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FFXIV Crafting & Gathering

  • FFXVI Mining Guide

    FFXIV Mining Leveling Guide

    Content Why is Mining Important? Why Should Players Level Mining? How to Start Mining? Recommended Gearsets 1-90 Mining Guide 1-25 25-50 […]
  • Alchemist Leveling Guide

    Final Fantasy XIV Alchemist Leveling Guide

    Content What is Alchemy? How to be an Alchemist? Recommended Gear Level 21 to 50 Level 50 to 60 Level 60 to 70 Level 70 to 80 Level 80 to […]
  • FFXIV Mining Ore Location

    FFXIV Mining Ore Location

    Aside from killing monsters and defeating celestial beings, Final Fantasy XIV offers other content that gamers can explore. Gathering is one of the ma […]
  • FFXIV Gardening Leveling Guide

    FFXIV Gardening Leveling Guide

    If you take up FFXIV Gardening, you'll receive a lot of benefits; from crafting mats, to items, to just flowers that look pretty. That being said, to […]
  • FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide

    FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide 1-60

    Being a Carpenter in FFXIV revolves around crafting, using many wooden items and more to make the likes of polearms, wooden shields, furniture, crafti […]
  • FFXIV Botany Guide

    FFXIV Botanist Leveling Guide 1-90

    The world of Eorzea is full of fun things to do. Players will find so much content to explore in the game from slaying celestial bosses to raiding dun […]
  • FFXIV Crafting and Gathering Guide

    FFXIV Crafting and Gathering Guide 1-90

    If you’ve been looking to get your crafting skill up to 80, there are many activities for you to do. In this FFXIV crafting guide, we will be lo […]
  • FFXIV Fishing Guide

    FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide 1-80

    There’s an axiom that whenever there’s an RPG, there will be a fishing mini-game. While Final Fantasy XIV isn’t a complete RPG &ndas […]

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