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WoW Classic Guides

WoW Classic Dungeons

  • Classic Dire Maul

    WoW Classic Dire Maul Guide

    Dire Maul is a famed dungeon of the Classic era. It's a sprawling dungeon with three wings and several bosses. Plus, it's popular because of the fanta […]
  • WoW Classic Dungeons

    WoW Classic Dungeon Levels and Guide

    Before raids, low-level WoW players can cut their teeth for the endgame feature with dungeons. Dungeons are instanced areas replicating a raid structu […]

WoW Classic PvP

  • Alterac Valley

    WoW Classic Alterac Valley Guide

    Battlegrounds are a staple of WoW's PvP scene. They offer a middle ground between World PvP and the Arena, even though they might seem closer to the f […]

WoW Classic Leveling

  • WoW Classic Quests

    WoW Classic Best Quest Rewards

    Sometimes in World of Warcraft, quests will ask you to choose between two or more rewards to take. Often, these rewards are unique; you’re not g […]
  • WoW Mounts

    How Much do WoW Classic Mounts Cost - How to Get One

    There are many ways to earn WoW Classic Mounts, but you’ll need basic knowledge about the game in exchange. Since the beginning of World of Warc […]
  • WoW Classic Horde Leveling Guide

    WoW Classic Horde Leveling Guide

    Reaching the level cap back in vanilla was an immense accomplishment. Now, everyone can experience the legendary vanilla leveling experience firsthand […]

WoW Classic Class and Build

  • Talent Calculator

    WoW Classic Best Talent Calculator

    No one can deny the massive hype building up around the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic title that will bring us back to the glorious vanilla […]
  • WoW Tanking

    WoW Classic Tanking Guide for Beginners

    Being able to absorb massive amounts of damage has always been quite alluring to many players who are into World of Warcraft. There’s just an un […]
  • WoW Classic Warlock

    WoW Classic Warlock BiS Guide

    Preparing for a challenging fight is always the best choice if you want to become a great player in WoW Classic. As you may already know, reaching thi […]

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WoW Classic Profession & Gold Guides

  • WoW Classic Herbalism

    WoW Classic Herbalism Guide 1-300

    In WoW, professions provide different activities for players. If you get tired of farming and killing, you can turn to trade skills for a change in sc […]
  • WoW Classic Gold Farming Guide

    In-Depth WoW Classic Gold Farming Guide

    So, you’re interested in the WoW Classic best professions to make gold? Without a doubt, gold in WoW makes things go round and round. First of a […]
  • WoW Classic Fishing and Cooking Guide

    WoW Classic Fishing and Cooking Guide

    World of Warcraft is not a simple Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) that you can just breeze through. Besides the importance of leveling your character […]

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