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Lost Ark Raids & Dungeons

  • Lost Ark Valtan

    Lost Ark Valtan Legion Gate 1 Raid Guide

    Content Valtan Legion Requirements Sidereal Skills Mechanics x45 Health Bar x37 Health Bar x35 Health Bar Wipe Mechanics Final Phase […]
  • Valtan Gate 2

    Lost Ark Valtan Gate 2 Guide

    Content Valtan Gate 2 Requirements Party Composition Recommended Items Sidereal Skills Boss Mechanics Armor Break 1st Wipe Mechanic Pillar […]
  • Argos Phase 3

    Argos Phase 3 Guide

    Argos Abyssal Raid Phase 3 requires item level 1400 to enter. This phase of the Raid drops tier 3 accessories, ability stones, engraving books, cards, […]
  • Argos Phase 2

    Argos Phase 2 Guide

    The Argos Abyssal Raid is some of the most challenging end-game content in Lost Ark. That being said, you can still think of it as an introduction to […]
  • Argos Phase 1

    Argos Phase 1 Guide

    The Abyss Raids have been out for a while, and players are getting a taste of how hard the end-game content in Lost Ark is. The Guardian Argos is read […]

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