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Lost Ark Tips & Tricks

  • Lost Ark Pirate Coins

    How to Get Pirate Coins Lost Ark

    Lost Ark has many currencies players will encounter along their journeys in Arkesia. Aside from the standard Silver and the premium Blue Gems, one of […]
  • Lost Ark Rapport

    Lost Ark Rapport Guide

    Lost Ark is becoming one of the most popular MMO ARPGs in recent memory. The game has peaked at around 1.3 million concurrent players and has smashed […]
  • Lost Ark Ship Gude

    Lost Ark Ship Guide

    Lost Ark is smashing records left and right even months after its NA release. As thousands flock to the game to create new characters, players are dis […]
  • Lost Ark Tips

    How to Avoid Enemy Attacks and Get Better at Lost Ark

    One hyped QoL addition is the front and back attack markers (Note: you can customize the style and color in the game menu). These will assist position […]
  • Lost Ark Gold Guide

    Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide

    There are many criticisms of Lost Ark, but no one has ever accused the game of having a shortage of progression systems, gameplay loops, and fulfillin […]
  • Lost Ark Stronghold Guide

    Lost Ark Stronghold Guide

    With so much content in Lost Ark, it's easy for players to get disoriented. There's so much to do, from boss fights in Abyss Raids to Sailing Co-op. T […]

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