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Lost Ark Guides

Lost Ark Raids & Dungeons

  • Argos Phase 3

    Argos Phase 3 Guide

    Argos Abyssal Raid Phase 3 requires item level 1400 to enter. This phase of the Raid drops tier 3 accessories, ability stones, engraving books, cards, […]
  • Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon Guide

    Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon Guide

    If you are a Lost Ark veteran, then you have already cleared Demon Beast Canyon multiple times. However, for newbies, this raid will be one of the fir […]
  • Achate

    Achates Trial Guardian Raid Guide

    With the appearance of multiple Guardians in Arkesia, players must now face these celestial beings in the game’s many raid content. Adventurers […]

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Lost Ark Class Guides

  • Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

    Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

    Glaiviers are one of the easiest classes to level up because they have excellent AoE skills, and mobility, and have one of the best parrying skills in […]
  • Lost Ark Berserker Build

    Lost Ark: The Best Berserker Build

    What is Berserker in Lost Ark? The Berserker is one of the most powerful Warrior classes in Lost Ark, especially when compared to the Paladin or Gunl […]
  • Spec and Swift Summoner

    Spec and Swift Summoner Build Guide

    The Summoner class is the third advanced job from the Mage Archetype in Lost Ark. Wielding the power to summon Ancient Elementals and pets, this spell […]

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Lost Ark Tips & Tricks

  • Lost Ark Ship Gude

    Lost Ark Ship Guide

    Lost Ark is smashing records left and right even months after its NA release. As thousands flock to the game to create new characters, players are dis […]
  • Lost Ark Rapport

    Lost Ark Rapport Guide

    Lost Ark is becoming one of the most popular MMO ARPGs in recent memory. The game has peaked at around 1.3 million concurrent players and has smashed […]
  • Lost Ark Leveling Guide

    How to Get to Level 50 Quickly

    Lost Ark is generating a lot more hype ever since its official release. The game has been around locally for Korea since 2019 and has been doing very […]

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