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FFXIV Mining Ore Location

FFXIV Mining Ore Location

Aside from killing monsters and defeating celestial beings, Final Fantasy XIV offers other content that gamers can explore. Gathering is one of the main features of the popular MMORPG, which gives players a more peaceful alternative activity to running dungeons. Two of the most prominent gathering contents that adventurers can engage in are Botany and Mining.

Mining is considered one of the most lucrative activities in Final Fantasy. Ores gathered from this activity are typically used for crafting equipment for Paladin, Dark Knight, and Warrior classes. Due to the number of jobs that use heavy armor and steel weapons, the materials gathered from mining are very important to crafters like Blacksmiths.

Whether leveling up their Mining Level or gathering materials to sell, adventurers should consult guides that will help them locate ore veins or large nodes. Knowing where specific ores are found can help miners reduce the time they will use looking for minerals. Here are some of the most commonly known mining locations:

Mining Ores Locations

Northern Thanalan

  • Camp Bluefrog (N) - Grenade Ash
  • Bluefrog – Basilisk Egg, Cobalt Ore, Adamantoise Shell, Ogre Horn
  • Central Thanalan
  • Four Sisters – Bone Chip, Wind Shard, Lightning Shard
  • Stonesthrow – Muddy Water, Copper Ore, Wind Shard, Lightning Shard
  • Royal Allagan Starway – Tin Ore, Zinc Ore, Soiled Femur, Lightning Shard
  • Western Thanalan – Rock Salt, Ragstone, Lightning Shard

Western Thanalan

  • Gate of Sultana – Muddy Water, Copper Ore, Fire Shard, Water Shard
  • The East Hammer – Tin Ore, Zinc Ore, Soiled Femur, Water Shard, Obsidian
  • Copperbell Mines – Water Shard, Iron Ore
  • Horizon – Iron Shard, Cinnabar, Copper Sand, Water Shard
  • Nophicas Wells – Water Crystal, Blue Pigment, Grade 2 Carbonized Matter

Eastern Thanalan

  • Royal Allagan Sunway – Alumen, Fire Shard, Raw Malachite, Raw Flourite
  • Thal’s Respite – Fire Shard
  • Wellwick Wood – Red Pigment, Grade 2 Carbonized Matter, Fire Crystal
  • Thal’s Respite – Wyvern Obsidian
  • Camp Drybone (N) - Raw Amber, Raw Rubelite

Southern Thanalan

  • Broken Water – Lightning Crystal, Purple Pigment, Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
  • East of Forgotten Springs – Bomb Ash, Silex
  • Burnt Lizard Creek – Mythril Sand
  • Sagoili Desert (S) – Raw Heliodor, Mythril Ore

Upper La Noscea

  • Thalaos – Earth Shard, Fire Rock, Lightning Rock, Water Rock
  • Oakwood – Brimstone, Siltstone
  • Camp Bronzelake (S) - Raw Turquoise, Electrum Ore
  • Camp Bronzelake (W) - Electrum Sand

Lower La Noscea

  • Cedarwood – Earth Shard, Raw Sunstone
  • Blind Iron Mines – Earth Crystal, Yellow Pigment, Brown Pigment, Grade 2 Carbonized Matter

Western La Noscea

  • Satasha – Sunrise Tellin, Ice Shard, Raw Danburite
  • Aleport – Mudstone, Ice Shard
  • The Flock – Ice Shard, Grey Pigment, Grade 2 Carbonized Matter

Eastern La Noscea

  • Costa Del Sol (N) – Raw Garnet, Raw Goshenite, Raw Aquamarine

Middle La Noscea

  • Three-malm Bend – Grade 1 Carbonized Matter, Fire Shard

North Shroud

  • The Hedgetree – Earth Shard, Raw Sphene

South Shroud

  • Upper Paths – Ice Shard, Effervescent Water, Silver Ore
  • Quarrymill – Ice Shard, Earth Rock, Silver Sand, Ice Rock, Wind Rock
  • Silent Arbor – Raw Tourmaline, Raw Spinel, Black Alumen

East Shroud

  • Little Solace – Wind Crystal, Green Pigment, Grade 2 Carbonized Matter

Central Shroud

  • Sorrel Haven – Raw Amethyst, Raw Peridot


  • Dragonhead – Raw Zircon, Jade
  • Coerthas Western Highliands – Yellow Copper Ore


  • The Churning Mists – Yellow Quartz, Green Quartz. Fossilized Dragon Bone (Landlord Colony), Tekrite (Landlord Colony)
  • Dravanian Forelands – Pyrite, Limonite, Chalcocite
  • Dravanian Hinterlands – Light Kidney Ore, Cuprite
  • Abalathia’s Spine
  • Sea of Clouds – Abalathian Rock Salt, Red Quartz

Gyr Abania

  • The Fringes – Gyr Abanian Alumen, Starcrack Sand, Cotter Dynasty Relic Wind Crystal, Gyr Abanian Water, Raw Kyanite, Harpoon Head
  • The Lochs – Molybdenum Ore, Ice Crystal, Hard Place Furnishing Materials
  • The Peaks – Yellow Kudzu Root, Peaks Pigment, Earth Crystal, Koppranickel Sand, Stiperstone, Slate, Pinch of Active Ingredients


  • Ahm Araeng – Yellow Alumen, Coarse Saltpeter, Animal Trace, Wind Crystal, Titancopper Sand, Dimythrite Sand
  • Il Mheg – Highland Spring Water, Megafauna Leftovers, Water Crystal, Truegold Ore
  • Kholusia – Truegold Sand, Hard Mudstone, Fire Crystal, Volcanic Tuff, Black Aethersand
  • Lakeland – Lightning Crystal, Bluespirit Ore, Animal Droppings, Underground Spring Water, Titancopper Ore, Dimythrite Ore
  • The Rak’tika Greatwood – Manasilver Sand, Water Crystal, Extra Effervescent Water, Megafauna

The World Unsundered

  • Elpis – Elpis Staple, Manganese Ore, Fire Crystal, Ambrosial Water, Annite, Raw Blue Zircon


  • Garlemald – Eblan Alumen, Garlean Staple, Phrygian Golde Ore, Lightning Crystal
  • Thavnair – Hannish Staple, Pewter Ore, Ice Crystal, High Durium Ore

The Northern Empty

  • Labyrinthos – Chloroschist, Eternity Ring Material, High Durium Sand, Water Crystal, Raw Ametrine, Sharlayan Rock Salt


  • Ruby Sea – Diatomite, Water Crystal, Shisui Jewel, Koppranickel Ore, Feather Iron Ore, Sparkstone
  • The Azim Steppe – Steppe Rock Salt, Flat Stone, Steppe Clay, Skystone, Lightning Crystal, Pure White Silex, Steppe Copper Ore, Steppe Whetstone, Steppe Obsidian, Steppe Geode, Steppe Cinnabar, Steppe Soapstone, Steppe Mudstone Whetstone, Mondite, Steppe Coal, Steppe Mica, Steppe Spring Water, Durium Sand, Doman Iron Sand, Palladium Sand, Strong Steppe Spice
  • Yanxia – Doman Iron Ore, Crescent Spring Water, Fire Crystal, Malleable Still Material, Durium Ore, Serpentine

This guide details most, if not all, of the commonly found materials throughout Eorzea. Some ores like rare topsoils are not included, but these minerals are generally located in one specific area. For miners who are just searching for commonly used materials, this information will help them save time.

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