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Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon Guide

Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon Guide

If you are a Lost Ark veteran, then you have already cleared Demon Beast Canyon multiple times. However, for newbies, this raid will be one of the first Abyssal Dungeons they will face in the game, and if they haven't studied the mechanics, they may get stuck doing it for a while. Any adventurer must learn the gimmicks of these fights. This guide will help players learn and understand what to do in each situation. 

Tier 1 Demon Beast Canyon

This Abyssal Dungeon is one of the two Tier 1 challenges players can face during the early stages of their progression. In some cases, this instance can also appear in the weekly rotation of the Challenge Abyssal roster. Like most tiered dungeons, the Demon Beast Canyon has two major boss fights, which are all relatively easy to clear. 

This Abyssal Dungeon can be unlocked after progressing through the main story questline in Shushire. The first boss is the Corrupted Vazuela, who has no challenging mechanics. The final foe is Hideous Scarkil, who has a gimmick that players need to do to defeat him. Both have general and special patterns, so learning them would be in the adventurers' best interests.

Demon Beast Canyon Stage 1 – Corrupted Vazuela

As the first boss in the Demon Beast Canyon, Vazuela should be the easiest enemy among the two major fights. This foe has very slow telegraphs, which allows adventurers to avoid much of his general attack patterns. He has one Special Interaction that might drag the fight, but it is only that much of a threat if someone intentionally grieves.

The primary strategy in fighting Vazuela is managing Blood Puddles, the only Special Interaction. While mismanaging these AoE damage pools may make the fight longer, it won't result in a team wipe. Here is everything you need to know about Corrupted Vazuela:

Special Patterns

Blood Puddle: Corrupted Vazuela will mark a player with a blue icon above their head. After a short while, the Blood Puddle will be conjured in the area where the targeted member is currently standing. The pool will DoT damage anyone standing on it.

The main trick for this sequence is to place the puddles on the outer edges of the arena. The Blood Pools cover a large area, so placing them at the side will allow players to have enough space to maneuver in the middle. Misplacing a puddle near the center will significantly hinder your DPS uptime. 

Aside from proper placements, players can also bring in a lot of Stagger Bombs and abilities. Vazeula has a purple bar under his HP. Depleting this meter will remove all the currently placed pools, so it is in the players' best interest to stagger the boss as fast as possible.

General Patterns

Blood Explosion: Corrupted Vazuela will start charging up as a red telegraph gets larger around him. After reaching their threshold, the boss will release a large explosion that will significantly damage and knock up players. The animation could be faster, so you have enough time to run to the edge if you use your mobilities skills. 

Charge: Vazuela will curl up and start spinning while a red telegraph extends in a specific path. After a few seconds, the boss will roll to the highlighted area and deal medium damage to everything in its path. This will also knock up players if they get caught. The animation is slow, so you can easily dodge the attack.

Jump: Vazuela jumps into the air and crashes into a specific area after a short delay, highlighted by a red telegraph. This move has two attacks: the initial crash and a follow-up shockwave. When he lands, he will damage every person within the red telegraph.

After the initial crash, another telegraph will appear around him with a safe zone appearing in the previous red zone. After a few seconds, a shockwave will erupt, which will deal significant damage to players. This is Vazuela's most potent attack, so if you get hit by both attacks, you might potentially get killed. 

To avoid both attacks, you must stay near the edge of the initial AoE because moving too far away will ensure you get hit by the follow-up shockwave. Once the Vazeula lands, you immediately move inside.

Swipe: This is Vazuela's most basic attack. He will just do a simple swipe attack, which deals relatively low damage and knockback players.

Demon Beast Canyon Stage 2 – Hideous Scarkil

This boss will be more challenging to players since he is much faster and more agile than the previous one. Hideous Scarkil also packs a punch, so if you are not careful, you might accidentally get yourself or your allies killed. Fortunately, he doesn't have any problematic wipe mechanics, but there are still gimmicks that they still need to do. Here is everything you need to know about Scarkil:

Special Patterns

Leeching Circles: There is a high chance that players will get a leeching circle debuff every time they get hit by the boss' attacks. Players will see a red aura around them, which activates after a few seconds. Any teammate who stands near the affected adventurer will take significant damage over time. Those with the Leeching Circle should stay away from their party until the debuff expires.

Stealth and Burst Mode: After a few minutes into the fight, Scarkil will enter his Stealth and Burst mode, wherein he will go invulnerable and flash toward a random player and makes a spin attack. This move will deal significant damage. This sequence usually occurs when the boss' HP reaches two bars.

He will summon four orbs in each cardinal direction whenever he enters this phase. Your objective is to have these spheres get destroyed by baiting Scarkil to do the spin damage near them since players cannot attack the balls. When the boss' spin attack hits an orb, it will cause a staggering explosion that will deal massive damage, so it is best to avoid getting caught in the blast. After all four spheres are destroyed, Hideous Scarkil will no longer be invulnerable and can be attacked again. 

General Patterns

Frontal Orbs - Scarkil will do an initial swipe to launch five orbs. These spheres will spread at a 180° angle. Getting hit by these attacks will daze adventurers for a moment and deal less damage. You don't need to pay attention to this move, but if you want to deal with uninterrupted damage, you should immediately move to the boss' backside to continuously DPS.

Frontal Shockwave: The boss charges up for a few seconds before releasing a large shockwave that will deal medium damage. Highlighted by a red telegraph, players caught in the attack will also get knocked up. This ability has a relatively slow channel, which gives adventurers enough time to dodge. It is also ideal for taking advantage of the stationary Scarkil to deal with DPS.

Ground Explosions: Scarkil will conjure several circular highlights at random places in the arena. Players caught in the blast will receive medium damage and get knocked up. The red highlights are apparent, and you can easily avoid the attack using your dodge skill. 

Hook Chain: The boss throws a hook toward a targeted player. Any player that gets hit will receive low damage and get knocked back. The threat this move presents is negligible, but if you want to maintain your DPS upkeep, ensure you aren't the further adventurer from him since they have a higher chance of getting targeted.

Teleport Combo – Scarkil dashes to a random player and makes a short cone front attack. Afterward, he will execute a spin ability that will knock players up and deal low damage. This is another move with meager damage, which you can ignore. It might be hard to dodge the first sequence, but you have enough time to get away from the spin attack to avoid getting knocked airborne. 

Vacuum: The boss will stay stationary while a red cone telegraph appears in the direction his hands are facing. After a while, he will execute a vacuum attack that will suck players closer to him and deal low damage every second. This pattern is another excellent opportunity to deal uninterrupted damage since he is not mobile. Avoid this attack quickly and dish out as much DPS as possible before he finishes his move.

What Can You Bring for the Fight?

As Tier 1 Abyssal Dungeon, you don't need to worry about gear that much since you are not expected to be focusing too much on equipment. However, there are some items you can take to ensure that you can clear the run smoothly. Here are the best things to take for Demon Beast Canyon:

  • HP Potion
  • Splendid Whirlwind Grenade

Bringing these items is optional since the objective of the whole dungeon is to introduce newer players to raid mechanics. 

General Tips

  • You don't need to bring the most expensive health pots (Elemental HP Potion) since these bosses only do that much damage if you avoid most attacks.
  • Dark Grenades are a nice option if you are willing to spend them early in the game. Darks can reduce enemies' defense for 15 seconds, which will help you deal more damage. However, these battle items are valuable in later raids and dungeons, so it might be best to save them for more challenging fights.
  • The only problem you will have in these fights is the crowd-control attacks because they interrupt your DPS upkeep. Otherwise, there are no wipe mechanics to worry about.
  • During Scarkil's Stealth and Burst Mode, use the Command Gather ping to signal your teammates congregate at one spot. If your team is far away from each other, it will take you multiple tries to finish all the orbs.

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