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Complete Warframe Jade Guide: Where and How to Farm Jade Parts

Where and How to Farm Jade Parts


Jade goes live as the 57th Warframe in the game after the Jade Shadows update went live. Jade’s unique song enables her to become a hardcore damage dealer or a reliable support for her squad. While most of us are already used to farming components for our frames, Jade presents a trickier challenge since her part can only be obtained in the new game mode. This guide will show players the best way to farm all Jade Parts available in Warframe. 

Why You Should Get Jade

Jade is primarily considered a Support Warframe but focuses more on offense than recovery or defense. Despite being a support, only one of her abilities provides utility stats to the squad, while the rest are considered attack-oriented or inflict debuffs. While she does not rank highly as a support, the skills in her kit combine well, and her gameplay is exciting because of the combos. Another plus on her kit is that she is the only Warframe that can equip two Aura mods, which can significantly increase her squad’s fighting power. 

The only downside ro playing Jade is that she is pretty squishy. This Warframe should not be in the thick of the battle as she has no defense to tank all incoming attacks. Instead, she should be on the sidelines and running around while providing support and dealing tremendous DPS. 

How to Craft Warframe Jade

Like any Warframe, Jade requires three components to be built. However, you must acquire her primary blueprint first before farming for her components. The most common way to get this is to finish the Jade Shadows questline. It should take 30 to 40 minutes to complete the campaign, and the story is straightforward and narrative-based. So, you should be fine with finishing the whole thing in one go. Alternatively, you can get her Blueprints by using Platinum in the in-game Market, but we highly recommend farming the campaign.

Once you have acquired her primary blueprint, you must grind for the three Jade Parts. She requires the same categories of components as any other Warframe, but you can only get hers from a specific game mode. Here is all the Jade Parts you need to unlock, as well as what you need to craft them:

  • Jade Chassis
    • 15000 Credits
    • 600 Alloy Plate
    • 4000 Nano Spores
    • 1500 Plastids
    • 6 Morphics
  • Jade Systems
    • 15000 Credits
    • 600 Ferrite
    • 600 Plastids
    • 1100 Rubedo
    • 10 Control Module
  • Jade Neuroptics
    • 15000 Credits
    • 1000 Circuits
    • 750 Bundle
    • 3 Neural Sensors
    • 4 Neurodes

Before crafting each component, you must find their schematics by running specific missions. In addition, you gotta ensure you have enough materials to make them. The Crafting Time for each part will take up to 12 hours each, while the main Warframe will require 72 hours. 

Where to Farm Jade Parts

You can get the Jade Parts from farming the newest Warframe Game Mode, Ascension. Each blueprint has a 5% drop chance upon completing each run, so you have an equal chance of getting each. Unfortunately, due to the low drop percentage, you must run this game mode multiple times, which can be quite a hassle. Currently, only Brutus and Uranus offer this type of challenge. Here is the loot table for the Ascension Mode:

  • 3000 Endo: 14%
  • Meso G7 Relic: 8%
  • Meso V9 Relic: 8%
  • Meso W5 Relic: 8%
  • Meso H5 Relic: 8%
  • Meso G6 Relic: 8%
  • Meso W4 Relic: 8%
  • Meso B9 Relic: 8%
  • Jade Chassis Blueprint: 5%
  • Jade Neuroptics Blueprint: 5%
  • Jade Systems Blueprint: 5%
  • Evensong Blueprint: 5%
  • Cantare Blueprint: 5%
  • Harmony Blueprint: 5%

Finishing the whole operation will yield up to 13 Vestigial Motes, which you can use to buy stuff from Ordis in Larunda Relay on Mercury. If you are on the Steel Path, you can receive up to 18. If you don’t get Jade parts from farming Ascension, you can use the looted currency and buy them from the Larunda Relay. Here is everything you can get with Vestigial Motes:

  • Jade Main Blueprint
  • Jade Component Blueprints
  • Harmony Blueprint
  • Cantare Blueprint
  • Evensong Blueprint
  • New Arcanes

It will cost you around 1350 to farm every piece using Vestigial Motes. However, since this serves as the pity system for farming Jade Parts, you shouldn’t solely rely on this method to get the components. You should pick up some blueprints during your runs, significantly reducing the number of Motes you need to complete the set. Here is how much each part would cost:

  • Jade Chassis Blueprint: 150 Vestigial Motes
  • Jade Neuroptics Blueprint: 150 Vestigial Motes
  • Jade Systems Blueprint: 150 Vestigial Motes
  • Jade Blueprint: 450 Vestigial Motes

It should be noted that Vestigial Motes are only awarded during the end of the mission, so you shouldn’t run around actively looking for them. However, you can get additional tokens by killing Sisters of Parvos during each run, yielding an extra five to seven pieces or eight to ten when on the Steel Path.

How to Farm Ascension Mode in Brutus, Uranus

Ascension Mode features three objectives, which you complete in succession. The operation is like a mix of Hijack and Mobile Defense but requires less time. Here are the goals for each run:

  • Defend a Mote Collector for 60 seconds
  • Bring the Extraction Capsule on an elevator ride to the top
  • Escort the Extraction Capsule outside

Each objective will have unique mechanics you must execute to progress the operation. If you do everything efficiently, you can finish everything in about five minutes. Here is how to complete each goal on time:

Mote Collector Objective

This part is simple since you must defend the Mote Collector for a minute. The machine has an HP pool, but since you only have to secure it for 60 seconds, it shouldn’t receive that much damage unless you’re under-leveled. The best way to deal with this is to bring a Warframe with reasonable crowd control so you can ignore most enemies. 

Elevator Objective

The Capsule in this objective doesn’t have an HP bar, so you don’t need to stay near it to protect it. Your main goal is to keep the lift moving by ensuring the Extraction Capsule is always charged. It would help if you went around each floor to collect green Ionic Charges to ensure the machine doesn’t go to zero. 

Each Ionic Charge adds 20 to the Capsule, making recharging the elevator easy. As the machine keeps moving up, you must gather these energy charges on different floors. Do be careful though, because you can fall off on the higher levels Fortunately, you can quickly get back up to the current floor using red jump pads. Once the elevator reaches the last stop, the Extraction Capsule will move on its own to get to the next part. 

Moving the Extraction Capsule

While the Capsule was invulnerable during the elevator phase, the same can’t be said in the last objective. During this part, the goal will be like a Hijack operation so the Extraction Capsule will have an HP pool. You need to ensure that the device’s shield doesn’t drop to zero because it will cause the thing to stop moving entirely. While it will regenerate its shield eventually, it won’t move at all until fully charged.

This is where progression slows because enemy fire can quickly neutralize it. If you want to clear the operation quickly, running with a squad and ensuring you are organized enough to stop the Capsule from taking too much unnecessary damage is best. If you do everything correctly, you should finish everything within five minutes. 

Side Objectives: Sister Beacons

You must ensure that a Sister of Parvos spawns at the top floor to get more Vestigial Emotes. You can do this by locating three Sister Beacons hidden on different platforms. Make sure to check out all floors and pipes so that you won’t miss one. Once you collect all three, a Sister of Parvos will spawn and drop Vestigial Motes on death in Operation modes. If you are on Steel Path, then there is a chance that she will also reward Steel Essence.

Best Warframes to Farm Jade Parts

Generally, the best Warframes for farming Ascension are those with vertical movement and parkour skills. Titania and Wukong should be the best ones to use since they have free flight movements, meaning they decrease the chances of you falling off platforms and wasting time trying to get back on the current floors. Aside from this, Warframes with crowd-control can make the progression easy during the first and third parts of the game. 

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