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Lost Ark Ship Guide

Lost Ark Ship Gude

Lost Ark is smashing records left and right even months after its NA release. As thousands flock to the game to create new characters, players are discovering why Lost Ark is so popular. The world of Arkesia has so much to offer. From beautiful scenery to flashy animations, a lot is going on in the game and players are sure to find something that appeals to them. One of the game's main features is being able to sail the high seas of Arkesia while using various ships and employing crewmates.

Lost Ark Sailing Overview

From Guardian Raids to hunting and gathering Mokoko seeds, sailing is one of the activities in the game that players will spend a lot of time on. Players need to board their ships and sail through treacherous waters to unlock new islands and continents. Adventurers will need to get to new places to retrieve more Arks to access more content.

Sailing in the game is pretty straightforward. Most of the time, players will just be treading waters to get to new areas. However, specific world or timed events will require players to do specific actions with their ships. The efficiency of this depends on a lot of factors.

Whenever adventurers start sailing, they should always be observant of their ships' Durability and Hazard Meter. Durability represents the ship's HP and Mana. When a ship's Durability reaches zero, it can no longer enter islands and will have to repair its ship in a major city port. Meanwhile, the Hazard Meter is a progress bar that will increase when sailing through Hazardous Waters.

For Lost Ark, picking the right kind of ship and crew is the most critical aspect of sailing. Several areas in the open sea will have adverse effects. Different ships will have more resistance to some cursed regions. These dangerous waters will have specific effects when the ship's Hazard Meter gets full. Here are the Hazardous Waters that sailors should be wary of:

  • Cold Snap Seas – These waters will slow down ships and freeze vessels for seconds when Hazard Meter is full.
  • Dead Waters – These Hazardous Waters will severely affect the HP and Speed of ships sailing through them.
  • Kelp Beds – These areas do not affect the Durability of ships, but they significantly reduce the speed of ships and entangle them when the meter is full.
  • Sandstorm Seas – Sailing through sandstorm seas will increase the damage taken to ships. When the Hazard Meter is full, boats will have significantly reduced visibility.
  • Siren Seas – Ships that let their Hazard Meter go full while in these Hazardous Waters will be stunned for a lengthy period.
  • Tempest Seas – The most dangerous Hazardous Water since ships will lose significant portions of their HP and have their skills unlocked while sailing these waters.

Lost Ark Ships

There are a total of eight ships in Arkesia that players can acquire. While most of these vessels can be obtained by performing specific tasks and activities, some can be acquired by simply doing the main storyline. Here is the list of ships in Lost Ark:

  • Estoque – Base Speed: 20.0 and Equal Resistance
  • White Wind – Base Speed: 19.0 and Sandstorm Resistance
  • Sturmbrecher – Base Speed: 18.0 and Cold Snap Resistance
  • Eurus – Base Speed: 21.0 and Kelp Beds Resistance
  • Brahms – Base Speed: 18.5 and Siren Seas Resistance
  • Tragon – Base Speed: 18.0 and Tempest Resistance
  • Astray – Base Speed: 22.0 and Equal Resistance
  • Eibern's Wound – Base Speed: 18.3 and Dead Waters Resistance

While the game is generally well-balanced, there are certain ships that players consider the more well-rounded than others. Some ships are better suited for certain situations, however, sailors argue that Astray is a must-have boat. Astray has the fastest sailing speed and has equal resistance to every Hazardous Water. However, the Astray is very hard to unlock.

A lot of Lost Ark players also recommend the Estoque to new sailors who want to travel the seas. The Estoque is the first ship that gamers will unlock, and it's also the easiest to upgrade. This ship is considered to be a very well-rounded ship since it has decent travel speed and equal resistance.

There are a total of three ships that can be unlocked by progressing through the game's story. Meanwhile, the other ships can be acquired by doing quests such as Una's Tasks dailies. Here is how you unlock each ship:

  • Estoque – Obtained after finishing the Adventure Beings Again in Blackfang's Story.
  • White Wind – Obtained after completing the Anikka storyline.
  • Sturmbrecher – Obtain by completing the Northern Vern main story.
  • Eurus – Obtained after reaching level 3 reputation with the Ride like in the Wind daily Una quest.
  • Brahms – Obtain after reaching level 4 reputation with Lopang Island by doing the Special Delivery Una's Task.
  • Tragon – Obtained by reaching level 4 reputation with Hypno's Eyes Island. This island is unlocked by finishing the purple quest in Aiwana Island.
  • Astray – Can Be Crafted via Belrod at Blackfang's Den. The ingredients needed are:
    • Astray Construction Blueprints
    • Astray Operation Manual
    • 570x Timber
    • 375x Uncommon Ship Parts Material
    • 10,000 silver
  • Eibern's Wound – Obtained by reaching level 3 reputation with the Una's Tasks Daily Quest Bleak Night Fog.

Ideally, players will unlock every ship so that they can pick the right vessel when they travel to different areas. However, it is highly suggested that players focus on upgrading the Estoque first since it is the most accessible ship to upgrade. Whichever boat that adventurers choose to sail on, one thing they should always remember is to NOT let their Durability reach zero.

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