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Oxium Farm Guide


Oxium is a unique crafting material in the Warframe universe, which is vital for creating various items in the game. However, this resource is hard to come by, making it a rare but essential ingredient. Understanding the significance of Oxium and knowing how to obtain it efficiently is important for gear progression.

What is Oxium?

Oxium is something that can only be normally found in small quantities. A direct effort to farm it is often necessary, which can involve targeting specific missions and enemies. To understand the importance of this material, all Warframe players should be familiar with this valuable resource and its uses. Here are the things you can craft with Oxium:

  • Warframes - Players can access some of the game's most dynamic and powerful Warframes by crafting them with Oxium. Here are some of the most popular frames you can make with this material:
    • Vauban Prime
    • Zephyr & Zephyr Prime
  • Weapons - Many advanced weapons in the game require Oxium as a primary crafting component. Here are some of the most popular Weapons you can create with alloy:
    • Grattler
    • Kulstar
    • Corvas
  • Archwings and Components - Oxium plays a role in crafting Archwings and their respective components, giving players a competitive edge in aerial battles. Here are some of the most popular Archwing and Component you can make with this material:
    • Odonata Prime Systems
    • Itzal
  • Dojo Research - Clans in Warframe also benefit from Oxium. Dojos have specific research projects that require this rare alloy.

Oxium Ospreys

Resource farming can be quite an ordeal, especially if you are stocking up on Oxium. The only mob that drops this essential material is the Oxium Ospreys, which is why it is a rare resource. These flying mechs are specialized Corpus drones that float above the ground. They are characterized by their light blue coloring and distinct mechanical chirps. Their elusive nature and tendency to self-destruct make them a challenging target. However, if you want to increase your supply of Oxium, you will be forced to farm these agile mechs.

Best Oxium Farming Locations

There are specific spots renowned for their abundant Oxium drops. If you want to maximize your output per run, these are the best places to go to farm:

  • Galatea, Neptune: This Capture mission is considered the best mission to farm Oxium. The post-capture phase sees a surge in Oxium Osprey spawns, providing ample farming opportunities.
  • Baal, Europa: This Mobile Defense mission is another decent hotspot if you want less challenge. The prolonged nature of the mission ensures you encounter a good number of Oxium Ospreys.
  • Io, Jupiter: This Defense mission provides consistent Oxium Osprey spawns while also being casual enough to let players have a chill time grinding. It's less intense than other spots, making it great for beginners who have only started farming.

Best Warframes for Efficient Oxium Farming in Warframe

Acquiring Oxium in Warframe is quite a grindy ordeal. However, choosing the right Warframe can significantly boost your Oxium farming efficiency. Here are the top Warframes that can help you amass Oxium with ease:


  • Key Ability: Desecrate
  • Reason: Nekros's Desecrate ability allows slain enemies to drop additional loot. When Oxium Ospreys are defeated, using Desecrate can lead to extra Oxium drops, enhancing your farming rate.


  • Key Ability: Tentacle Swarm with Pilfering Swarm augment
  • Reason: Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm, especially when paired with the Pilfering Swarm augment, ensures that enemies caught by the tentacles have an increased drop rate. This ability is beneficial for capturing and defeating multiple Oxium Ospreys in one sweep.


  • Key Ability: Strangledome
  • Reason: Khora's Strangledome ability captures and damages enemies within its radius. This makes Oxium Ospreys easier targets, but it can increase loot drop chances when paired with certain mods, maximizing Oxium yields.


  • Key Ability: Prowl
  • Reason: Ivara's Prowl ability allows her to pickpocket enemies, including Oxium from Oxium Ospreys. While a more passive approach, it's a stealthy method for players who prefer sneaky tactics.

Choosing the Best Weapons for Oxium Farming in Warframe

Acquiring Oxium efficiently in Warframe goes beyond going to the locations and using the most suitable Warframes, as wielding the right weapons will also boost your output per run. The Oxium Ospreys can be elusive and fast, so using the best guns and melee items can ensure you can take them down quickly. Here are the best weapons to ensure your farming sessions are optimal:

Ignis Wraith

  • Features: The Ignis Wraith is a powerful flamethrower that boasts a wide area of effect, ensuring you can easily take down multiple Ospreys.
  • Why Use It: Its ability to clear large groups of enemies makes it a prime choice for farming sessions where Ospreys are abundant.


  • Features: This electric chain laser can link to nearby enemies, dealing damage rapidly.
  • Why Use It: Its chaining capability ensures you can target and eliminate Oxium Ospreys even in a cluster with other enemies.

Arca Plasmor

  • Features: A shotgun that emits a wide energy pulse, Arca Plasmor can hit multiple foes in a single shot.
  • Why Use It: The weapon's broad range ensures Oxium Ospreys are caught in its blast, making it a reliable choice for close-quarters combat.


  • Features: This whip boasts high slash damage, ideal for slicing through enemy armor.
  • Why Use It: With the right mods, the Atterax can efficiently mow down groups of Oxium Ospreys, ensuring you collect Oxium at an optimal rate.

Soma Prime

  • Features: Renowned for its high rate of fire and critical chance, the Soma Prime is a versatile assault rifle.
  • Why Use It: Its rapid-fire capability ensures that Oxium Ospreys are quickly taken down before they can escape or self-destruct.

Tips for Farming Oxium

  • Prioritize Oxium Ospreys - Always be on the lookout for Oxium Ospreys and look for their distinct appearance and sound during battle. Focus on taking them down once you have seen them spawn.
  • Maintain Distance - Oxium Ospreys have a kamikaze attack, which can deny your loot. To ensure you get the Oxium drop, try eliminating them from a distance before they can self-destruct.
  • AoE Weapons Are Key - Equip weapons with wide damage effects. This ensures you can swiftly target and eliminate multiple Oxium Ospreys, especially when they cluster in groups.
  • Engage in High Spawn Missions - Select missions with high enemy spawn rates, such as Defense, Interception, or Survival. The more enemies that appear, the more Oxium Ospreys you'll likely encounter.
  • Team Up - Farming in squads can be more productive. Grouping up with other players can increase the enemy spawn rate, boosting the chances of encountering Oxium Ospreys.
  • Stay Alert for Special Missions - Periodically, Warframe features alerts or invasions teeming with Oxium Ospreys. Participating in these missions can lead to significant Oxium hauls.

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