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Best Professions to Farm and Sell WoW Classic Gold With

Gold is something that players can’t get enough of in World in Warcraft Classic. With so many items to buy and so little currency to earn, it’s easy to understand the frustration of many when trying to purchase that shiny, new mount that they’ve been ogling at for ages. Luckily, there’s a lot of professions in the MMO to which players can sink their teeth into. While all of them are pretty fun in their own right, they have to choose the professions that ultimately yield a lot of the currency. Down below are some of the best professions that players can try to master to get as much WoW Classic gold as they can without breaking their back.

1. Skinning

Skinning in World of Warcraft Classic is a lot more competitive, but hey, it’s a profession that pays extremely well. Best of all, players only have to focus their efforts on getting one specific commodity: the Devilsaur Leather. Obviously, the resource drops from the Devilsaur which is a level 54-55 elite beast that’s usually found in the Un’goro Crater. The reason why players that have a Skinning profession tend to hoard as much Devilsaur Leather as they can is because it’s mostly used by Leatherworkers when crafting Devilsaur Leggings and Devilsaur Gauntlets, both of which are preferred sets by physical damage dealers as a pre-raid BiS set, making it extremely powerful. As such, the demand for the armor is quite high and, in turn, becomes valuable.

2. Herbalism

The best thing about the Herbalism profession in World of Warcraft Classic is that players don’t really need to put too much thought when doing it. Heck, they can even pair Herbalism and Alchemy together and they’ve got a recipe for success! The thing about Herbalism is that players will have to farm the herbs that they’ll be using when concocting elixirs and potions. Basically, they’ll be making consumables that give buffs or restore them. Black Lotus is by far the best herb to farm since it’s extremely valuable, but do note that it’s a rare plant, making it quite the elusive herb to get. The reason why Black Lotus is such a coveted herb is that it’s used to make Flasks which are arguably the most powerful consumables in the game when doing raids.

3. Fishing

Fishing, while not necessarily a main profession, is a secondary profession that can be quite lucrative especially in the Burning Crusade expansion. Thanks to the addition of the new Outland zones, players have more options as to where they could do a spot of fishing in the game. Fish can be used in WoW Classic to create various endgame cooking recipes. Since there’s a chance that players can get the Mote of Water, it can then be turned into Primal Water, a high-demand item that’s often sold in the Auction House. When compared to the other professions on this list, Fishing looks to be the most boring activity that players could ever do in WoW Classic, but what they ought to know about it is that it’s handy to learn about the profession, especially if they’re just looking to sit back and chill while earning gold.

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