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FFXIV Jobs & Leveling

  • Rogue Leveling Guide

    FFXIV Rogue Leveling Guide

    The Rogue is one of the more complex jobs in FFXIV, this guide will hopefully make things a little less painful. We'll go over the following in this a […]
  • FFXIV Weaver Levelling Guide

    FFXIV Weaver Leveling Guide

    As one of the best MMORPGs out there, Final Fantasy XIV garners millions of active players every day. The game offers players a lot of content to expl […]
  • FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide

    FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide

    Most of Final Fantasy XIV’s classes tend to follow the same route on how to level up their characters. Almost every job in this MMO requires gam […]
  • FFXIV Glamours

    FFXIV: The Best Glamours for Every Role

    One of the great perks of the world-renowned, award-winning massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (insert rest of the copypasta) Final Fantas […]
  • FFXIV White Mage Guide

    FFXIV White Mage Guide

    Have you been looking to become an FFXIV White Mage? Then the following guide will provide you with an insight into what you need to know. If you want […]
  • FFXIV Astrologian Guide

    FFXIV Astrologian Guide

    Final Fantasy XIV has many classes that gamers can try out once they enter the world of Eorzea. However, only a few jobs are unique as the famed Astro […]
  • FFXIV Dragoon Guide

    FFXIV Dragoon Rotation & Best in Slot Items

    The Dragoon is one of the game's most popular classes due to its high DPS role and the amount of damage it can unleash during boss fights. Due to the […]
  • The Easiest FFXIV Classes and Jobs

    The Easiest FFXIV Classes and Jobs for Beginners

    The FFXIV community has been booming thanks to the release of the new expansion, Endwalker. As such, new players trickling in to find out what the fus […]
  • FFXIV Bard

    FFXIV Bard Guide

    Content What Is A Bard? How To Unlock Bard? Gear And Materia Important Quests How To Play Bard? Weapon Skill Abilities Role Actions Job M […]
  • FFXIV Reaper and Sage

    FFXIV Reaper and Sage Guide

    Endwalker became a massive hit after its release. The latest expansion featured great content, from epic storylines to robust new jobs. The Reaper and […]
  • FFXIV Races

    FFXIV All Races and Stats

    Final Fantasy XIV offers gamers an ever-expanding world filled with a lot of content and features. Like many MMOs, FFXIV allows players to role-play a […]
  • FFXIV Relic Weapons

    FFXIV Best Relic Weapons

    In Final Fantasy XIV, players spend the majority of their time fighting ancient foes and defeating celestial beings through various instances such as […]

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