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WoW Classic accounts are abundant in the marketplace. Thanks to the game still being one of the most-played MMOs since its release, we have tons of buyers and sellers flocking to PlayerAuctions to either find the best deals or make some cash. Accounts, in general, have been sold in gaming for years, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing the trend repeating itself for online games. WoW Classic, in particular, is a game that sellers can easily milk money out of. Thanks to the “old school” implementation, everything in WoW Classic is much harder to grind for. Whether it is for gold, items, or even just leveling up can take days or even weeks. People tend to buy accounts for WoW Classic, as it is easier for them to get to the endgame. But what exactly makes a WoW Classic account expensive? We’ll be talking all about that and more to help you out!

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Planning to unload all of your WoW Classic accounts but don’t know how much they’ll go for? Are you thinking, “Ghee! I wonder; just how much my WoW Classic account is worth?” Then use our WoW Classic Account Value Calculator! Simply list down all the contents and details of each and every account such as the level, items you have, and skills that your character has. You no longer have to fret about the numbers, as we’ll be sure to give you an accurate appraisal.

Sellers aren’t the only ones that can take advantage of our value calculator; buyers can as well! If you’re worried about overpaying for an account that you’re planning on buying, our tool is perfect for that scenario. Besides WoW Classic, we also have value calculators for other major online games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO, Apex Legends, and many more!

What’s My WoWC Account Worth?

To help give you a better understanding of how to gauge WoW Classic accounts and what they’re worth, we’ll be listing down some factors that affect their worth. Most of these involve having certain items or special gear that’s equipped in the character.

  1. Mounts

The old version for the mount system is a headache for all the players of WoW Classic, and to ultimately have it once more can be a head-turner for beginners. Mounts can only be purchased in the game when you’re at least level 60. What’s more, there are no flying mounts since these types of mounts did not exist back then. If you’d like to ride a mount, you’ll need to purchase the Riding Skill first. The Riding Skill costs 20 gold. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also need to pay for the cost of the mount itself which is 80 gold. Combined, you’ll need to cough up 100 gold. While this may not seem like a lot, it actually is a huge chunk of money for based on WoW Classic’s economy. It doesn’t help the fact that there are World Quests that you can do to earn gold, so an account that has multiple mounts can really affect the price.

  1. Bags

Whether they’re low level or not, bags are a huge help for WoW Classic players. These containers can hold other items and can only be obtained by having a profession of Tailoring or though drops from mobs or chests. In WoW Classic, inventory space is such an important resource that people often overlook. The more bags you have, the more items you can carry and the easier it is for you to manage all of them. There are different types of bags that you can use as well. An example would be the ammo bag/pouch, which is a bag that’s only meant to carry ammunition for guns.

  1. Level of the Character/s

This is probably one of the biggest factors that dictate why prices of certain accounts are much higher than others. Leveling up is no easy feat in WoW Classic. Sure, it’s easier in Vanilla WoW, but Classic is a much different case. The lack of quests makes gaining experience points harder, and the amount of time that sellers have to spend just to attain the maximum level can easily garner more than a few bucks.

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