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Lost Ark Class Guides

  • Lost Ark Scrapper Guide

    Lost Ark Scrapper Taijutsu Build

    What is A Scrapper? The Scrapper is an advanced class available in the Martial Artists archetype that uses heavy gauntlets to throw punches which hav […]
  • Lost Ark Shadowhunter

    Lost Ark End-Game Shadowhunter PvE Build

    Lost Ark offers a wide variety of classes so that every player can find their niche. Moreover, this MMORPG is an alt-heavy game, which means, that if […]
  • Lost Ark Arcanist Preview

    Lost Ark Arcanist Preview NA

    Lost Ark NA has already released the roadmap for June and July's major updates. And the most exciting thing about it is the release of the new class, […]
  • Lost Ark Glaivier PvP

    Lost Ark Glaivier PvP Guide

    Glaivier is easily one of the most straightforward classes to play in Lost Ark PvP. Whether 1v1 or 3v3, Glaivier’s kit is powerful and responsiv […]
  • Lost Ark Soulfist Guide

    Lost Ark Soulfist Guide

    In Lost Ark, Soulfist is a Martial Artist advanced class that has a unique set of abilities. It focuses on an interesting mix of melee and ranged atta […]
  • Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

    Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

    Glaiviers are one of the easiest classes to level up because they have excellent AoE skills, and mobility, and have one of the best parrying skills in […]
  • Lost Ark Destroyer Build

    Lost Ark Destroyer Build and Guide

    Lost Ark's May update brought some variety to Lost Ark's endgame progression with Hard Chaos Gate, the Valtan Legion Raid, and the Challenge Guardian […]
  • Paladin Leveling Build

    Paladin Leveling Build and Guide

    The grind in Lost Ark is (in)famous at this point. Regardless of class, players will need to get to level 50 to begin enjoying endgame progression. Th […]
  • Deathblade PvP

    Lost Ark Deathblade PvP Guide

    Before we get into class-specific details, I want to point out that there are only so many different viable builds that you can make in Lost Ark PvP. […]
  • Lost Ark Gunlancer

    Lost Ark Gunlancer PvE Build

    The Gunlancer is a tank class in Lost Ark. He can taunt enemies, has outstanding sustainability, and can absorb a ton of punishment. If you're looking […]
  • Lost Ark Paladin Build

    Lost Ark End Game PvE Paladin Build

    Lost Ark Paladin Build For End-Game Content The Paladin in Lost Ark is one of the most sought-after classes in end-game content. End-game content in […]
  • Lost Ark Sorceress Build

    Lost Ark Sorceress Burst DPS Build

    Class Overview The Sorceress is one of the strongest ranged DPS classes currently in Lost Ark. With the ability to call down elemental attacks to str […]

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