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  • League of Legends TFT Set 11: How to play Senna reroll

    League of Legends TFT Set 11: How to play Senna reroll

    Senna has been one of the most reliable carries in TFT Set 11, especially after Inkshadows were buffed. She became one of the best two-cost reroll uni […]
  • lol zeri build and guide

    Zeri Builds and Guide

    Hailing from Zaun, Zeri is considered a pillar of the Zaunite community and a close friend of Ekko. She is an ADC marksman who scales on ability power […]
  • seraphine build and guide.

    League of Legends: Seraphine Guide and Builds

    As a champion, Seraphine functions as a hybrid mid-laner and support AP caster. She brings a lot of versatility to the team with her skillset, applyin […]

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  • LOL Honor System

    League of Legends Honor System

    The Honor System in League of Legends is straightforward but hard to monitor. With its opaque progression, players might need help determining how lon […]

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