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Regardless of whether a player is looking for a one-time gig or a regular sideline, selling World of Warcraft Classic accounts is indeed possible. With so many quests to do and lots of items to collect, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating that perfect build for a certain class. However, those kinds of things take a lot of time. As a result, some buyers opt to get WoW Classic accounts instead.

Tips on How to Sell WoW Classic Accounts

Putting a price on WoW Classic accounts is quite similar with mainline WoW accounts, as sellers will also take into account the following:

  • Level of characters – Getting to the level cap is the bare minimum. Since leveling up in World of Warcraft Classic is much harder compared to vanilla WoW, buyers would typically pay a lot more for an account that has already reached the endgame content for Classic. Since there are expansions coming in the future, the level cap for the game is bound to increase. As such, it's important for sellers to prioritize in hitting a certain level of the character in the WoW Classic account above all else.
  • Access to endgame content – The main game content can be a slog to get through for some people, but the endgame content in World of Warcraft Classic more than makes up for it. This is because it's where players get access to almost every activity in the game. For example, they could finally go into the more difficult dungeons or participate in boss raids. There's also a lot of equipment that's much more powerful than what the base game offers.
  • Gear viability – Gearing up in World of Warcraft Classic is serious business for a lot of gamers, which is why having a wide variety of different kinds of gear is vital. Since classes tend to be flexible in the first place, this gives a chance for the buyers to experiment with all sorts of builds that they want to try out.
  • Rarity of items and mounts – What's the use of having a powerful character without having the necessary items to back it up? Whether it be consumables, elixirs, or mounts, they're an important part of defining one's character in WoW Classic. Mounts are a staple and are generally pretty useful since it takes players from one place to another faster than trekking on foot. Plus, with so many mounts being released, the rare ones tend to always be in demand.
  • Amount of gold and bonds – Players in WoW Classic can't get enough of gold. It's actually pretty hard for them to acquire it during the first few hours of the game thanks to Classic being brutally difficult just like the old days. Having millions of gold can let players easily purchase all of the armor and weapons that they want later on, making a WoW Classic account almost future proof should sellers have a lot of the currency.

The more these are, the higher the price will be. Also, when it comes to rare/epic and in-demand items, mounts, and gold, their worth is directly added to the account’s price.

For a better estimate on the pricing, sellers can opt to use a WoW Classic Account Value Calculator. The process is relatively straightforward. Simply enter what’s being asked for in the fields and then click on Calculate the Account Value Now to get a result. The tool uses the pricing of previous sales, so they’ll more or less get a fair price.

Nevertheless, whatever the result of the calculator or one's own estimation based on the usual pricing may be, sellers can choose to put any price on their WoW Classic accounts that are up for sale. However, to make sure they either don’t lose on possible profits or put off potential buyers with high pricing, it’s better to make it reasonable and affordable for everyone.

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