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FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide

FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide

Most of Final Fantasy XIV’s classes tend to follow the same route on how to level up their characters. Almost every job in this MMO requires gamers to run Duty Roulettes, Levemetes, and several quests. However, one job takes a different path when it comes to character progression. Blue Mages are already unique because of their skillset, and their method for leveling up is also distinct. Players might find ranking up with this class a bit more tedious than other jobs. That being said, with this FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide, players will have a much easier (relatively speaking) time. 

What is a Blue Mage?

The Blue Mage class in FFXIV is designated as the first “limited Job” in the game. Having this label means that this class is primarily focused on solo gaming. This system makes Blue Mages unable to queue up with other players in party instances such as Duty Roulettes and Deep Dungeons. However, this also means that there will be several contents only exclusively available for this solo DPS class, such as the Masked Carnivale.

Aside from being a “limited Job,” the Blue Mages’ gameplay is also distinct due to their ability to learn spells by mimicking others’ skills. Their best mechanic is that they can copy attacks from Primals, such as the Ice Bow from Shiva. Due to their skill mimicry, this class is self-sufficient and can take on enemies regardless of level sync.

Blue Mages can still play in group content but a limited capacity. Though they are primarily a Magic Ranged DPS, these magic users can also function as decent support characters if they have learned proper buffs and healing abilities. A Blue Mage’s importance in a raid depends on how many skills the caster has learned.

How to Unlock Blue Mage FFXIV?

Before players can start their solo gaming adventures, they must unlock the Blue Mage class first. Fortunately, players do not need any specific expansion for them to access this job. However, there are certain conditions that gamers need to satisfy to be inducted into the Blue Mage guild. Here are the requirements for accessing this job:

  • Reach lvl 50 in either Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic
  • Completed the 2.0 Main Scenario Quests

Once these conditions have been met, players just need to speak to the Yellowjacket located near the main Aetheryte in Limsa Lominsa. This NPC will provide the “Out of the Blue,” which will unlock the class upon completion.

FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide

Players’ opinions about leveling up Blue Mages vary due to their distinction from the standard route. While most classes rank up by playing Duty Roulettes and quests, this Magic Ranged DPS levels up by slaying and farming field mobs. Some gamers might find this way tedious, while others, who relish mob grinding, might find this route more enjoyable. 

The ideal situation for Blue Mages is to fight every monster they encounter as they travel through Eorzea. The best ones to face are mobs slightly above the current character level. Consistently facing slightly stronger enemies will ensure that a Chains Bonus is up and going.

Preparations for the Grind

One problem that Blue Mages will encounter is one problem before they set off: they do not have any powerful spells from the get-go. While learning abilities from others is undoubtedly a unique mechanic, this system gives these characters no exceptional skills unless they know them. Fortunately, Blue Mages do not need to finish fights to mimic an ability. They just need to witness them while being attacked.

For starters, players will be taught the Water Cannon and Sticky Tongue as the first spells they can use for their initial grind. As Blue Mages level up, they will learn more skills and rely on more powerful attacks. These abilities include Flying Sardine (lvl 30) and 1000 Needles (lvl 20). White Wind should also be a priority since it provides the best sustain while leveling up. Here are some unique spells that players should consider getting for their Blue Mages:

  • 1000 Needles – deals 1000 physical damage shared by enemies around the player (acquired from Sabotender Bailaors in Southern Thanalan or from Sabotender Desertors in Cutter’s Cry)
  • Flying Sardine – deals 10 Potency interrupting damage (acquired from Level 30 Apkallus in Eastern La Noscea or from Bloody Mary – Rank B Eliter Mark in Eastern La Noscea)
  • Aetherial Spark – deals 250 Potency damage to creatures in a straight line (acquired from Salt Druvas in The Lochs)
  • Both Ends – deal 600 Potency damage (acquired from the Swallow’s Compass final boss)
  • Cold Frog – a high potency counter ability (acquired from The Burn’s last boss)
  • Matra Magic – deals 800 Potency damage (acquired after learning 100 spells)
  • Night Bloom – deal 400 Potency unaspected damage to the first enemy hit in a target area and 50% less to the rest (acquired from Castrum Fluminis’ Tsukuyomi)
  • Peripheral Synthesis – deal 400 Potency damage to the first enemy in a straight line and 50% to the rest while inflicting Lightheaded, wherein the damage scales if the targets are affected by this debuff (acquired from Alphascape V3.0’s Omega)
  • Phantom Flurry – deals 200 Potency unaspected damage-over-time (DoT) to enemies in a cone in front of the player (acquired from Hell’s Kier’s Suzaku)
  • Song of Torment – deals 50 Potency unaspected DoT for 30 seconds (acquired from level 50 Dungeon Pharos Sirius’ Siren or Il Mheg’s level 80 S Rank Elite Mark Aglaope)

Aside from knowing which spells to have, players should also enhance their ranking progression by using items to augment their exp gained. Several things like Aetheryte Earrings, Menphina’s Earrings, Brand-New Ring, and Friendship Circlet provide XP buff. Generally, any items with EXP Bonus should always be used while leveling up. 

Power Leveling with a Friend

The fastest way to level up as Blue Mage is to have a friend willing to accompany the player. Since it is ideal for defeating monsters that have a higher level, having high-level companions is a clever way to deal with the damage. There are two methods to go about getting help. The first is to have the friend boost the Blue Mage. The second is to have a geared Healer. 

For those who want to go power level quickly, the main trick is to tag a high-level monster and have the friend slay it while the mob is aggroed on the Blue Mage. The person being boosted and the one who will carry should not be in the same party since doing so will lock out the exp received for the one at the lower level. Communication is a must when taking on stronger mobs to avoid dying.

When a geared friend accompanies the player, they should seek out areas with high monster density. Blue Mages should only seek out enemies that are not higher than level 70. Defeating foes beyond this bracket will not yield any bonuses. Generally, Shadowbringers zones are the ideal place to grind for levels. Here are examples of areas where gamers can farm:

  • Beach near Stilltide in Kholusia
  • Inn at Journey’s Head in Ahm Araeng
  • Lochs in Ala Mhigo
  • Ala Mhigan Quarter
  • Catacombs North of Porta Praetoria
  • Northwest of Azys Lla
  • Matoya’s Cave at Southwest of Hinterlands
  • Northern Island in the Sea of Clouds
  • Cape Westwind

Players should remember to be the first ones to tag or aggro the mobs first. If the high-level carry is the first to hit the monster, the Blue Mage will not receive any experience. Face pulling is also ineffective as the monsters need to be tagged to register the kill participation. Ideally, players should stick to fighting melee foes as there is a high chance of getting killed if they are aggro Ranged or Magic mobs.

If players do not have friends that can boost them, they will have to stick to solo grinding. This will be tremendously slower than having friends carry them in stronger zones. When farming alone, gamers should stick to fighting monsters around 3 to 6 levels above them to ensure efficiency and survivability. 

Masked Carnivale

By level 50, players will now have access to the Blue Mage-exclusive Masked Carnivale. This instance is a series of 31 challenges gamers will have to fight. Blue Mages will need to use mechanics, elemental affinities and weakness, and strengths to help gain an advantage. The various rewards for this content can help players gain more experience.

Blue Mage Duty Finder

While Blue Mage does not have access to Duty Roulettes via party finder, they will gain access to the Blue Mage Log upon reaching lvl 60. This content functions similarly to Duty Finder but is exclusively for Blue Mages. This system allows players to queue with other gamers from the same class to enter raids.

Since all participants in these challenges are Blue Mages, each character must diversify their kits to fill in the missing roles. Gamers are encouraged to be more careful and tactical about which skills they will bring to the fight. Here are some of the best alternative spells for those who aren’t looking to DPS:


  • Angel’s Snack – restores self and allies HP for 400 Potency and grants healing over time when under the Aetheric Mimicry: Healer effect (acquired from Wayward Gaheel Ja in Steps of Thal)
  • Exuviation - restores self and allies HP for 50 Potency and cleanses debuffs and grants healing over time when under the Aetheric Mimicry: Healer effect (acquired from Wamoura in The Lost City of Amdapor or Abalathian Wamoura in The Sea of Clouds)
  • Pom Cure – heals target’s HP for 100 Potency and increases to 500 when under the effect of Aetheric Mimicry: Healer (acquired from Furryfoot Kuppli Kipps in either level 50 trial Thommarch Hard or Extreme)
  • Stotram – deals 400 Potency unaspected damage to nearby enemies while healing allies when under Aetheric Mimicry: Healer for 300 Potency (acquired from Lakshmi in Emanation)


  • Cactguard – provides 5% damage mitigation to a target and scales to 15% when under the effect of Aetheric Mimicry: Tank (acquired from Sabotender Guardia in The Sunken Temple of Qarn Hard)
  • Chelonian Gate – conjures a gate that provides 30% damage mitigation for 10s which also grants Auspicious Trance after taking damage equal to 30% of max hp and can change to Divine Cataract (acquired from Genbu in Hell’s Lid)
  • Dragon Force – provides 20% damage mitigation for 15 seconds that scales to 40% when under the effect of Aetheric Mimicry: Tank (acquired from Wayward Gaheel Ja in Steps of Thal)
  • Frog Legs – provokes nearby enemies and grabs all enmity (acquired from lvl 59 Poroggo in The Dravanian Hinterlands or from Bero Roggo in Toad Alone)
  • Mighty Guard – provides 40% damage mitigation while reducing damage dealt by 40% (acquired from Wayward Gaheel Ja in Steps of Thal)

How Long Will Leveling Up to Max Level Take?

The rate at which Blue Mages level up depends on whether they are doing the grind alone or with help. When players receive help from geared friends, they can reach max level in two hours minimum. Meanwhile, going at it solo will make the grind significantly slower. In addition, farming efficiently will also help hasten progress. This can be ensured by choosing the right mobs, density, and rotation. 

Blue Mages should remember that not everything is about their level. As a class mimicking their opponents, they need to explore and encounter various monsters and bosses to fill up their Spellbooks. Even if friends boosted thems, they would have to go back to lower-level content just to get certain spells. The key to being a good Blue Mage has many abilities.

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