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FFXIV Weaver Leveling Guide

FFXIV Weaver Levelling Guide

As one of the best MMORPGs out there, Final Fantasy XIV garners millions of active players every day. The game offers players a lot of content to explore. From fighting celestial beings to crafting your own items, the popular MMO will provide a fun experience to anyone. One of the core features that fans enjoy very much is Trade Skills, especially regarding Weaving.

FFXIV Weaving

This trade skill is one of the most popular Crafting jobs in FFXIV, and for a good reason. The profession provides players and the marketplace with thousands of high-quality light armor and accessories. Those who have reached the max level of this skill have generated tons of profit from creating the best items and selling them.

As Weavers level up, they gain more access to recipes for crafting better high-quality light armor and accessories. With the max Weaving rank being at 90, gamers might find it intimidating to reach the pinnacle of this trade skill. Fortunately, leveling up this profession is not impossible.

How to Start Weaving?

Before players start their journey as craftsmen in this profession, they will have to be initiated in the Weaver's Guild first. However, Weavers will need to be at least level 10 in the Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic to make them eligible for the guild. It would be a good idea to level up a bit before starting the quests to become a Weaver.

Gamers need to locate the Guild's Receptionist, Maronne, in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal. To obtain their starting gear, aspiring Weavers will have to finish two initiation quests: "Way of the Weaver" and "My First Needle" to get their starting gear. Later on, players should accept the Redolent Rose's quests to fully jumpstart their career in this profession.

Basic Information about Weaving

The majority of the experience for this trade skill will be obtained from quests and levequests. Ideally, players should just focus on Trade Skill quests provided by the guild until they reach level 10. Once they hit this milestone, then they can start doing levequests.

Weaver has one of the easiest to acquire materials in all Crafting classes. The components for their recipes can all be reached via essential gathering. It is ideal for putting in some levels in the Botanist and Miner professions since Weavers will be relying on the ingredients these trade skills can gather. It is highly encouraged to pick items in bulk to save more time.

Unfortunately, processing Weaver crafts can be tedious since each item requires multi-step crafting. While Weaving only requires basic materials, these ingredients need to be processed into more complex materials before craftsmen can start turning them into the desired gear. This multi-stage crafting adds more time to the processing time of equipment.

Fortunately, all the hard work in these complicated processing steps is very profitable. While Weavers need clothes and their complex ingredients for crafting, they can opt to sell these materials to other crafters and professionals. These items sell consistently since many gamers also need them to make their own gear. However, it is advised that Weavers should only sell surplus materials that they no longer need.

The most important thing to remember about Weaving is that, at the end-game stage, it becomes one of the most profitable trade skills in FFXIV. Aside from making light armor and accessories, Weavers can also craft rare cosmetic items. These things are prevalent for Glamour, which many players tend to focus on in the latter phases of the MMO.

Note: Characters get a 3% EXP bonus in their activities when they are well-fed, so players need to make sure they are stacked on food.

Recommended Gear

The appropriate gear at certain level brackets ensures that crafters make the most out of their activities. Weaver items can increase their craftmanship, control, or both, essential attributes for their profession. Here is the recommended equipment per bracket:

Level 11 to 30

  • Primary Tool – Rusty Needle
  • Head – Amateur's Headgear
  • Body – Cotton Kurta
  • Hands – Amateur's Smithing Gloves
  • Legs – Amateur's Slops
  • Feet – Amateur's Thighboots
  • Necklace – Copper Choker

Level 30 to 50

  • Primary Tool – Bat Fang Needle
  • Head – Velveteen Beret
  • Hands – Velveteen Shortgloves
  • Feet – Velveteen Gaiters
  • Bracelet – Silver Wristlets of Crafting
  • Earrings – Fang Earrings
  • Necklace – Silver Choker
  • Ring – Silver Ring of Crafting

Level 40 to 50

  • Primary Tool – Wolf Fang Needle
  • Secondary Tool – Mahogany Spinning Wheel
  • Earrings – Red Coral Earrings

Level 50 to 60

  • Primary Tool – Mythril Needle
  • Head – Holy Rainbow Wedge Cap
  • Body – Holy Rainbow Coatee
  • Hands – Holy Rainbow Gloves
  • Legs – Holy Rainbow Bottoms
  • Feet – Holy Rainbow Shoes
  • Bracelet – Holy Cedar Armillae
  • Earrings – Yeti Fang Earrings
  • Ring – Holy Cedar Ring

Level 60 to 70

  • Primary Tool – Bombfish Needle
  • Secondary Tool – Larch Spinning Wheel
  • Head – Ruby Cotton Cap
  • Body – Ruby Cotton Coatee
  • Hands – Gyuki Leather Gloves of Crafting
  • Legs – Ruby Cotton Bottoms
  • Feet – Gyuki Leather Shoes
  • Bracelet – Larch Bracelets
  • Earrings – Larch Earrings
  • Necklace – Larch Necklace
  • Ring – Larch Ring

Level 70 to 80

  • Primary Tool – Stonegold Needle
  • Secondary Tool – White Oak Spinning Wheel
  • Head – Brightlinen Turban of Crafting
  • Body – Brightlinen Doublet Vest of Crafting
  • Hands – Smilodonskin Gloves of Crafting
  • Legs - Brightlinen Bottoms of Crafting
  • Feet – Smilodonskin Shoes of Crafting
  • Bracelet – White Oak Ring
  • Earrings – White Oak Earrings
  • Necklace – White Oak Necklace
  • Ring – White Oak Ring

Level 80 to 90

  • Primary Tool – Dwarven Mythril Needle
  • Secondary Tool – Lignum Vitae Spinning Wheel
  • Head – Dwarven Cotton Beret
  • Body – Dwarven Cotton Jacket
  • Hands –Swallowskin Fingerless Gloves
  • Legs – Dwarven Cotton Trousers
  • Feet – Swallowskin Shoes
  • Bracelet – Dwarven Mythril Bracelets
  • Earrings – Dwarven Mythril Earrings
  • Necklace – Dwarven Mythril Necklace
  • Ring – Dwarven Mythril Ring

Weaver 1-90 Leveling Guide

Level 1 to 11

Most of the Weaver's exp will come from quests rather than crafting items. It is good to do all the available missions in the Steps of Thal. Here are the tasks that gamers should aim to complete:

  • Way of the Weaver (Level 1) -
  • My First Needle (Level 1) - requires Hempen Yarn
  • Once More unto the Breeches (Level 5) - requires 3 Hempen Breeches
  • Alternative Applications (Level 10) - requires 12 Undyed Hempen Cloth

Here are the recipes for each item:

  • Hempen Yarn
  • Lightning Shard x1
  • Moko Grass x2
  • Hempen Breeches
  • Lightning Shard x1
  • Wind Shard x1
  • Undyed Hempen Cloth x1
  • Hempen Yarn x1
  • Leather x1
  • Undyed Hempen Cloth
  • Lightning Shard x1
  • Hempen Yard x2

From level 5 onwards, players should keep doing Redolent Rose's quests until they reach 11.

Level 11 to 50

At this stage, meeting the Levemete, Eustace, to accept Levequests. Here are the missions that Weavers should start doing:

  • Keep It Under Wraps (Level 10) - requires Cotton Turban
  • Don't Throw So Hard (Level 15) - requires Initiate's Slops
  • New Shoes, New Me (Level 20) - requires Cotton Dress Shoes
  • Hitting Below the Belt (Level 20) x3 – requires Cotton Breeches of Crafting
  • He's Got Legs (Level 30) x3 – requires Velveteen Sarouel
  • By The Short Hairs (Level 30) x2 – requires Velveteen Robe
  • Crunching the Numbers (Level 35) x3 – requires Linen Hat
  • Party Animals (Level 40) x2 – requires Linen Deerstalker
  • Glad as a Hatter (level 45) - requires Woolen Smock
  • Seeing it Through the End (level 45) x3 – requires Felt Hat

Here are the recipes for each item in this bracket:

  • Cotton Turban
  • Undyed Cotton Cloths x3
  • Initiate’s Slops
  • Undyed Cotton Cloths x2
  • Cotton Yarn x1
  • Beast Sinew x1
  • Cotton Dress Shoes
  • Undyed Cotton Cloths x2
  • Cotton Yarn x1
  • Rubber x1
  • Cotton Breeches of Crafting
  • Undyed Cotton Cloths x2
  • Cotton Yarn x1
  • Leather x1
  • Velveteen Sarouel
  • Undyed Velveteen x1
  • Dew Thread x1
  • Aldgoat Leather x1
  • Beast Sinew x1
  • Velveteen Robe
  • Undyed Velveteen x3
  • Dew Threads x2
  • Silver Ingot x1
  • Linen Hat
  • Undyed Linens x2
  • Linen Yarn x1
  • Crow Feather x1
  • Linen Deerstalker </li
  • Undyed Linen x1
  • Undyed Velveteen x1
  • Linen Yarn x2
  • Woolen Smock
  • Undyed Woolen Cloths x2
  • Undyed Linen x1
  • Woolen Yarn x1
  • Lanolin x1
  • Felt Hat
  • Undyed Felts x2
  • Woolen Yarn x1
  • Wildfowl Feather x1
  • Electrum Ingot x1

When gamers find that they are not yet at rank 50 after finishing the "Seeing it Through the End" quests, they should go back to the Weaver's Guild and keep accepting missions from Redolent Rose. At level 50, they should take the "The Social Knitwork" quest but avoid doing it for the time being.

Level 50 to 60

At this phase, quests and levequests won't be enough to take Weavers to the next bracket. They will have to craft items outside jobs to compensate for the missing exp. Here are the several craftable pieces that gamers should make:

  • Patrician's Wedge Cap
  • Undyed Felts x2
  • Woolen Yarn x1
  • Linen Yarn x2
  • Electrum Ingot x1
  • Patrician's Coatee
  • Undyed Felts x2
  • Woolen Yarns x2
  • Linen Yarn x1
  • Electrum Ingot x1
  • Patrician's Bottoms
  • Undyed Felts x1
  • Undyed Woolen Cloth x1
  • Woolen Yarn x1
  • Linen Yarn x1
  • Electrum Ingot x1
  • Patrician's Gloves
  • Undyed Felts x2
  • Woolen Yarn x1
  • Linen Yarn x1
  • Patrician's Gaiters
  • Undyed Felts x2
  • Woolen Yarn x1
  • Linen Yarn x1
  • Rubber x1
  • Holy Rainbow Cloth
  • Rainbow Cloth x1
  • Holy Water x2

Here are the quests that Weavers should accomplish within this bracket:

  • An Account of My Boots (Level 52) x3 – requires Holy Rainbow Shoes
  • Clothing the Naked Truth (Level 54) - Ramie Robe of Casting
  • Investing in the Future (Level 56) x3 – Hallowed Ramie Doublet of Aiming

Here are the ingredients for each item:

  • Holy Rainbow Shoes
  • Holy Rainbow x2
  • Cloths x1
  • Rainbow Thread x1
  • Mythrite Nugget x1
  • Rubber x1
  • Ramie Robe of Casting
  • Ramie Cloths x3
  • Dhalmel Leather x1
  • Ramie Thread x1
  • Rose Gold Nugget x1
  • Hallowed Ramie Doublet of Aiming
  • Hallowed Ramie Cloths x3
  • Dhalmel Leather x1
  • Opal x1
  • Grade 1 Dexterity Dissolvents x2

While in this bracket, gamers can now complete "The Social Knitwork" quest. Players should just keep doing missions until they reach level 60, which allows them to accept the "Never Leave Without a Goodbye" quest.

Level 60 to 70

At this point, Weavers should locate Keltraeng and accept levequests from this NPC. Here are the missions that gamers should complete:

  • Apparent Apparel (Level 62) x2 – requires Kudzu Tunic of Striking
  • To the Tops (Level 66) x2 – requires Serge Gambison of Healing

Here are the ingredients for each item:

  • Kudzu Tunic of Striking
  • Kudze Cloth x3
  • Gyuki Leather x1
  • Koppranickel Ingot x1
  • Ruby Cotton Yarn x1
  • Grade 1 Reisui of Strength x2
  • Serge Gambison of Healing
  • Steppe Serge x3
  • Marid Leather x1
  • Worsted Yarn x1
  • Durium Nugget x1
  • Grade 1 Reisui of Mind x2

Players should also do the last set of quests from Redolent Rose to help reach level 70. After getting this rank, the "Send Me An Angel" quest should be completed.

Level 70 to 80

By this point, gamers will notice no more class-specific quests available for their characters. The primary source of exp here comes from levequests and the Crystarium. This area hosts "The Crystalline Mean," a small gathering spot for certain NPCs. This zone can be accessed by finishing a quest with the same name.

Weavers should accept missions for the "Facet of Crafting." However, these quests are shared with the Carpenter and Leatherworker classes. This point means that once players have done these tasks in one profession, they can no longer do them in the other.

There are still some levequests that gamers can do to help boost the exp received. Here are some missions available from the local Levemete, Eirikur:

  • Hunting Season (Level 74) x4 – requires Pixie Cotton Hat of Striking
  • All-Purpose Overgarments (Level 76) x3 – requires Ovim Wool Tunic of Aiming
  • Healing Headwear (Level 78) x3 – requires Dwarven Cotton Petasos of Healing

Here are the recipes for each item

  • Pixie Cotton Hat of Striking
  • Pixie Cotton x2
  • Atrociraptor Leather x1
  • Wildfowl Feather x2
  • Rainbow Thread x1
  • Grade 1 Strength Aklahest x1
  • Ovim Wool Tunic of Aiming
  • Ovim Wool x3
  • Titanbronze Nugget x1
  • Hardsilver Nuggest x1
  • Star Sapphire x1
  • Grade 1 Strength Alkahest x2
  • Dwarven Cotton Petasos of Healing
  • Dwarven Cotton x2
  • Sea Swallow Leather x1
  • Halgai Mane x1
  • Grade 1 Mind Alkahest x1

Level 80 to 90

At this point, players will rely on several things to level up to 90. These tasks are more complicated than their usual quests since some of them can only be done once a day or once per job. Here are the activities that Weavers should take part in:

  • Grand Company Deliveries – can only be done once a day
  • Custom Deliveries – can be done 12 per week
  • Collectables – provides the most considerable bulk of Weaving exp
  • Levequests – great alternative to Collectables
  • Sharlayan Quests – has easy quests for bonus exp
  • Crafting Items

Upon hitting level 90, gamers can now ease up on grinding quests. Players that have reached the max rank can now make every Weaving craftable available. Hardcore Weavers tend to focus on creating Glamour cosmetics since they yield a decent profit.

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