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Why Sell Lost Ark Items?

Lost Ark has become one of the fastest-growing MMOs, and there are many reasons why. From the game’s fantastic storytelling to its gorgeous and outstanding visuals, many gamers are hooked on the aesthetic and theme of Arkesia. However, most players are more interested in end-game content such as Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons. These features provide players with bounties that make them stronger and more powerful. Stronger gear like armor, weapons, and ability stones are obtained by farming these activities. Unfortunately, these dungeons and raids are very difficult and require decent item levels in order for players to survive these encounters.

Having decent items is very important in order to access more difficult but rewarding content in the game. Alternatively, players can opt to just buy great items that have end-game item levels instead of dungeon diving or doing raids. For players who are looking to make some money out of the game, selling items can be a decent and profitable venture. There are many things that sellers can put on sale like mounts, pets, armor, weapons, ability stones, collectibles, and character costumes or cosmetics. Gamers who are looking to earn from the game can always make a profit since there will always be customers who are willing to use real-world money to get stronger.

How to Sell Items in Lost Ark?

Selling or trading items for real-world money can be quite a hassle, but it is a worthwhile venture if done successfully. There is no player-to-player trading option in the game outside Chaos Dungeons, so in order for gamers to trade items to other players, they will have to use the game’s Auction House. The Auction House has two main tabs which are the Auction tab and the Bidding tab.

For sellers who are planning to sell cosmetics, they will have to use the Auction tab which is very straightforward. They simply have to post the items in the Auction and make sure that their customers are ready to snipe and buy the wares so that parties outside the agreement will not acquire the items.

For those who are looking to sell armor and gear, they will have to use the Bidding tab. Whenever players sell items in the bidding tab, they have two options in how to sell them. They can either just lock the item to bidding only in order to purchase it, or they can enable a buyout. If they chose to only allow bidding, the player that offers the highest bid gets the time. A buyout, on the other hand, allows players to add a fixed price alongside the bidding process. Gamers can instantly buy the items and not undergo any bidding if they go for the buyout. For sellers who are looking to make real-world money, they will always have to go for the buyout option so that they can increase the chances of their customers acquiring their wares.

Sellers should be very careful and observant during the trading process since it's not a 100% guarantee that their wares will go to the intended customers. Once they post their offers in the Auction House, snipers or gamers who are actively waiting for items to appear might swoop in and buy the items themselves. To avoid these things from happening, the sellers and their customers should actively communicate during the process to ensure the success of the transaction.

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