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Why Sell Lost Ark Accounts?

Lost Ark is a very addictive game due to the features that can be unlocked as the players progress further in the game. These features, along with the game’s superb storytelling, makes the game very popular among MMO-starved gamers. Thousands of adventurers are rushing to reach the highest levels they can by grinding story quests and dungeon crawls. However, the sheer amount of time and effort needed to reach level 50 and beyond are something that some people cannot give. In addition, acquiring good items such as gear with good engravings, nice cosmetics, and amassing gold are some of the other ventures that people have to grind.

Instead of wallowing over whether gamers can even progress further than the soft cap level 50 or acquire good engravings, players have the option to use real-world money in order to buy Lost Ark accounts that have reached milestones that are very hard to achieve. Gamers who have progressed very far into the game, acquired decent engravings, or have almost completed all the collectibles are sure to make decent money if they choose to sell their accounts. Sellers can surely make a profit since there will be no shortage of players who wish to buy pre-existing accounts.

What Would Increase an Account’s Value?

Aside from having high-level characters in their accounts, sellers can further increase the prices of their offers if they have other achievements in the game. Some of these milestones can be their item levels, collectibles, or even the amount of gold available for use. The harder it is to acquire or achieve these milestones, the more money they can add to the accounts’ value. Here are some of the things that sellers should consider having or appraising:

  • Multiple Level 50 characters and above
  • Gear score or item level of 600+
  • High-level strongholds
  • At least, 80% of collectibles collected
  • Achieved high reputations or rapports with all or most NPCs
  • Having multiple completed card-sets
  • Owning cosmetics like the Cerberus mount
  • Owning excellent runes
  • Levelled up engravings
  • Trade skills that are above level 30+
  • Upgraded ship level
  • Having thousands of gold and blue crystals

There will be other features that can increase the value of the sellers’ accounts like pets and stronghold cosmetics. For sellers, it is always better to check all of the achievements they have made in their accounts and have them appraised before offering them for sale so that they can make the most out of their offers.

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