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FFXIV: The Best Glamours for Every Role

FFXIV Glamours

One of the great perks of the world-renowned, award-winning massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (insert rest of the copypasta) Final Fantasy XIV is being able to put a glamour on your character. Glamours were introduced in an earlier patch, and they’re a system that allows you to put your player character into different outfits. There are holiday outfits, casual outfits, and – of course – more fantastical outfits.

You can even throw your character out there in nothing but their undergarments if that’s how you want to roll.

With glamours, they are just that… a glamour over your actual gear. Putting a glamour on your characters won’t affect the stats of your gear, so you can still run end-game dungeons and complete story quests without getting stabbed in the chest for not wearing proper armor. (There are only so many times that “/sh rez please [coords]” will work before all the healers start avoiding you.)

Some gear pieces can only be used by certain classes, but so long as you pay attention and don’t try to put your Black Mage robes on your Paladin, it’ll be smooth sailing. Also, make sure that the gear you’re trying to use as glamour is at a lower item level than the gear you’re trying to hide.

Final note: keep in mind that glamour pieces are all individual pieces of armor, so you could wear them as God intended and absolutely destroy your stats, but you probably shouldn’t do that. (Please don’t do that. Take pity on your character.)

Now, on to some great glamour ideas for each role type! All glamours are pulled from the Eorzea Collection, which is the largest Final Fantasy XIV glamour reference on the Internet, and as of this posting, the outfits mentioned are the highest-rated for male avatars and female avatars.

Copy outfits completely or pick and choose what you like best from anything you find on the site. And, if you start posting about it, remember to tag where you got the info – it’s just good manners!

The Outfits


(Warrior, Dark Knight, Paladin, Gunbreaker)

When it comes to tanks, you’re like as not to want to look as if you can take a hit. You want to look powerful. You want to look fierce… but you don’t want to look stupid. You can be a tank who runs into battle naked, or you can be the type of tank who looks dependable and strong.

Male Avatar

The Earthcaller is a glamour set crafted by Lukha Nanpou from the Faerie server. Combining protective armor with a feral undercurrent due to the beasts you’ve slain… this set combines all the best parts of Tank qualities.

Female Avatar

Sin Eater - Lightwarden of Faith is a glamour set meant to show off the idea that looking elegant doesn’t mean you can’t also look like if you could single-handedly take down a mountain. If you’re looking for beauty and power, then this glamour is exactly what you need. And if you’ve already beaten Shadowbringers… there’s a little extra excitement for you there, doncha think? Crafted by Xiah Bajihri from the Famfrit server.


(White Mage, Scholar, Astrologian, Sage)

A healer must be nurturing, kind, and trustworthy, no matter how dire a battle might get. You need to be able to know that they’ve got your back and that they’ll use that LB3 if things get super dicey to bring everyone back for another round. Without a healer, even the easiest battles can go the way of the dogs, so you’re going to want a healer that looks like they’re all that and a bag of chips.

Male Avatar

Winter Druid by Lukha Nanpou on the Faerie Server gives off the sense that healing is an external power or even a gift from nature or the gods. It speaks of a deeper connection between the healer and the planet, while still crafting an image of strength, dedication, and steely determination. All these are qualities one might want to see in a healer, especially one who is carrying the weight of the party’s health and wellness on his back.

Female Avatar

Crafted by Nya Nya from the Faerie server, this Nirvana glamour set is the height of what it means to be a healer in an MMORPG like Final Fantasy XIV. Class, beauty, grace, and an otherworldly essence that speaks to the idea that you’ve been blessed with the ability to heal, resurrect, and buff your party.

Melee DPS

(Monk, Dragoon, Ninja, Samurai, Reaper)

If you’re in the business of melee DPSing, you’re going to be getting up close and personal with all the enemies. You’ll take hits, run around and do flanking maneuvers, and attack whenever there are lulls in the middle of battle. You’ll be beholden to the tank(s) and the healer(s), but without you, the party would take 3 to 4 times as long to make it through any battle. As a melee DPS, you’re an integral part of the battle – and you’ve got to wear the duds to show your specific role off!

When it comes to Final Fantasy XIV, the melee DPS classes are split into three categories based on the specific class type. The Pugilist/Monk and Samurai classes wear the same outfits, Lancer/Dragoon and Reaper wear the same gear, and Ninja/Rogue is a class in its own category.

Grouping 1: Dragoon and Reaper

Male Avatar

The Elder Primals - Neath Dark Waters was created by Cassius Toledo on the Goblin server. Perfect for those characters who like to strike when you least expect it and carry around a distinct feeling of danger no matter the situation. If you want to look like a heavy-hitter from the depths of Hell (or the heights of the sky) – as is usual for Reapers and Dragoons – then this glamour is where it’s at.

Female Avatar

If you’ve ever wanted to step on someone and have them thank you for it, the Soul Gorger gear set by Mio Meyi from the Phoenix server has got you covered. Svelte, sleek, elegant, and dangerous all at once, this is a great gear-set for those who want to surprise their opponents before stabbing them straight in the back (or from the side). Also, pairing leather with armor is a classic combo that shows off lethality and beauty. You can’t go wrong with this glamour set!

Grouping 2: Ninja/Rogue

Male Avatar

When it comes to sneaking, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to do it in such a way that no one will see you until you want to be seen. That’s the idea behind the Brightest Shadow glamour set, created by M'rhene Tia from the Ultros server. Once people see you in this glamour (once you let them see you in this glamour), they won’t want to look away. Like a true rogue, you can distract them with your right hand and steal from them with the left.

Female Avatar

For those ninjas/rogues out there who have wanted to be the Femme Fatale of their own story… your time has come. Neo - The Ruler of the Shadow by Goelia Sarantia from the Asura server has everything you might need to draw your opponent off the path of the straight and narrow and right into your trap. They’ll be at your mercy faster than you can draw your blades. Also, leather. Everywhere. As far as the eye can see. What more could you ask for?

Grouping 3: Monk and Samurai

Male Avatar

Punching, slashing, and stabbing has never felt so good as it does when you’re using the  Fists of the Fierce glamour set. Created by Navarre Furogi from the Brynhildr server, this glamour set allows you to show off all your muscles while still looking both fashionable and dangerous. You can’t get any better than this glamour set, and you’ll find that people don’t want to mess with the sheer confidence you put off right before you punch/stab them in the face.

Female Avatar

If you’re looking for a glamour that combines grace with the sheer ability to punch someone through seven cement walls a la Tifa Lockhart, then look no further than Dalmascan Green by Q'elaya Lamore on the Omega server. You may think you know everything about your character when they’re wearing this outfit, but that’s only until you pull a sword from your side and start doing substantial damage to your enemy. Just because you look cute doesn’t mean you’re not powerful, and this glamour set shows that off without hesitating.

Physical Ranged DPS

(Dancer, Machinist, Bard)

When it comes to melee combat, ignoring the ranged melee fighters is a bad idea. These are those who wait for an opening during heavy combat and then shoot to their hearts’ content. But that’s not to say that they’re not good on their own, no way – physical ranged DPS can both dish it out and take it, too. That’s why their gear has to reflect that and show off not only their strength but also their inherent ability to get out of dodge when the going gets too tough.

Male Avatar

Fran - Be Quiet is a glamour set created by Goelia Sarantia from the Asura server. This set shows off the mobility and strength necessary for any physical ranged DPS without looking too hokey or cumbersome. The leather armor allows for an extensive range of motion (and some of the tricks that Dancers, Machinists, and Bards do make this maneuverability necessary) while also protecting most of the critical spots in case an enemy gets a lucky hit in (or if you accidentally aggro the boss, oops).

Female Avatar

The Skyhunter glamour set by Lohia Aihol from the Cerberus server shows that, sometimes, simple really is best. Wearing gear made from the material that your character has hunted and showing off your expertise as a form of pride… is there anything better? This glamour set is meant for the type of player who enjoys waiting, aiming, and picking out the perfect shot – and then downing their enemy without hesitation as soon as an opening appears. This set is made for people who only need their gear and their weapon to get by.

Magical Ranged DPS

(Black Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, Blue Mage)

For those who like to use magic offensively instead of defensively, you have to have a look that shows off how badass you are. Sure, you could summon a meteor to take down an opponent, or you could do that… but in style. Magical Ranged DPS are those characters who have spent much of their lives trying to push the limit of what is possible in the mortal realm and many of them are just a little unhinged. Normalcy is overrated, anyway, so why even bother hiding it?

Male Avatar

Scholasticate Graduate by Lib'ra Jarilo from the Brynhildr server is the best way to show off the fact that your character more than knows his way around the library – he might even own it. He’s probably forgotten more about esoteric magic than you’ve ever thought to learn, meaning that you never know what sorts of tricks he might call down from the sky on your opponents. If you want a glamour that’ll tell others to sleep with one eye open, this is it.

Female Avatar

Consider the following: you hear a giggle in the middle of battle, and at first, you don’t notice anything too odd about it. But then, all the hairs on the back of your neck raise, the atmospheric pressure around you drops, and suddenly, all you want to do is get away from whatever is making that noise. Moments later, the opponent in front of you catches fire and screams as esoteric magic burns them to a crisp from the inside out. If you’re looking for a glamour set that allows you to be cute while also showing that you’re extremely dangerous, then Shadow Mage by Liviana Erdene from the Midgardsormr server is the best choice you can make for your character’s image.


As mentioned, there are hundreds of other gear pieces that can be used to give you a Christmas outfit, a Halloween outfit, an outfit for Easter… in most cases, the world of your imagination really is your oyster when it comes to glamour sets. The ones mentioned above are all available without buying anything from The Mog Station (the FFXIV store), although you will still need an accountto access even these in-game glamours. 


If you go to the Mog Station, you’ll have access to additional gear so long as you’re willing to pay real human dollars (rather than FFXIV Gil in-game). Also, if you’re not feeling any of the glamours mentioned here today, that’s fine, too – mix and match what you can find, use the Eorzea Collection as a reference if needed, and let your imagination soar.

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