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  • Sivir Build Guide

    Sivir Build & Rune Guide

    Sivir looks like your standard ADC champion with the most normal-looking human champion design. But it's only until you play her that you see everythi […]
  • Yone Build & Rune Guide

    Yone Build & Rune Guide

    League of Legends is full of both AP and AD champs but rarely would you see a champion dealing both, that too without ever building AP! Yone is one of […]
  • Yasuo Guide

    Yasuo Build & Rune Guide

    Yasuo is the second half of the deadly brother duo that wreaks havoc on the Summoner’s Rift. Alongside his brother Yone, Yasuo thrives on dealin […]

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  • LOL Honor System

    League of Legends Honor System

    The Honor System in League of Legends is straightforward but hard to monitor. With its opaque progression, players might need help determining how lon […]

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