What Class Should I Play in Lost Ark?

As the captivating world of Lost Ark unfurls before you, a crucial choice awaits: which class will you master? From devastating warriors to arcane mages, each class carries its own rhythm and roar. Are you ready to weave spells, cross blades, or dance with shadows? Embark on this quiz journey, and let's set sail to discover the class that aligns with your heart and heroic aspirations. To your destiny in Arkesia and beyond!
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Sail Your Fate: Uncover Your Lost Ark Calling! ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿน๐Ÿ”ฅ

In the divided lands of Arkesia, you must become a symbol of unity and join different nations to fight off the impending demon invasion. In your mission to save the world, you must look for the Lost Ark that has been shattered into several pieces to fight off the mighty demon lord, Kazeros. This task will be perilous, so you have to be in your most powerful form. Will you use the arcane to incinerate your enemies? Will your ingenuity help you gun your way through hordes? Or will you pick up the sword and jump straight into the fray?

All Lost Ark Classes

Multiple classes in Lost Ark will dictate your game style. These starter jobs have advanced courses that further dictate your unique skills and technique. Choosing which field your character is critical since you don't have any options to change your profession later on. Here are all the basic classes in the game:

  • Warrior โ€“ Strong fighters that excel at fighting in the frontline. Their strong endurance and constitution enable them to survive drawn-out battles and tank out significant amounts of damage. While their hulky build gives them incredible durability, they are also exceptional combatants at close-range. Their ability to deal damage and disable their opponents makes them an intimidating figure to go up against.

  • Gunner โ€“ What Gunners lack in brawn, they make up for their ingenuity. Though they lack the martial expertise to hold a blade or wrestle their foes, these Arthethinians use their advanced technology to dominate the field. Using various machinery, explosives, and long-ranged ballistics, Gunners can deal tons of damage from afar before enemies can come near them.

  • Martial Artist โ€“ Who needs weapons when you can resolve conflicts with your fists? Martial Artist excels in hand-to-hand combat; their mastery over this fighting style makes them formidable frontline opponents. Though they are less durable than Warriors, their maneuverability makes up for this. They can zip through the battlefield as they control the flow of battle within their favor by using various abilities.

  • Assassin โ€“ Strike quickly and deadly before your enemies figure out what has transpired! Assassins are experts in quick and lethal engagements. They don't spend too much time in battle than they have to. Their extreme lack of endurance is compensated for by their swift and handful of movements. These agile fighters can do tons of damage and disengage before their foes can retaliate.

  • Mage โ€“ Masters of the arcane and mystic arts, Mages rule over the elements and bend them to their will. They use their magic to destroy and incinerate their enemies or protect their allies. They may not be the most durable bunch, but they don't need to worry about this when they can just heal through the pain or annihilate their foes in a blink. Use the elements to your advantage to make enemies fear you!

Class Origins

If you are concerned about role-playing in Lost Ark, then knowing your character's origins might help you in the decision-making process. Each primary job has been based on the various nations in Arkesia and will be tied to multiple cultures. Here are the origins of each profession:

  • Shushire โ€“ The hometown of the Warriors. This region's harsh climate has honed its residents' constitution, making them solid and durable fighters. While people in this region value strength, they place freedom and justice above all else.

  • Arthethine โ€“ The previously inhabitable region was made into a prospering city by the intellectuals of Arthetine, which is the home of the Gunners. Their advanced technology has ensured the residents' survival despite the environment's barren conditions. Arthethinian prioritizes the development and evolution of humanity.

  • Anikka โ€“ Martial prowess is everything in this nation. Anikkans have a rich culture that has developed various fighting styles, which gave birth to many master Martial Artists. While many people here are skilled in fighting, they also enjoy big festivals where they can celebrate with friends and loved ones.

  • Feiton โ€“ The Delains of Feiton have always been discriminated against due to their demon blood. However, this perspective has not deterred their Assassins and Avestas from protecting the world from the shadows. These half-demons live in a toxic environment wherein only they can survive. Despite their suffering, they have dedicated their existence to combatting their devilish side and the demon invasion.

  • Vern - The Elves of Vern are masters of the arcane arts who live in an environment rich in mana and magick. They are peace-loving beings who prefer to keep the order and beauty of their home. When needed, the Mages of this nation are ready to unleash their wrath on any aggressors. These spellcasters will never back down when protecting the world, especially against the demonic horde.



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