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Developed by Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio, Lost Ark is an award-winning MMOARPG that just recently opened its doors to the Western shores. What used to be a Korean-exclusive online game has now become a worldwide hit. As a result, many players have flocked towards any Lost Ark Marketplace to get the latest goods.

Latest News: Lost Ark peaks at 4.7 million players, Amazon Games Studio commits to being the most "customer obsessed company" in gaming.

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by Lost Ark or its trademark owner.
About Lost Ark Online Marketplace

What Gamers Can Get in the Lost Ark Black Market

Much like other online games, gamers can expect to find a black market of sorts where they can trade with other players through the use of real-life money. The Lost Ark Black Market is where players can find the rarest of items, the best accounts that money can buy, and even leveling services should they need any assistance getting into the endgame. Gameplay-wise, there’s a lot to go over since MMOs tend to typically have more meat on the bone. As players set sail in their ship to discover new regions and do battle with powerful bosses, it’s unavoidable to experience instances where things can get a bit mundane or repetitive, so having the opportunity to check new stuff in the market can be a refreshing experience for players.

The Lost Ark Trade System is Perfect for Gear-Loving Players

In terms of gear progression, the Lost Ark trading system can be considered the perfect place for any player that’s looking to find suitable equipment. This is due to how the gear progression works in Lost Ark. Gear progression in Lost Ark is similar to that of Black Desert Online where when a player reaches level 50 (which is the max level that one can attain in Lost Ark), a player must have a 302 item level gear. From there, players will then have to upgrade their gear. When they move onto the next stage of gear progression, they’ll have to participate in raids which is the perfect place to get materials that can be crafted to “next stage” gear. After that’s sorted out, players will have to repeat the process of upgrading them just like the last time.

Since new content is continuously being released for Lost Ark, there’s no end to the gear that players can get for their character until they reach the maximum gear score. Updates and additional content such as the Abyss Dungeon require the players to constantly upgrade their equipment and weapons based on the content drops and tiers. Having a new dungeon means new materials, and of course, new gear to craft. While this is great in hindsight since it means that Lost Ark is being supported by the developers, some players struggle with trying to get the hottest items in the market. Raids are typically done in groups, for example. If someone only plays Lost Ark solo, then they’d never get the chance to get the resources that are exclusive to a raid run unless they know a group that they can tag along with.

Why Accounts Play A Huge Role in Lost Ark Trading

Creating a smurf or trying to level up a secondary account can be a pain to do, and this especially goes for MMOs since they have a reputation of being huge time-sinkers. Despite the maximum level that one can attain in Lost Ark only being level 50, there’s still a lot to do after that. For starters, players have to head to the Chaos Halls to improve their equipment by going on raids. Then there’s the matter of trying to obtain the ultimate skill called “Wisdom of the Ancients” by approaching Bern near the vicinity of the statue of the Halls of Chaos thereby starting a purple quest chain. Simply put, getting Lost Ark accounts are the way to go for players who aren’t just looking for one item in particular.

Plus, there’s no way of changing one’s sub-class later in the game in case a player changes their mind. This means that once they decide which sub-class they want to play when the opportunity arises, they’ll have to stick with it until the very end. In Lost Ark, players can pick from different classes that have their own unique set of skills and abilities. No class is better than the other, but there’s always one that sticks out as the best for each player. At the very least, Lost Ark gives players a chance to test each of the sub-classes after they finish the prologue. But after they pick which one they prefer, it’s permanent. This is perhaps one of the driving forces as to why other players tend to get Lost Ark accounts. Should they regret their decision of choosing which sub-class they want to excel in, they at least have a backup plan to work with.

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