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Warframe Guides

Warframe Mods

  • Amps

    Warframe Best Amp

    As one of the best hack-n-slash games out there, Warframe relies on improving the power and capabilities of its weapons and operators. These involve a […]
  • Warframe Mods

    Warframe Best Mods

    Anybody who’s been playing Warframe for more than a few hours can tell you that progression in this game is all about mods. There’s no lev […]
  • Warframe mods

    Warfrane Mods Guide

    The world of Warframe modding can be intimidating to enter—it features some of the most complicated customization options out of any game. With […]

Warframe Weapons

  • Kitgun

    The Best Kitguns in Warframe

    I look at Kitguns as general-purpose weaponry. They have plenty of added benefits, such as Arcanes that enable them to conjure projectiles that seek, […]
  • Zaw

    Warframe Zaw Guide and Best Zaw Builds

    With hundreds of melee weapons to choose from, Warframe has quite a selection regarding how you want to slice, dice, and bash your enemies. But what a […]
  • Best Secondary Weapons

    Best Secondary Weapons Warframe

    When you are out of bullets and blades can’t just do the job, you need to have a trusty secondary weapon to fall on. In Warframe, you should hav […]

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Warframe Farming

  • Neurodes

    Warframe Neurodes Farm Guide

    Some resources in Warframe seem to pop up everywhere: Rubedo, Salvage, Ferrite—it isn’t challenging to gather them in the tens of thousand […]
  • Warframe Argon Crystal

    Warframe Argon Crystal Farm

    Warframe has a lot of materials that players need to farm to improve their sets and weapons. One of the rarest and most valuable resources is the Argo […]
  • Warframe Focus Farming

    Warframe Focus Farming

    Aside from having powerful frames and deadly weapons, many other aspects of the game can influence the progression of a Tenno. The Five Great Tenno Sc […]

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