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Warframe Guides

Warframe Tips & Tricks

  • warframe crosssave

    Warframe To Release Cross Save In January

    Warframe celebrates its 11th year in the games industry as a successful free-to-play game with the release of its major expansion, Whispers in the Wal […]
  • warfraeme witw

    What To Expect in Warframe: Whispers in the Walls

    Tennocon 2023 has been a big event for Warframe fans, with DE announcing two whole expansions simultaneously. Warframe’s upcoming content update […]
  • Warframe Newbie Progression Guide

    Warframe Progression Guide for New Players

    Warframe Newbies' Guide to Progression Warframe is a free-to-play expansive third-person shooter MMO. You take the role of a Tenno, an Operator with […]

Warframe Mods

  • Warframe mods

    Warfrane Mods Guide

    The world of Warframe modding can be intimidating to enter—it features some of the most complicated customization options out of any game. With […]
  • Warframe Mods

    Warframe Best Mods

    Anybody who’s been playing Warframe for more than a few hours can tell you that progression in this game is all about mods. There’s no lev […]
  • Amps

    The Best 7 Amps in Warframe

    As one of the best hack-n-slash games out there, Warframe relies on improving the power and capabilities of its weapons and operators. These involve a […]

Warframe Weapons

  • Melee Weapons Warframe

    Best Melee Weapons Warframe

    There are tons of weapons that players can use to help them during their incursions into various planets. While Tenos can have varying primary weapons […]
  • Zaw

    Warframe Zaw Guide and Best Zaw Builds

    With hundreds of melee weapons to choose from, Warframe has quite a selection regarding how you want to slice, dice, and bash your enemies. But what a […]
  • Primary Weapons Warframe

    Best Primary Weapon Warframe

    A Teno’s weapon is the most powerful tool on his belt. Players can equip three armaments at the same time, which are categorized as primary, sec […]

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Warframe Farming

  • warframe gauss prime

    Warframe Gauss Prime Farm: How to Get All Gauss Prime Relics

    Everyone loves fast Warframes with excellent shields, which is why many players want Gauss Prime. The primed variant gives the already overpowered Gau […]
  • Warframe Plastids Farming

    Warframe Plastids Farming

    Veteran Tenos would be very much familiar with the materials known as Warframe Plastids. New players might overlook the importance of these ingredient […]
  • Warframe Endos

    Warframe Endo Farm

    From the very start of the game, players are encouraged to save up all Endos they collect during their many incursions. Warframe forums would always d […]

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