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Warframe Farming

  • Neurodes

    Warframe Neurodes Farm Guide

    Some resources in Warframe seem to pop up everywhere: Rubedo, Salvage, Ferrite—it isn’t challenging to gather them in the tens of thousand […]
  • Warframe Argon Crystal

    Warframe Argon Crystal Farm

    Warframe has a lot of materials that players need to farm to improve their sets and weapons. One of the rarest and most valuable resources is the Argo […]
  • Warframe Focus Farming

    Warframe Focus Farming

    Aside from having powerful frames and deadly weapons, many other aspects of the game can influence the progression of a Tenno. The Five Great Tenno Sc […]
  • Warframe Orokin Farm

    Warframe Orokin Cell Farm Guide

    Warframe is a fun and thrilling game, especially when players can craft and use tons of weapons and frames. However, these items need Orokin cells to […]
  • Void Traces

    How to Get Void Traces in Warframe

    Void Traces are one of the essential resources in Warframe. They play a crucial part in the steps involved in acquiring new Warframes and weapons in t […]
  • Warframe Endos

    Warframe Endo Farm

    From the very start of the game, players are encouraged to save up all Endos they collect during their many incursions. Warframe forums would always d […]
  • Warframe Plastids Farming

    Warframe Plastids Farming

    Veteran Tenos would be very much familiar with the materials known as Warframe Plastids. New players might overlook the importance of these ingredient […]

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