to the portable cabin near the bus depot and the construction site in the Customs map. Inside is a 5x2 grid weapons box that may contain weapons, attachments, or supplies. Note that only weapons that fit in the grid may spawn in it. Another important item that appears in this room is the ‘Secure Case for Documents 0031' which is necessary to complete a quest from Prapor.

This key sometimes spawns under a jacket in a locked room in the Factory map. You'll need the Factory Exit key to unlock it. Otherwise, you might find it dropped by scavs. You should keep it until you need it to complete the quest.

Factory Exit Key

Rarity: ***

Worth getting? Yes, for sheer functionality.

This little key opens many doors and opportunities. In the Factory map, it can open two additional extraction points, as well as unlock the room where you might find the previously mentioned key. There are also various supplies you can find in the other rooms it unlocks on the same map. Then you can also use it in the Customs map to open a shortcut before the Gas Station Checkpoint. There's a wooden crate, drawer, and various items in that room.

Despite its name, it's more common in the Customs map. In that map, it might sit in a blue locker in the northern wall of a factory south of some smokestacks. Another might be near a broken TV in a three-story dorm of a small office. Vests or backpacks near the Old Gas Station may hold it, as well as a concrete ring near a medbag behind the same gas station. You might be able to get it as a reward for completing the ‘Spa Tour – Part 7' quest from Peacekeeper. Due to its functionality and necessity for some quests, it's better to keep it handy once you have it.

Machinery Key

Rarity: *****

Worth getting? Only for the quest.

The Machinery Key can open, you guessed it, machinery. Trucks, dump trucks, cranes, and other road-building machinery are included. On its own, it doesn't really have any use. However, if the quest ‘Checking' is active, opening the door of the fuel truck in Customs will reveal a Bronze Pocket Watch.

Get it from a jacket in Room 205 of the Customs dorms, or from scavs. It's only necessary for the quest, so it's not really a priority to keep.

Military Base Checkpoint Key

Rarity: *****

Worth getting? Yes, if you can manage multiple visits or if are trading for a knife.

This Military Base Key opens a door at the end of the main road in Customs. Inside the room it opens, there's a weapon rack, a grenade box, and two ammo boxes. It's not really anything special, other than being a requirement for one of the Therapist's quests. You can also trade it (along with some other items) to Skier for an M-2 Tactical Sword, after you've done the quest ‘Flint'.

The key might spawn next to a Dead Scav on a couch in the boiler building east of the Customs map. Rarely, you might also get it from other dead scavs.

Dorm Room 220 Key

Rarity: ***

Worth getting? Yes, for farming valuables.

Following the trend of the dorm keys, this one would of course open room 220 of the Customs Dorm. Using it will give you access to various loose loot, the Key ZB-014, and two quest items. As it is required to advance quests from Skier, make sure to keep it when you find it. You might want to hold on to it even after completing the quests since the room's a good source of valuables and Roubles.

Likely places where you'll find this key are the train car in Customs (under some blue clothes), drawers, and scavs.

Cabinet Key

Rarity: ***

Worth getting? Not as much as the others.

While it's named ‘Cabinet' Key, what it actually opens is more of an office in the Gas Station in Customs. The office contains a safe, possibly a pistol, and some loose loot. This key (and location) isn’t needed for any quest, but it's alright to keep if you think it's worth it.

Drawers and scavs sometimes hold this key. That means you can get this key from pretty much any map.

KIBA Outlet Keys

KIBA Store Outlet Key Rarity: ****

KIBA Store Grate Key Rarity: ******

Worth getting? If you can get both, definitely yes!

This section is special since it's about two keys, the Key to KIBA Store Outlet and the Key to KIBA Outlet Grate Door. Either of these two keys won't be of any use without the other. That being said, both open up the KIBA Store in the Interchange. The first opens the door, and the second opens the grate. Inside, you'll find weapon boxes, cash registers, and loose loot. Keep both keys if can find them as the shop holds a treasure trove of equipment and supplies.

The KIBA Store Outlet Key sometimes appears in the campsite behind the Goshan Grocery Store. It may also appear in the inventory of scavs as well. Otherwise, you can trade 50 Condensed Milk cans to Therapist to get it.

As for the KIBA Outlet Grate Door Key, there's only one way to get it: Complete the 11th step of the Mechanic's Gunsmith quest.

The Best Containers and Pouches in Escape from Tarkov

Containers are inventory extenders, meaning they allow you to store more stuff in your stash. They have bigger inner dimensions than their outer dimensions, effectively fitting more items in smaller spaces. There are many containers, but which ones are the most important ones? Also, what are pouches and why are they different from containers?

The first question will be answered later, but for the second, here's the answer: pouches are equipment that can hold items. They're special because they still retain the stuff inside them even when you die. The only downside is that it only takes effect if the pouch is equipped on your character. If you leave it in your backpack, it'll disappear like the rest of your stuff should you meet an untimely end.

Now that's done, let's answer that first question! Here are the most important containers/pouches you're going to need.

Lucky Scav Junkbox

Boasting 14x14 inner dimensions, this 4x4 box can hold all things considered ‘loot'. That means barter items that aren't consumables, keys, or intel. With 196 inventory spaces, you can fit all kinds of odds and ends in it ranging from figurines and portable games to electronic components and jewelry. In terms of efficiency, this container is one of the most efficient ones.

Buy it from the Therapist when you reach loyalty level 2.

Items Case

While this one is a little bit smaller inside with 8x8 inner dimensions, it makes up for all the other things you can put in it. You can put anything in it—listing all of it will take too long. It's easier to list the exceptions, which are the Pistol Case, the Mr. Holodilnick Thermobag, the T H I C C Weapon Case (and its item counterpart), another Item Case, and the Lucky Scav Junkbox. It's might not be vastly efficient but any space saved is one more item you can store.

Trade 20 Ophthalmoscopes to the Therapist to get it. You'll need to be at loyalty level 3 to make it available for barter.

Money Case

This 3x2 case has inner dimensions of 6x6. From its name, it can only hold currency such as Roubles, Euros, physical bitcoins, and Dollars. Since all of them are currency, you're going to hoard these as much as you can, necessitating more slots when you reach the maximum capacity of a stack. At any rate, they won't take up space in your main stash with the case.

The Therapist also sells this case once you reach loyalty level 4. She will ask for a gold watch and 5 gold chains before giving it to you.

T H I C C Items Case

The container has the same inner dimensions as the Lucky Scav Junkbox but takes up 5x3 spaces. It takes up one less slot than the other and even holds more types of items. It can hold the same items as the Money Case. The exceptions are the Pistol Case, the T H I C C Weapons Case, Items Case, and the Lucky Scav Junkbox.

When you reach loyalty Level 4 with the Therapist, this case will become available for barter. Trade 10 Defibrillators, 10 Skin Transilluminators, and 8 bottles of painkillers for it.

Secure Container Kappa

This secure container has the largest capacity with 12 slots (3x4). It would take 9 spaces (3x3) in your inventory but, when equipped, you get to keep the items inside it when you die. However, you cannot put weapons, chest rigs, armor, backpacks, or other pouches in it. It also cannot hold containers other than the Dogtag Case, Wallet, Keytool, Documents Case, and Ammo Case.

Complete ‘Collector', a quest given by Fence, to get this container.

Secure Container Gamma

Gamma has the same characteristics as the other secure containers, except a little smaller. Its inner dimensions are 3x3, like its outer dimensions. It's not an inventory extender, more a collector's item for those who bought a specific edition of the game. It does have more slots than the beginner pouches, so there's that.

It is given to those who bought the ‘Edge of Darkness' edition of the game.

Secure Container Beta

Again, Beta is a pouch with mostly the same characteristics as the others. It is also smaller with 3x2 inner and outer dimensions. Because it has the same inner and outer dimensions, it does not extend inventory at all, unless you equip it.

Those who bought the ‘Prepare for Escape' edition of the game get this secure container.

Secure Container Alpha

This is the smallest secure container, at 2x2 inner and outer inventory spaces. It's the most basic one you can get, and it's available to all.

Get it when you get the ‘Left Behind' or Standard Edition of the game. You may also buy one from Peacekeeper when you reach loyalty level 3.

All these containers are really worth getting if you really want to save space on your stash. In fact, even those not listed will still be beneficial. Upgrade your secure container to Kappa as soon as you can as well. Having somewhere your valuables can be safe can ease the stress of surviving Tarkov.

And that's it for this really long list of keys, containers, and pouches. Of course, these aren't all the keys, containers and pouches that exist in the game. There are more, these are just the more popular ones. At any rate, have fun with all this new information.

Enjoy your escape from Tarkov!


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