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WoW Classic Skinning Guide 1-300


Skinning is one of the many harvesting professions in WoW that supplies essential crafting ingredients. This field's materials are some of the most basic but essential components for making more advanced and powerful items. Skinning benefits other professions such as Leatherworking. While this career is straightforward, gamers must reach higher skill levels to create higher-quality reagents. This WoW Classic Skinning guide will help players get 300 skill levels.

Why Should Players Do Skinning?

As one of the many harvesting professions, Skinning provides a steady supply of much-needed leather materials in the world of Azeroth. From supplying precious Chromatic Scales to simple Chimera Leather, this profession is one of the essential careers in the game. Even though players cannot create any items in this field, adventurers can still earn a lot of profit from selling their haul of skins and hides.

How to Become a Skinner?

Fortunately for aspiring Skinners, getting in on the job is simple. The first step in integrating into this field is interacting with a Skinning Trainer. These NPCs can be located in every major city. The easiest way to find them is to talk to any guards of the large settlements, who will point players to the coordinates of the trainer. 

After these Skinning NPCs initiate gamers into the profession, they will now be able to slay and harvest hides and leather from beasts. Previously a Skinning Knife was required to start the harvesting sequence. However, recent updates no longer require the use of the item, but using a Skinning Knife will provide adventurers with +10 Skinning, which will make the harvest much faster. 

This profession complements many other fields, so it is almost recommended for Skinners to pick up at least one crafting job. Most adventurers in this career choose Leatherworking as their crafting career since this is the profession that mainly uses produce from Skinners. Gamers can also make Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Tailoring schematics since these professions require leather to create recipes for their craft. 

While most classes can go into Skinning, several jobs are advantageous when partaking in this field. Characters that are Druids, Hunters, Shamans, or Rogues benefit significantly from this profession since their gear mainly consists of leather. Picking up Skinning and Leatherworking can help these classes be more cost and self-sufficient as they progress. 

Skinning Ranks and Levels

While jumping into this profession is easy, climbing the Skinning Leaderboards can be quite a chore, primarily due to the numerous tiers that players need to go through. Other being recognized as the best Skinners in World of Warcraft, top-tier gamers in this profession can harvest higher-quality materials. Here is the current ranking system for WoW Classic:

  • Apprentice (requires character level 5) – Level 1 to 75
  • Journeyman (requires character level 5) – Level 75 to 150
  • Expert (Requires character level 10) – Level 150 to 225
  • Artisan (requires character level 25) – Level 225 to 300

Skinning Trainer Locations

Meeting up with trainers is an essential part of progress in this field. These NPCs allow players to learn more advanced techniques in Skinning, enabling them to harvest higher-quality loot. Here are the locations of all the Skinning Trainers in Azeroth:


  • Balthus Stoneflayer in Ironforge
  • Maris Granger in Stormwind City
  • Eladriel in Darnassus
  • Helen Peltskinner in Elwynn Forest
  • Radnaal Maneweaver in Teldrassil
  • Jayla in Ashenvale
  • Wilma Ranthal in Redridge Mountains


  • Killian Hagey in Undercity
  • Thuwd in Ogrimmar
  • Mooranta in Thunder Bluff
  • Dranh in Mulgore
  • Yonn Deepcut in Mulgore
  • Rand Rhobart in Trisfal Glades
  • Kulleg Stonehorn in Feralas
  • Malux in Desolace

Players should note that some Trainers do not offer advanced skill training as some are limited to the basic ranks. For Apprentice and Journeyman levels, gamers can quickly locate these NPCs by interacting with any guard in any of the major cities. Adventurers need to find Expert and Artisan Trainers by themselves. 

How to Skin in WoW Classic

Acquiring skin, leathers, and hides in WoW is straightforward as players only need to do several things. Aside from the gear and method of harvesting, gamers also need to be observant of the color of their game. Here are the steps of Skinning in WoW Classic:

  • Though it is not required to wear them, players need to have a Skinning Knife in their inventory. This item can be acquired from any Trade Goods or General Supply vendors.
  • To harvest materials, gamers need to find a dead monster. The fun thing about Skinning is that adventurers can wait for other players to kill mobs. The carcasses don’t necessarily need to be slain by the players themselves if they want to harvest them. However, the Skinning process can only be done once the corpse has been looted.

While the first two steps are all Skinners will need to do, there is a third step that players should be wary of. The most important thing that players should look out for is the color of the carcasses they are harvesting. Depending on the hue, their skinning process will yield various materials of varying quality. Here is the guide for each color in this profession:

  • Red – cannot be harvested
  • Orange – requires a high level of Skinning and has a certain chance of increasing Skinning Level
  • Yellow – requires a moderate level of Skinning and has a moderate chance of increasing Skinning Level
  • Green – requires a low level of Skinning and has very little chance of increasing Skinning Level
  • Grey – requires no level of Skinning and will not yield any Skinning Level

Skinning Level 1 to 300

Since Azeroth is divided into two factions, players are limited to harvesting leather in territories owned by their group. To level up this profession, characters from the Alliance or the Horde will follow different paths. Here is the Skinning Guide for both factions: 

Level 1 to 75


For Alliance players, the best starting place to start farming Skinning Level exp is around the vicinity of the lake west of the Ironforge. Players should slay and harvest any monster that they come across. As they gain more levels, they should change their path towards the Ironforge until they reach 50. Upon reaching this milestone, they should start moving towards the east of the quarry found southeast of Ironforge.


For Horde Skinners, they should start their journey at the Southern tip of Durotar, which is Sen’Jin Village. From here, players should slowly make their way up to Durotar while slaying and harvesting every mob along the way. 

Level 75 to 165


At this point, players should be in The Lochs to start grinding towards 165. The starting point for Alliance players at this stage is the town of Thelsamar West of The Loch. Players should then trek along the southern shores of the lake to the eastern side while skinning anything along the path. Before they reach the western shores, players should already be level 85. Upon reaching 115, adventurers should go towards the lake's northern banks and head to the road towards the Wetlands. 

Before entering the next zone, gamers should already be 165 since there are several monsters in that zone that players cannot skin if they are under-leveled. In the Wetlands, players should start grinding at the western side of the Grim Batol and slowly make their way to Menethil Harb. At this point, Skinners should already be around level 140. Do a few more harvesting runs at the western side of Whelger’s Excavation Site to reach 155. 


By level 75, Horde players should start their progression at the Crossroads west of Durotar. They should then make their way southwards. Adventurers should have achieved level 125 by the time they reach Camp Taurajo. For the final stretch to 165, gamers should slay and skin every mob on the way to Thousand Needles. 

Level 165 to 205


At this stage, Alliance players should be at the Arathi Highlands to continue their progression. The best starting point at this stage is at the Refuge Pointe while going eastward towards Hammerfall. Once adventurers have reached the ruins, they should head westward towards the road near Stormgarde Keep. Gamers should ensure that by the time they get to the Alliance castle, they have already attained level 170. For the final stretch to 205, Skinners should farm all the mobs in the area between Stormgarde and Witherbark Village. 


The pathing for Horde players at this phase is much simpler. Starting from the Great Lift, go past Darkcloud Pinnacle to Freewind Post. Then gamers should go eastward to the Shimmering Flats, where they can harvest mobs up to 205.

Level 205 to 300

Alliance & Horde

Players from both factions will grind in the same area from 205 to 300. Skinners will be hunting and harvesting mobs in the Hinterlands. Players should now be farming Gryphons and Silvermanes in the greenland between Aerie Peak and Jintha’Alor. They should be able to reach level 250 from this area. For the last stretch, the best place to climb to Skinning Level 300 is the Un’Goro Crater. There is no specific pathing for this area as any monster south of Fire Plume Ridge will help players reach 300.

Start the Grind to 300

Skinning can be very lucrative, especially for players who choose second professions. Players should start climbing to higher levels so that they have access to more high-quality materials. Reach the skill level 300 in no time with this comprehensive guide!

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