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Warframe Argon Crystal Farm

Warframe Argon Crystal

Warframe has a lot of materials that players need to farm to improve their sets and weapons. One of the rarest and most valuable resources is the Argon Crystal. The usage of this item is very complex since Tenos are only given a specific set of times to use it before it decays. Due to its nature and rarity, gamers need to time their farms ideally and know where they can acquire them and this Warframe Argon Crystal Farm guide will help players do just that. 

What are Warframe Argon Crystals?

These Crystals are perhaps one of the most bizarre resources players can get in Warframe. It is one of the most essential materials in the game since you use them to create various frames and weapons. However, you cannot hoard and stock up on them because they have a limited shelf-life. 

Argon Crystals decay over time upon acquisition. Due to being a Void item, bringing them to the regular dimension starts a countdown, which will cause the material to vanish upon depleting the timer. That is why players have to time their farms appropriately and grind for Argon Crystals when they need them.

What do you Warframe Argon Crystals for?

There are several sets that you would want to have some Argons for. These items are considered some of the most unique and strongest gear in the game. Here is the list of some of the most relevant blueprints that use this material:

  • Arcan Titron
  • Dragon Nikana
  • Hydroid Prime Chassis
  • Nekros Prime Chassis
  • Oberon Prime Systems
  • Pandero
  • Trinity Prime Chassis
  • Valkyr Prime Chassis
  • Vauban Prime Chassis
  • Zhuge

Where to farm Warframe Argon Crystals?

Previously, Argon Crystals could only be acquired by entering and doing missions in the Void. However, more ways have been added for players to farm them. Here are the best sources for this precious material:

Ani Void

This mission is most players' most straightforward and accessible survival in the Void quest. The instance is easy since you just have to survive as long as possible. Basically, the primary way for gamers to acquire Argons in this challenge is to kill as many enemies as they can. Each foe has a chance to drop Argon Crystals, so making sure that you clean up the arena optimizes your chances of getting resources. 

Aside from the normal mobs, players should also try to prioritize Argon Pegmatites that wander the area. They have a higher chance of dropping Crystals. This mission is very efficient since Tenos can acquire other valuable resources besides Argons. 

Ukko Void

While it may not be the most lucrative, Ukko is the fastest mission players can undertake. This instance is a capture type, so gamers can quickly clear the level in a minute or two. Unlike survival missions, players farm resources from roaming after completing their objectives in this challenge. There are tons of materials that can be acquired from slaying wandering enemies and random containers. 

The key to doing Ukko is to finish the goals and roams as soon as possible. The aim here is to make multiple runs of this mission type. While it may not drop many Argon Crystals, gamers can still acquire important loot-like relics, making Ukko runs efficient.

Oxomoco Void

Oxocomo is an extermination mission that encourages players to roam and kill enemies. While hunting foes, you can find some containers along the way, which may also drop Argons. However, the primary source of Crystals here will be from killing enemies. Like Ukko, the best way to optimize these missions is to do as many of them as possible. Quickly complete your objectives while roaming so you can go for another run. 

Isolation Deimos

Fortunately for players, Argon Crystals can now be acquired via Isolation missions in Deimos. These types of challenges contain Vaults, which players can open and loot. For every cycle, Tenos can do three at a time, increasing the chances of gamers acquiring Argon Crystals.

The problem with Isolation Vaults is that they become progressively more challenging each time you clear one, so it is ideal for players to use Warframes that are efficient in various types of combat. Fortunately, the process of opening one is the same, so you do not need to worry about doing different things in one instance.


  • Due to their large AoE attacks, Ember and Nova are some of the best Warframes to bring for Extermination missions.
  • It is more efficient to run Survival or Defense missions with a squad. Ideally, having a Nekros and Smeeta Kavat can increase your chances of getting better loot.
  • Aside from the quests mission above, weekly tasks for Ayatan Sculpture also have a decent chance of dropping Argon Crystals.

Time Your Farms

While there are various sources for farming Warframe Argon Crystals, the most essential aspect of grinding them is the timing. Don’t try to collect Argons when you don’t need them since they are a decay timer. Remember, only farm these Crystals when it is the last material you need for a specific blueprint you want to craft.

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