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Lost Ark Rapport Guide

Lost Ark Rapport

Lost Ark is becoming one of the most popular MMO ARPGs in recent memory. The game has peaked at around 1.3 million concurrent players and has smashed records in the Steam Store. Many players have already experienced the various features and much of the content, but there is still more to explore, particularly with the recent Destined for Destruction patch. From peacefully collecting Mokoko seeds to slaying mythical beings in Guardian Raids, there are almost too many things that adventurers can do in the world of Arkesia.

Other than exploring areas to gather collectibles or gathering materials to get stronger, players can also interact with various NPCs to get cool rewards. There are thousands of NPCs in the game, so players can get tons of things from talking to them or by accepting quests from them. However, some interactions are locked behind a feature known as Rapport.

What is Rapport?

This feature is the reputation system representing the level of affections players have for certain NPCs in Arkesia. By reaching certain levels of Rapport, adventurers can receive various rewards. Though most of these rewards are mainly silver and token coins, reaching higher levels is highly encouraged because gamers can gain Gold, Sill Point Potions, and Virtue Potion Points needed to access more content.

NPCs can have up to five different stages. These stages can have multiple sublevels. Every time adventurers enter a new stage, they will get rewards that vary depending on the NPCs. Upon reaching a new sublevel, NPCs offer players Rapport Quests that will unlock new portions of the reputation system as well as provide Rapport points. Here are the different levels of the system:

  • Normal (2 levels)
  • Amicable (3 levels)
  • Friendly (3 levels)
  • Trusted (3 levels)
  • Affection (1 level)

Note that only Sasha and Ealy currently have the Affection stage in this feature.

How to Increase Rapport?

Players have the chance to increase their relationship level with NPCs every day. These actions can be done only a certain number of times, then they will reset the next day. Here are the ways of increasing Rapport:

  • Giving Rapport Gifts (limited to 99 gifts a day)
  • Play Songs (limited to 5 songs a day plus one with Crystalline Aura)
  • Showing Emotes (limited to 5 emotes a day plus one with Crystalline Aura)

Rapport Gifts

Gifts are the largest source of reputation points for NPCs. Any non-playable character with the Rapport system available can be gifted certain items to the level of affection. Gamers should take note that each NPC has a preferred gift that provides more points than other items. Players can see which gifts NPCs prefer by reading the tooltip when they hover the mouse over the Rapport Item.

Where to Get Rapport Gifts?

These reputation items can be acquired in various ways. These gifts can be acquired via Rapport chests, obtained through quests, purchased with Providence Stones, or acquired by exchanging special items to certain Exchange NPCs.

Rapport Chests are the easiest and most common way of getting various gifts. These chests can be obtained through Quests, World Events, Tower Events, Daily Login Rewards, Roster Level Rewards, and by Buying them via currencies such as Pirate Coins and Providence stones. Sometimes these chests will contain the name of the region where they are bought from indicating that they only contain Rapport gifts dedicated or applicable to that area.

Rapport Songs

Playing a song or an instrument is one way to slightly increase the relationship between the adventurers and the NPCs. Each NPC will prefer different songs, and they can only be played to them once a day. In total, only five songs can be played a day for every character. Here is the list of songs in the game:

  • Song of Valor – Obtained from the main story questline
  • Heart’s Melody – Obtained from the main story questline
  • Song of Temptation – Obtained by completing 50% of the Yudia Adventurer’s Tome
  • Serenade of Love – Obtained from completing the Relationship Guru quest chain
  • Requiem of Twilight – Obtained from the Island of Eternal Rest quest chain
  • Song of Starlight – Obtained by exchanging 3,300 Gienah’s Coin with Favreau in Starlight Isle
  • Heavenly Harmony – Obtained as a chance reward from the Harmony Island Co-op Mission
  • Elegy of Serenity – Obtained from completing the Elegy of Serenity Quest
  • Song of Resonance – Sold by Treasure Hunter Igran in Peyto for 16,500 Pirate Coins
  • Forest’s Minuet – Obtained as a reward from the It’s Okay, Miss Fairy quest (players will need the Song of Resonance to complete this quest chain)
  • Festival Overture – Unknown
  • Song of Eternity – Obtained by completing 60% of the Rohendel Adventurer’s Tome
  • Song of Reminiscence – Obtained from the 2nd Awakening Questline
  • Song of Spring – Obtained from the Shangra’s Pure Energy quest
  • Romantic Weapon – Obtained from completing 60% of the Yorn Adventurer’s Tome
  • Soulful Requiem – Obtained from completing 60% of the Feiton Adventurer’s Tome
  • Song of Harmony – Obtained from completing 50% of the Punika Adventurer’s Tome

Rapport Emotes

Character actions can also be used to increase the Rapport with NPCs. Each non-playable character will only accept certain Emotes, so it is a good idea to learn every one of them. Here are all the emotes in the game:

  • Advance
  • Affection
  • Beg
  • Bored
  • Cheers
  • Cute
  • Umarka
  • Error
  • Fear
  • Frustrated
  • Interrogate
  • Joy
  • Blow a Kiss
  • Laugh
  • Lailai
  • Levitate
  • Oath
  • Pain
  • Polite
  • Pray
  • Proud
  • Respect
  • Roar
  • Shy
  • Spirit Recovery
  • Stretch
  • Surrender
  • Sway
  • Taunt
  • Threaten
  • Wave Dance
  • Whistle


Aside from obtaining actions, songs, or gifts, adventurers should also aim to increase their Virtue points. Some Rapport interactions with many NPCs are locked behind Virtue requirements. NPCs will have varying requirements. They will either need players to have a certain number of points of Wisdom, Charisma, Courage, or Kindness. Some NPCs will also require combinations of different Virtues. Unless players have the minimum required of points, they cannot progress their Rapport with NPCs.

Which NPCs to Get Rapport First?

Before players disembark on their quest to woo NPCs, they should know that there are some characters that will provide more and better-quality rewards than other NPCs. Knowing which characters provide good prizes will help them prioritize which NPCs to spend their energy on first. Here is the list of the best Rapport characters in the game:

  • Sasha
  • Avele
  • Ealyn
  • Blackfang
  • Thirain
  • Blue-Eyed Calvasus
  • Nineveh
  • Beatrice
  • Artisan Urr
  • Orelda
  • Siera
  • Thunder
  • Mokamoka
  • Poppy

These are the basic things that players should know before they embark on their quest to increase their Rapport with people in Arkesia. Players should try finishing the main questline first and get stronger since a lot of these NPCs can only be interacted with once their regions are unlocked. At the same time, finishing the questline can also increase the number of Rapport Chests the adventurers have. Whatever the case, increasing the relationship with NPCs is always a good activity in Lost Ark.

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