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Despite being around for many years now, Warframe continues to be consistently good. Some would even say that it gets better and better. Whichever it may be, the game has proven to be solid, and is why it still has much support from newer and older players alike. Those that want a leg up in this amazing game can trade with others in a Warframe Market.

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About Warframe Online Marketplace

The Wonders of the Warframe Riven Market 

As most players know, a typical Warframe marketplace has all the trinkets that players can choose to purchase should they want to enhance their experience in Warframe. With all sorts of items available in Warframe such as mods, blueprints, and the like, it can be a tad complicated for the newer players to comprehend how much these things are of value. Truly, there are some shiny-looking items in the official Warframe shop, but thankfully, the game doesn’t follow a pay-to-win scenario. One could say that Warframe is one of the best free-to-play games out there solely because players can still get those rare items in the game without having to pay a single dime. There’s no way around the method though, as grinding is a necessity if players want to have the latest mods and a whole slew of characters that they can use to undertake each quest. The importance of Riven mods in Warframe has skyrocketed and became a rather trendy topic within the community as of late. Just what wonders does the mod hold? 

The Warframe Riven market almost rivals the popularity of the Warframe Platinum market. Indeed, Platinum is a premium currency in Warframe that’s commonly purchased with real money, but it can still be accumulated in a couple of ways such as selling Prime parts, doing Syndicates, and many more. On the other hand, Riven mods are one of the most confusing systems in the game. After players complete the War Within quest, the Riven mod will be rewarded to them with no further context as to how they work, what they are, or even why players ought to use them. 

How Riven Mods Work

Riven Mods are randomly generated modifiers that are tied to specific weapon families. The potency of the mods relies heavily on RNG. Before using a Riven Mod, players must first complete a challenge that’s listed on the Mod card. The challenge can vary from simply catching fish several times in a row to killing enemies on a specific map. From there, the Mod card will be unveiled and players would be given randomly rolled stats for their Riven Mod. Players can get a positive or a negative trait, depending on whether the RNG is on their side or not. The probability of rolling a perfect Riven Mod for one’s favorite weapon can be difficult to imagine, seeing as how hard it is to get all of the best stats when rolling.  

The reason why there are so many players who use Riven Mods is due to the astounding degree of power that they offer. Despite the slim possibilities of having a good roll through and though, Riven Mods can transform an already great weapon into a meta contender. Should the odds be in a player’s favor, the Mods can potentially provide a huge bump in the damage department - quite simply, a Riven Mod is the answer when it comes to fixing a weapon’s damage-scaling issues.

Why Do Players Trade on a Warframe Marketplace?

Warframe has been known for its fast-paced action that allows players to pull off all sorts of techniques that allow them to wipe out hordes of enemies, and at the same time perform amazing parkour moves, letting the player evade all sorts of attacks or do some impressive offensive maneuvers. All of that, of course, depends on the player’s chosen Warframe. These namesake advanced techno-bionic armors vary in the weapons they can equip, as well as the movements that they can do.

The biggest hurdle in Warframe, however, is the grind. The game is fair in its grind, as it gives players the chance to earn powerful Warframes and weapons. The time it takes to do so, however, is a lot, and not a lot of players have that. At the same time, players can buy Warframes and premium currency from the official source. Thankfully, there is a way to obtain all of those things, allowing players to either completely cut the grind or spend less and get more: the Warframe Marketplace.

What Does the Warframe Marketplace Have?

For players that want to skip the grind for better Warframe – or better yet, Warframes – it is recommended that they buy Warframe account. With this, they can jump into combat right away with a wide set of Warframes they can choose from, giving them a huge advantage. The same is true for those that want to buy multiple Warframes but would also like to save money while doing so.

On the other hand, for those that are only looking for a specific Warframe or weapon and not an entire account, they can just trade Warframes and weapons instead. This is a much cheaper alternative. This, however, does not apply to Prime Weapons and Warframes.

This, however, does not apply for those that wish to buy Prime Warframe or Prime weapons. While they can buy Prime Warframes and Prime Warframe weapon components and blueprints from other players, they will have to buy an account if they want a completed Prime Warframe and weapons.

The same is also true for Vaulted Prime Warframes, which have already been discontinued. This means there is no longer any way to obtain them, as the components needed to make them have been discontinued as well. There are also sections that act as a Warframe Riven marketplace, where players can trade mods and other upgrades with each other.

Last but definitely not least, players can go over to the Warframe Platinum Market to buy or sell their platinum. This serves as the game’s premium currency, and is used to purchase Warframes and weapons. Those looking for a way to buy Warframes and weapons but don’t want to buy them from players directly can buy Platinum from players instead. After that, they can buy either from official sources, or use that Platinum to buy Warframes and weapons from fellow players.

How Pricing Works in a Warframe Shop

At the end of the day, the Warframe Marketplace is a bastion of free trade that opens up all sorts of avenues and opportunities, giving players the means to obtain items they’ve always wanted. For the right price, that is.

Thankfully, sellers in the Warframe Marketplace are encouraged to sell at prices close to the value of what they offer. For accounts, this is dictated by the value of Warframes and weapons in it, as well as its total Platinum. For those that are only buying items, this is determined by how much in real money is its price in Platinum.

Warframe: A Short History

For those that are completely new, Warframe is an action game set in space many years into the future. Players assume control of the Tenno, people that belong to an ancient race – at least according to the setting – that has a warrior culture. Their history is entangled with that of a much bigger ancient empire and a war that they were involved in. It is then the Tenno’s mission to uncover this past, as it still affects the present. Only then will they be able to truly live in the now, and eventually, the future.

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