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Argos Phase 3 Guide

Argos Phase 3

Argos Abyssal Raid Phase 3 requires item level 1400 to enter. This phase of the Raid drops tier 3 accessories, ability stones, engraving books, cards, and materials to craft the Harsh Oath Set and Preordained Diligence Set. This can be done weekly and is one of the most effective ways to earn gold. We've already gone over Phase 2 and Phase 1, so check out those articles if you need help with those phases. 


There are comparatively fewer complicated mechanics in the last phase of Argos Raid, and the group is no longer divided into a Sun and Moon Party. However, you're responsible for dodging every attack; luckily, Argos's attack pattern is similar to the previous phases. Argos Phase 3 is arguably easier than Phase 2, and the thing that you need to shift your focus on is the Weather System Mechanics. This phase has three different team wipes mechanics and two instant death mechanics. Surviving these requires map awareness, teamwork, and communication.

Recommended Combat Items

  • HP Potion - You must bring potions in every Raid for improved survivability. The blue potion will suffice, but you might need Elemental HP Potion if you want to last more in the battle. This is because it gives you two extra charges and heals you for 75% of your HP.
  • Dark Grenade - This is one of the most crucial combat items that you need to defeat Argos quicker. This grenade decreases 20% of the target's defense for 20 seconds. In our guild, we do Dark Grenade rotations for maximum DPS output.
  • Panacea - This item removes all the debuffs in your character and is essential for DPS since there are debuffs that can kill you within seconds.
  • Sacred Charm - This is entirely optional but beneficial. This item allows you to remove random debuffs on anearby party member.


Weather System

This is probably the most important mechanic to note since this will decide which seed you need to get and which to avoid. Argos changes the weather frequently by teleporting and slowly circling the center. Argos will spawn both harmful seeds and useful seeds. During this section, scout a safe area with less harmful seeds and lure the boss towards that location. If possible, avoid standing close to the center because it increases the chance of triggering surrounding dangerous seeds. There are three kinds of weather:


In this weather, Argos will apply a slow debuff to everyone.

  • Safe Seed: The green seed cleanses the slow debuff from nearby players upon triggering it.
  • Harmful Seed: Triggering red seed causes an explosion that deals AoE damage to nearby players.
  • Wipe Mechanic: Argos will summon a sunseed on a random spot that slowly descends to the ground. Everyone needs to move quickly to that spot and stay there for a couple of seconds. Make sure that all players reach the spot or Argos will wipe the entire party. To easily locate the sunseed, you can use the 'Tab' key and go to the yellow dot on the map.

Note: You can ping it to your party members by pressing Alt + Left Click on the map.


During Dawn, the rain will deal continuous damage to everyone.

  • Safe Seed: The blue seed applies a shielding buff to nearby players that negate the rain damage for a few seconds.
  • Harmful Seed: The green seed imprisons nearby players once triggered. You can help your imprisoned teammates by attacking them until the purple bar depletes.
  • Wipe Mechanic: Argos will summon blue seeds on the map. Players need to trigger one of those seeds to avoid instant death. Once triggered, a protective done appears that can protect multiple players. Remember to ping the location once you find it.


This weather is the most annoying part of the Raid since it reduces your overall vision in the entire phase.

  • Safe Seed: The red seed cleanses nearby players and negates the reduced vision for a few seconds.
  • Harmful Seed: The blue seed will explode and leave behind a poisoned area. The player will get up to five stacking poison debuffs. If possible, avoid triggering this seed at all costs since this will reduce the space to fight Argos. If you have too many poison stacks, the recommended battle items above such as Panacea or Sacred Charm will help you remove it.
  • Wipe Mechanic: Argos will summon multiple nightseeds on random spots. These seeds will be marked as a blue dot on the minimap and you need to collect all the seeds in time. Spread out or assign party members in advance to a designated positions to collect the seeds.

Sun & Moon Safespot

This mechanic appears randomly during Day or Night. Argos will sit down and mark two random players with a sun or moon icon. After a short delay, a stationary circle appears below each marked player. Each circle can only cater 4 players and will prevent a one-shot attack.

Note: To prevent deaths, it's crucial to identify the two players marked with the sun or moon icon and ping their locations. These two marked players should try to stay still so that the remaining six party members can move to one of the circles.

Argos Major Patterns

There are only two important patterns that you need to look for since these patterns are punishable and can deal a lot of damage.

Multi Charge

Argos will disappear and do multiple charge attacks in the center, indicated by a red vertical line. He finishes this combo with a blink attack towards a random player. To easily dodge this mechanic, avoid staying close to the center and group up or relocating together at the arena's edge. This is because the edge has the least amount of harmful seeds. You can easily move the boss to a safer location by doing so.


Argos remains stationary and summons rift lines around him. After a short delay, these lines will erupt and deal damage to nearby players. Soon after the first shockwave appears, a second shockwave will appear to deal damage to players further away from Argos. To avoid getting hit by this mechanic, move quickly towards Argos after the initial shockwave.

If you followed all the guidelines to defeat Argos Phase 3, you will be able to finish him in 7-10 minutes. Make sure to communicate with your party members and cooperate. Additionally, enable Combat Effects in the game's settings to see the markers and indicators for Argos' attacks. You can also set the Colorblind Filter from the Video Accessibility option.

That's it! After you read this guide, I'm sure that you'll beat Argos (ideally, if I did my job correctly). If you like this content, you can check out our other Lost Ark Guides

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