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WoW Shadowlands Dungeons Level Requirements

WoW Dungeons

You follow the same steps when you start any RPG in the market. First, you need to learn how the controls work and how to cast your abilities. Secondly, you meet the nearest NPCs and follow the storyline through many quests. Lastly, you learn that items drop from random enemies, and they enhance your character’s capabilities from time to time. Now, in World of Warcraft, you take the questing experience to another level. We see different regions that come with their events and stories with the recent expansions. After a while, you get to know the conclusion to that “chapter” when you load the challenging dungeon. The WoW Shadowlands dungeons are no exception.

Using the Party Finder

When you reach that point in a questline, you need to click on the party finder (LFG). Depending on your class, you could opt to be a tank, support, or DPS. For example, if you’re a Wizard, the DPS selection is your only choice.

In contrast, the Paladin gives you the freedom to pick anything. After everything is set and done, you get a queue position, and you’ll need to wait for the rest of the players (the other five members) to join.

Inside the dungeons, you can share the spoils with different players. Some will stick to the objectives and try to do the runs as fast as possible without any social interactions. On the other hand, you also see those team members who like to write a couple of lines and make the journey more entertaining.

Things You Need to Know About WoW Shadowlands Dungeons

You’ll need to do one more click when you have a complete party, and you’re good to go. The following map will load, and you’ll meet your new teammates in seconds. The WoW Shadowlands dungeons follow the same expansion basics. At first, you get to experience this part of the game in a standard difficulty. With these places’ assistance, you can reach the highest level (60) in a short while.

Afterward, you’ll need to focus on increasing your item level from random drops or when you defeat a boss. When you get to item level 157, you can queue for the Heroic versions of the dungeons. They are a little more complicated, but you’ll get better rewards.

Lastly, the Mythic difficulty needs that you set the party first and walk into the dungeon’s entrance. As a result, you could ask for assistance from friends or guildmates. Due to their complexity, teams will need coordination and picture-perfect execution—something that’s hard to achieve with random players.

Here’s a list of the Shadowlands dungeons available:

Dungeon Name

Descriptions & How to Get There


Even though this dungeon’s map is small, it is an enduring test for the supporting player. First of all, the entire place is full of different green pools that damage those walking through them over time. Secondly, you get tons of debuffs (diseases) from mobs and bosses that can kill the entire party. Lastly, different slimes appear randomly between the pools and tend to do AOE damage when they explode and die. You need to reach level 53 to unlock this hideous place.

The Necrotic Wake

Following the scourge theme, you see different types of zombies with extraordinary abilities. Additionally, some bosses use new gameplay mechanics that make the dungeon unique and enjoyable. For example, in the Surgeon Stitchfless fight, you need a mob to “hook” the boss towards your party. It is recommended that you see a video or tutorial before starting the queue. To unlock this instance, you’ll need a character with level 50.

Halls of Atonement

Enter the gothic part of Shadowlands with this dungeon. You’ll fight powerful gargoyles, vampires, and tormented souls within these walls. Similar to the previous instances, you get to see new gameplay mechanics that make things complicated. Remember to talk to your party (at least with text) and ping any nasty debuffs. You’ll need level 57 to open the gates of this place.

De Other Side

Travel to those well-known “troll” temples with powerful casters from this race. Like any other dungeon with the same theme, you get to see resurrecting skills that keep the map filled with threats.

Mists of Tirna Scithe

If you want to venture into a mystical forest that can trap you forever if you choose the wrong path, this is for you. You will fight against living trees, powerful beasts, and squishy bugs inside this place. Always take the initiative if you have some experience in this forest. Therefore, you can pick the proper icon and move around quickly. Advance to level 55 to unlock the dungeon.

Spires of Ascension

Travel through the “sky temple” full of different mobs that use their wings for attacks. Additionally, it would be best to stay alert to any strong winds that can pull you out of the map. Remember to keep the spears handy and target those that like to float around the party.

Theater of Pain

From now on, all of the dungeons require level 60 from your character. Within this instance, you see how it feels to fight inside an arena. All of the bosses have a different gimmick that requires some knowledge from the party. Overall, they will constantly throw AoE abilities and debuffs that can wipe the entire group.

Sanguine Depths

From this last dungeon, you go back into killing gargoyles, vampires, and tormented souls. Still, though, enemies will throw challenging abilities at you from this point on. First of all, you can get knocked out of the map if you’re not careful. Secondly, you get to see multiple AoE spells that keep you from staying still. Lastly, some debuffs can kill the entire party if you’re not careful.

Notable Drops

Besides equipment that can boost your item level, you get to see many more goods in these dungeons. Everything is a must-grab – from trinkets to conduits to legendary recipe drops. You get to see vanity items like Mounts, Pets, and Soulshapes. There’s no better time to gather your party and finish these instances with the Mythic difficulty for better drops!

How Many Times Can You Repeat A Dungeon Per Day?

You can complete, leave, and fight dungeons again as many times as you’ll like. Still, though, the more severe difficulties give you some drop restrictions that reset every Tuesday.

Do You Need to Buy the Shadowlands Expansion to Play These Dungeons?

Yes, you’ll need to purchase the Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft if you want to travel to the new maps.

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