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Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

Glaiviers are one of the easiest classes to level up because they have excellent AoE skills, and mobility, and have one of the best parrying skills in the game. If you're a new player, it will take less than a day of dedicated playtime to reach level 50 and activate the Super Express Mission on your Glaivier. With that in mind, here are two build ideas you can get started with, one for leveling and one for end-game. 

Lost Ark Glaivier Leveling Skill Build

Before we get into where you invest your skills, you need to understand that there are two stances that you can use for Glaiviers. This is crucial for your skill rotation:

  • Flurry Stance has more AoE skills for clearing groups of enemies.
  • Focus Stance consists of single target skills for bursting down bosses in dungeons.

Skill Point Allocation

  • Level 12: Invest 4 points each on Stampeding Slash and Half Moon Slash for damage.
  • Level 20-21: Put 48 points to Raging Dragon Slash since it is your primary AoE skill. Ensure to activate Quick Prep, Quick Slash, and Awaken for optimal damage.
  • Level 25-30: Put 48 points into your Half Moon Slash to activate Flurry Expertise, Final Decision, and Blade of Tornado for instant clearing of mobs.
  • Level 38: Cutting Wind can be used as your mobility and damaging skills that inflict a decent amount of damage. Make sure to activate Firepower Control, Valor, and Enhanced Strike.
  • Level 45: Red Dragon's Horn from focus stance is your primary high single target burst damage. Activate Firepower Control, Spear of Destruction, and Weak Point Detection for maximum damage.
  • Level 48-50: Invest all your remaining points to Starfall Pounce for damage against Elites/Bosses and some AoE clearing.


  • Rotate skills in each stance to charge up the identity gauge for strong damage, speed, and crit buffs when switching into other stances. Having a level 3 gauge before switching into Focus Stance is ideal for the Crit Damage buff to go your high-damaging skills.
  • Use Chain Slash and cancel it with spacebar before the attack finishes to extend dashing distance.
  • Half Moon Slash and Raging Dragon Slash are your main damage skills for AoE clearing and Elite/Bosses encounters.

Lost Ark End-Game Glaivier Build

Once you reach level 50, continue the main story quest line of Vern Castle until Beatrice notifies you to visit her in Trixion. Completing her questline unlocks your Awakening skills and Shackling Blue Dragon. When you finished the Rohendel questline, you'll be able to continue your 2nd Awakening Quest to unlock your Focus Stance Awakening Skill.

Skill Build

Flurry Stance

  • Chain Slash: Swoop - Final Decision - Brilliant Spear (Quick Recharge)
  • Flash Kick: Excellent Mobility (Rage)
  • Vault: Excellent Mobility
  • Half Moon Slash: Flurry Expertise - Final Decision - Blade of Tornado (Conviction)
  • Raging Dragon Slash: Quick Prep - Quick Slash - Awaken (Galewind)
  • Wheel of Blades: Magick Control - Weak Point Detection - Consecutive Spin (Judgment)
  • Cutting Wind: Quick Prep - Quickness
  • Shacking Blue Dragon: Quick Prep - Blitz - Critical Spear (Focus)

Focus Stance

  • Starfall Pounce: Weak Point Detection - Quick Prep - Powerful Finish (Wealth)
  • Red Dragon's Horn: Quick Prep - Spear of Destruction - Weak Point Detection (Galewind)
  • Awakening: Storming Red Dragon


Pinnacle Glaivier is the most used build since it revolves around rotating skills in the same stance to get three bars of identity gauge to activate buffs:

  • Flurry to Focus Stance gives 20% damage increase, 15% movement speed, and 50% crit damage.
  • Focus to Flurry Stance gives 15% damage increase, 15% attack speed, and 25% critical chance.

So your main goal here is to fill three bars of identity gauge and avoid spamming more skills than needed. Your Standard rotation will be:

  • Flurry Stance: Cutting Wind - Chain Slash - Shjacking Blue Dragon - Raging Dragon Slash - Half Moon Slash - Wheel of Blades
  • Focus Stance: Red Dragon's Horn - Starfall Pounce Spiraling Spear - Thrust of Destruction

Note: Switch into either stances if you max out your identity gauge. If you have issues generating Identity Gauge, you can use some Wealth Runes and get Firepower Control on Cutting Wind until you have a high enough Specialization.

Stats Priority

Your main goal as a pinnacle Glaivier is getting as much Specialization stat as possible, since it increases the effectiveness of your stance-switching buff. Get Specialization on all accessories with Swiftness only on your necklace.


  • Pinnacle: This is your primary goal to max out since it grants more effectiveness on your Identity Gauge buff.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon: This works well with Glaiviers since they have 60% Crit Rate when swapping into Flurry Stance with max Identity Gauge. Since you can deal an additional 50% critical damage, this engraving is a must.
  • Grudge: Grudge provides 20% damage to boss but the boss will also deal 20% additional damage.
  • Curse Doll: Curse Doll provides 16% Atk. Power but your healing effectiveness is reduced by 25%.
  • Increased Mass: This is a good option if you're going for Curse doll since the 18% Atk. Power stacks with the Curse Doll effect. However, your Atk. Speed is lowered by 10%.

Overall, the Glaiviers is one of the most exciting classes to play. On top of that, it is easy to use and deals consistently high-damage with its buffs. You need to get used to your skill rotation and land it. Additionally, Glaivier's mobility and counter skills are the most used mechanic canceling skills in end game content, such as Chaos Legion Raids.

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